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We are 62 and live in Asheville NC. This hike is very demanding on the return. Make sure you stop frequently and have plenty of fluids and food. The views were worth the post suffering.

Beautiful view, but overcrowded and totally full of trash

The view the whole way is amazing! The hike itself is not long to what I’m used to. Going down hill is super easy, it’s going back up to the top that you have to worry about!!! When you’re going back up I suggest taking it easy and taking your time. The view is amazing so take your breaks and take some good pictures. I say bring water and bring snack to eat. Overall it was fun and definitely an experience you don’t get everyday!

Really nice short trail. The views are amazing and it's not very tough, just perfect hike for half a day. It'd have been so much better if there were no mules on the trail.

did this three times before. While it is challenging, the views you get to see down at the skeleton point worth the effort. On average , it took me about 3.5-4 hours round trip. Lots of water needed

Very pretty, but I went on a Tuesday and it was still crowded as all get out

6 days ago

A great way to get up high quickly. The trail is pretty easy going, but currently suffers from an abundance of icy snow making things slippy!

We enjoyed this one. Yes easy but beautiful. I would do it again. We did it on Saturday afternoon it was lightly traveled so nice.

Amazing hike into the canyon! The views were tremendous. My husband and I started around 11 and ended at 2:30. We brought 3 liters of water and lots of trail mix and fruit. Winds were about 30 mph but wasn’t a hazard. Highly recommend this trail to anyone visiting the GC. The orange shuttle takes you about 1/4 mile from the trailhead.

Great trail to see the Grand Canyon. It could get very windy and kick up a lot of dust at times. Overall it was a very fun challenge.

It is beautiful short hike, pretty easy. There is a problem with a ladder at one point. The ladder is to short to climb up safely. We did not completed the whole hike because of this obstacle. We met couple people from the park who are working on it, so hopefully next time we will be able to climb this safe. Overall great experience and we have amazing pictures .

14 days ago

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

A bit crowded with people, but awesome views of the canyon. Going back up is pretty tough, particularly when the wind kicks up dust and sand. Trail maintenance is excellent.
We had 4 L of water for 2 people in early April, but ran out on the ascent. Definitely bring 3L/person and some trail mix with your lunch, and enjoy it!

15 days ago

Current trail conditions are still rough, but doable. There is still a lot of snow the further you get up. Some of it is waist deep if you take a wrong step. When you hit the 11,400 sign, things get much worse. Without snowshoes, you pretty much have no choice but to go up straight up the scree field until you hit the saddle. Doing so, makes this section of the hike the most difficult. When you hit the saddle, take a hard left and head for the false summits until you hit the true summit. Although relatively easy, it was super windy, but no snow to deal with unlike the forest. Beautiful day on the top with the exception of the wind (4/7/2018).

If you plan to go to see the Aspen trees mid fall - leave by 5 am and be done before 11. The drive up can get very scary since it's one narrow road for all incoming and outgoing traffic. Parking is available and there are dimly lit restroom. Regardless, this is an absolutely breathing experience that I wouldn't trade.

This trail is a neat hike up over a hump and straight down to the lookout. Its about .75mi from car to the edge and .75mi back. Once at the ledge you can climb up higher on the rocks to get the best views. You can see for miles and miles and straight down to the horseshoe. construction is under way for a viewing platform too. the walk back up the hill is a good incline and rocky uneven footing. also, parking can be very busy so plan accordingly and bring lots of water!

20 days ago

Awesome view but way too many people. Very short easy hike.

The crowds almost ruin the experience. Hard to find an unoccupied vista.

Nice trail, beautiful view with a lot less elevation gain to get to it that elder lookout was. Great for a relaxing hike with good views

21 days ago

Current trail conditions are not great between 11,200 and 11,800. When you reach the sign that says “Hiking off trail prohibited” near 11,300 ft or so, your best choice is to, well, go off trail. There were literally no footprints at all on the proper part of the trail past this point (now there’s 3 ft deep holes from where I and a few other hikers tried to follow the proper trail). What you should see above the sign is a long set of footprints heading straight up. This has become the current trail, and unless you have snowshoes, follow this. Stay on the snow to avoid damage to ground surface and plants. The straight section eventually hits the upper part of the real trail again, and you take this to the left (north) for a 5-10 min hike to the saddle. Gaiters or tight cinching pants are helpful for this section. From the saddle onwards, first false summit has a few tough sections with snow (I had a 30 lb pack with skis which made all the snowy parts more difficult, hiking light or with no pack would be a lot easier obviously), but after that the trail is pretty clear. Winds were 50-60 mph at the summit yesterday (4/2/18)

Amazing, pictures don’t do it justice.

23 days ago

Hiking permits are no longer available through Horseshoe Bend Tours. You must contact the Navajo Tribal Park office to obtain a permit.

This is the trail that made me and my family proud of ourselves, the one that allowed us to realize that maybe we could start considering trails labeled as "difficult" despite that we thought of ourselves as only novice hikers. That being said, it doesn't mean that it's easy, but I think the difficulty really just comes from the length and elevation increase of coming back up. We went in the beginning of September, so the great weather (70s) was such a blessing for us and lifted off a burdensome stressor. My parents are just two average adults in their late 40s (neither fit nor unhealthy haha) and with all of us, we were able to make it down to Skeleton Point in ~2.5 hours and back up in ~3 hours.
It's a popular trail, so it's very smooth terrain and beautiful red pathways lined with rocks. The height may be a little scary at first but you get used to it! (I'm sort of scared of heights but I still enjoyed it and I enjoy hiking).

So with all of this being said, I think it's a great trail for beginners to challenge yourself with :)

I like it, though It is not difficult.

27 days ago

Crowded, but well worth the view. There’s a higher rock formation that you can climb up to get better views and pictures.

Note: Technically, you need a permit to hike here. However, no one checks for this.

Amazing hike!! Views are stunning from all parts of trail. We did Kaibab to Skeleton Pass (out and back trail). 6.5 miles, 3.75 hours moving time, total time about 4.5 hours. Took 8 am hiker bus to get to the trail (about 30 min ride). Steep but well maintained trails. Great to have water. Nice to have packed lunch at Skeleton Pass. Aggressive squirrels. Out house toilet along the way. Didn’t see any place to refill for water. For those of you wondering if there was snow - there was no snow on the trail - just a little wet mud in very few spots. Lots of people on the trail towards the afternoon. When we got back (about 1 pm) some storm clouds rolled in and it started to snow quite a lot. Cold at top - great to have a hat and warm jacket. At the bottom could have been in shorts and a long t shirt. To get back to the village after the hike we took the orange line bus from the trail to the visitor center and switched onto the blue line bus to the village area. FYI - we waited about 20 minutes (during the snow) for the blue line bus - very very long line. We did pass a few horses along the way.

Hike back up during Sunset - watch sunset from Ooh Ahh point; it's amazing. Not too strenuous if you're in in decent shape.

29 days ago


29 days ago

Easy to follow trail with firm snow in the AM until the 11,400ft sign. Then I followed a glissading track straight up ( but you could make your own switchbacks), could get confusing in spots if you'd never been up before. The wooden posts were helpful past the saddle. As usual, Mountain-forecast website was unfortunately spot on with their prediction of 40+mph winds at the top. This was my 3rd time hiking Humphrey's in the snow and have never felt the need for my ice axe until I was at the top with those winds! :) I didn't encounter any terrain requiring traction (microspikes etc). Happy to have had my gaiters for the occasional postholing in afternoon snow. Highly recommend with the right preparation!

scenic driving
1 month ago

Incredible place that is so so special. Horseshoe Bend is a short little hike from the dirt parking lot. Best time of day for photography is right before the sun rises. Great scenic stop!

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