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17 hours ago

Awesome Hike
One of my favorite hike
Took me 2 hours to the top

Gorgeous view, water felt amazing it is longer than 7 miles though. It was a 9 mile hike.

1 day ago

Beautiful any time of year! Waterproof shoes when it’s cold and hiking sandals when it’s hot will help tremendously! Get there before 8am if you want a parking spot. If not go north about a quarter mile for street parking.

One of the more challenging hikes in the Phoenix area. Takes 5-6 hours, start early, bring extra water. There is a 10 ft vertical rock wall face that you need to climb at the end which can be challenging.

Great hike. Took us about 6 hours all together, I thought we would be closer to 4 as I am quite fit and reading reviews led me to think I’d be able to keep up, however I’m not used to such a hot climate so it really slowed me down.

The trail is not very well marked but we didn’t have any trouble staying on the path. We did it in old trail runners. I would recommend something with better traction and ankle support - going down was as hard as going up for us because of our shoes.

We started at 6:30am so we were shaded by the mountain on our ascent. I don’t know how anyone does it in the middle of the day without dying.

I’m 5’2”, 115lbs female and I drank 3.5L water on the hike before noon.

Great hike. Not too hard, shade, beautiful scenery.

Great hike did it
Three times in my 70s a must hike for everyone

Great hike really different from others in Sedona
Lots of water and pines and great views

Great hike, love all the water crossings. Went on a Wednesday, raining the whole time but still well worth it!

Glad I had water resistant hiking shoes!

Love this trail! Definitely recommend downloading the map and following it, as there are multiple points where other trails cross and it can be a little confusing. Beautiful views of the superstitions, and a good work out. Takes me about an hour and a half. Gorgeous views the entire time.

trail running
6 days ago

great day hike!! lots of shade and water.

6 days ago

Lovely walk through the trees with shade. Very busy though. Go early and avoid weekends

I absolutely love this hike, did it my 16 yr old and 13 yr old , all made it to the top through much perseverance, it was tough but worth it

Real nice! Started early...5:30 with a headlamp :) This is my fourth time to the top...and I'm FINALLY able to stay with 20 feet of the trail. lol I noticed the markings were more noticeable on the descent. I was moving really fast, and I made it up and down in just under 3 hours. Probably my favorite hike in the area,. Worth all the stars,

9 days ago

9 days ago

The trail is beautiful! Bring waterproof shoes or shoes you dont mind getting wet. Take an extra pair of socks too just in case they get wet. Love the creek at the end, it was fun to take off your boots and walk in the creek.
Parking is horrible at times. You might have to park right off the street.

10 days ago

We walked the whole thing, which clocked in at more like 15 miles at the end of the day with all the lookout points and whatnot. It’s not hiking; it’s walking at a well-marked and often paved path. Stunning views. Can do all of it or any portions you want with the free shuttle situation.

Great views. Most of the trail is shaded and relatively level so it was a nice change of pace from some of the other trails near Sedona. The view at the end was well worth the 3 mile hike in

I’d like to go out and try this one again when it’s not a high of 107. Warning to other future hikers on this trail, the majority of the trail is actually marked as the Crosscut Trail, NOT Prospectors View (hence 4/5 stars, it was a bit hard to follow). This trail starts outside of the Lost Dutchman state park, does a loop through the state park, and takes you back out. It was truly beautiful and scenic, I’d say easy-moderate. We saw a regal horned lizard on the trail which was really neat and somehow a first for me (a life long Phoenix resident who has done a considerable amount of hiking in the city). Can’t wait to get back out on this trail!

13 days ago

Beautiful trail. Easy going, but long enough for a good workout. Handful of really nice stream crossings and seems to get more dense and interesting the farther you go. Great for someone needing inspiration to finish a hike like myself. Ha!

Nice easy nature hike. Beautiful views of Canyon Formations.

Loved this hike as it has something for everyone. a little history at the trail start then beautiful creek crossings, shaded trail, gorgeous canyon. I'm not sure I would rate it as easy given some of the trail includes climbing/walking over boulders and navigating stream crossings and the ultimate length. It is possible for sure but I know my parents couldnt do this hike. Well worth it. we took about 32 ounces of water each and I would have appreciated more. It took us about 4.5 hours with some stops for pictures and snack time. Get there early to get a parking spot in the lot or you will have to park along the highway about .25 mile away on the highway! Enjoy!

Great hike ! views on top are amazing ! Same comment as most other reviewers:
1- in summer, start really really early and take plenty of water (I drank 1.5 gallon).
2- I got lost going up .. and coming down. This trail is really not well marked (which as other commented is disappointing since you have to pay to get in the park).
Apart from that, it is an amazing trail.

15 days ago

Not really much of a hike here... but it’s the Grand Canyon so it gets 5 stars by default. Lots of good places to pull yourself to an overlook and enjoy the scenery.

15 days ago

Gorgeous the whole way. Put our feet in the cool water at the end, which felt amazing—next time will bring water shoes to hike up the creek at the end. Doable for all ages, though on the long side for young ones—took us 4 hours with a stop at the end for snacking and foot dipping. Nicely shaded most of the way! Stopped at Indian gardens for lunch on the way out, highly recommend !!

18 days ago

My favorite trail in Oak Creek/Sedona area!

18 days ago

did this hike on August 4th. The river that you cross several times had rocks strategically placed for crossing. however at the end of the trail you can wade the river farther to get to a waterfall (it was only a trickle for us.) we did set up a hammock for a while in the shade about half way down the river before turning around and heading back. I went through 2 Gatorades and 4 water bottles in total. definitely bring plenty of water!! also if you want to wade the river bring extra shoes or sock. or bring water shoes. we did it barefoot but I had to be Very careful of footing as it was either slippery or sharp rocks.

on West Fork Trail

nature trips
19 days ago

More like 8 miles, the map is a lie when it says "4 mile round trip." Still a great hike as long as you're not tricked by the sign.

Beautiful views! Highly recommend wearing hiking boots since there is a lot of loose rocks. Highly recommend this trail. Tip: if you want to start at Soldier’s Pass get there early as the parking lot is tiny. Recommend parking at Brins Mesa trailhead.

Loved the tree coverage for shade mid day. Pretty busy, lots of people and dogs. We arrived at 9:05 Friday AM and the lot was only about half full but was at capacity when we were leaving around 1PM. The trail can be a bit tricky to follow because there are many smaller paths leading off the main trail, but just watch for other people and it’s easy to find the way. The main trail is about 3’ wide and loose sand. Some of the other side trails start off 3’ but quickly become thinner and then you’ll know you’ve made a wrong turn. Some mosquitos at the water crossings, but that’s to be expected. We did see two people slip at the creek crossings so you’ll want to make sure your shoes have good traction. And the sand got stuck in between my wet shoes and socks, wish I had thought to bring an extra pair or two of socks for the hike back - once they were wet and sandy, it was pretty uncomfortable.

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