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Busier trail which is expected in the city, but the view is great! Much more hike feel than the stairs over at Piestewa. Parking is a a pain and no facilities at trail head. I agree with others, moderate the first 2/3 of hike then more difficult. Wearing proper shoes and bringing more water than you think you need is just smart especially on this trail. Saw lots of people in slippery casual shoes with no grip having a harder time than need be and some with no water.

Absolute favorite trail ever. Went in the late afternoon and caught the sunset from the top. It gets crowded at times and the climb after the saddle point is extremely difficult (yet rewarding). The view from the top is unbeatable. This climb is not for the faint of the hard as their are some dicey climbing parts with no room for error. A hike I won't soon forget.

A great hike that turns into a great climb. A rewarding workout for the day. Definitely want to do Echo Canyon next!

It was crowded but one of my favorite hikes!

This is a great hike, don't believe anyone who says they turned back because there was too many people, they couldn't hack it. Plain and simple

It was tough to get to the top, but very rewarding! Halfway up trail, it basically turned into rock climbing versus hiking. The view at the top is incredible

Great hike Salsa Dave

We got there right at 7 am so very little traffic. Very pretty. Ended up doing the bell rock climb at the end. Gorgeous. Well marked trail

It's very steep in the second half, but you will be rewarded by a great view at the top. I was hope to see some wild flower in this trail, but there are few in early March.

Loved this trail! Best to get there early AM. I started at 7:30 AM on a Wednesday and ran into minimal people. I had tried this trail a couple of years back but left mid morning and it was too crowded to get to the top. The views and challenge are so worth it!! Can’t wait to do it again when I’m back or Spring Training again!

LOVED THIS HIKE, the scrambling at the top was a blast!! Go early as there is NO parking down Cholla lane, you must park on Invergordon Road and walk to trailhead. Also, if it’s going to be hot go early as well, 29 is hella hot to hike in and didn’t go as early as I should have, it took a toll on me but the views at the top were 100% worth it!

Really enjoyed this hike, great views from the top. Make sure if you're driving to go early so you don't have to walk as far from your parking spot. I can't imagine how crazy that walk would be on a weekend (I went on a weekday). Overall would say this one was a bit easier than Piestewa (incline wasn't as steep, but more scrambling near the top, which I don't mind). If I'm in town again I will definitely try the Echo Canyon trail!

Fun, beautiful, adventurous! This was an ideal morning hike. The hike was challenging and fun, requiring lots of rock climbing. The lookouts were worth the effort!

10 days ago

Awesome awesome awesome trail. Absolutely beautiful terrain. Word of warning-about three minutes after you get to fat mans pass you will come to a big block in the trail, just know that you are going to have to squeeze through a pretty tight gap in the boulder and then slide down a big rock to get to the next part of the trail.

10 days ago

Great hike. Definitely deserving of its “Hard” difficulty rating. Make sure to get an early start it took me about 3 hours round-trip and coming back down the trail in the afternoon sun is a killer. Beware of false summits. Continue along the trail until you reach the final trail sign designating the end of Blackett’s Ridge. Talked to a couple in the parking lot afterward who turned back around after the second false summit. It’s worth the climb!

Easy access. Relatively short. Amazing views. 5/5 in my book

Great hike, used trail running shoes, had no problems.

Great trail - decent workout, perfect weather! Fun at the steep section near the top when coming up from the Cholla side.
Would have given 5 stars, except for the mile long walk from the parking to the trailhead and the excessive number of people on the trail - even on a Monday morning. No chance I would go on a weekend.

Great workout. Definitely not going to gym today after this one .

Sunday March 4th 1:30-3:30pm
My biggest advice to anyone is to either do this hike early in the morning or late late afternoon. It is extremely crowded and for the best experience possible, do it on an “off” time. Beautiful vistas and stunning scenery this is a short but moderately strenuous climb in the sense that it is mostly up. Lots of great areas for breaks, and it is absolutely suitable for all ages. I’d suggest wearing good footwear because the rock is a little slippery. A great climb.

12 days ago

So yesterday, myself and my amazing dude/partner in crime/companion in living hiked around this trail. I say AROUND the trail, because no trail can contain our adventurous souls. We scrambled up some treacherous slopes to explore some ****classified**** and open our hearts while basking in the beautiful golden sun. We dissuaded and then encouraged each other to climb to the top of a towering spire, because we aspire to, and inspire each other to, live. Never be afraid to reach new heights, and make sure whoever you bring along will challenge and help you to do just that. Never be afraid to challenge and help that person in the same way as well. The birds flying through the canyon above will remind you how amazing it is to live free; the rich history of the natives will make you feel connected to the original way of life we come from- pure, simple, natural, brave. Watch out for Gila monsters and Godzilla lizards. After this hike, my skin is a shade darker, my heart is an ounce lighter, and my appreciation for this world, this place, and this human being is still immeasurable!
Do something today that someone like you would be inspired by.
If you’re not living, you’re dying.
-lauren rose :-)

This hike was amazing with absolutely beautiful scenery, lots of red rock and stunning views.

Provides fantastic views of the butte from all sides. Combine with the Bell Rock trail for a photographers dream.

Favorite hike in Sedona.

15 days ago

easy to moderate once you begin to climb the mesa about 1.5 mi into the trail. views are great on top of the mesa couldn't find the last fork so turned abound at brines mesa turnoff. went the day after a snow, trail was very muddy!

Wonderful walk with amazing views. Some rocky footing, but not too bad. Enough up and down to keep it interesting.

Great hike. Spectacular views!!

Great hike, but wear good shoes!

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