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Beautiful architecture! Music and good food everywhere!

Nice view of the river. One of San Antonio’s best spots.

very easy. lots of store fronts. lots of stop and go.

This is the best walk in Philly taking you to all the major historic attractions. I extend it to the harbor and we walk along the river exploring Independence Seaport museum as well. I like it that Chinatown is nearby on Arch street as well so we went there for dinner.

Beautiful for slow stroll in a crowd. Not sure it qualifies as a trail any more than mall walking does. What kind of trail is rated by lots of shopping, dining and drinking?

Good for a family stroll after a visit to the Alamo or a date night. Be kind to the homeless and take some spending money. Biggest detractor is if you are pushing a stroller or are not as mobile, finding ramps or in service elevators to change levels to cross bridges becomes a challenge.

4 months ago

Fun walk through the historic streets of downtown New Orleans. Great architecture.

Arch and homeless. That's all I have to say. If you want drugs, take this trail. Also, there is a big curved Arch.

if I'm not hiking in the canyons, im here waking from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Pier. I live in Venice and never get tired of a fresh beach stroll

5 months ago

Too crowded for actual exercise.

There's something that gets me about this walk. Whether it be nostalgia or the people or the views, I always come back to think of this walk. A truly iconic walk if you have never made it from Santa Monica to Venice beach. There's always something new to see and each experience is different from the last. I could spend a whole day and not be able to finish all that this legendary beach strip has to offer. It only leaves me wanting to come back

The trail is not much, but the chapel was remarkable. Definitely do this trail and see the plaza in the chapel and everything else in the area.

on Harvard Yard Tour

6 months ago

I enjoyed getting to know the Harvard campus and this area of Cambridge.

If you start in Santa Monica be sure to finish in Venice you won't regret it. This is a must see for anyone in L.A. especially if it's their first time in the area.

Nice little walk by the waterfront. Good amount of people out and about.

7 months ago

Bourbon street on a Saturday night. Construction really put a damper on things.

We always enjoy a good walk around the Harbor, there are always things going on and sometimes it is nice and quiet in the colder months. It can get really busy during the summer with all the people, but there are some amazing restaurants, neat history info along the way, and tons to do. We always go to the aquarium first and then around do the walk around. You do have to pay for parking and that can really add up if your not careful where you park.

Took my two girls out for an awesome ride. We started at the Venice trail and rode through to Santa Monica. This is perfect when you have kids because you can take a break on the many playgrounds along the way.

This route made me feel like a tourist in my own city. I’ve been here for years now and never knew there was a Korea/Vietnam war memorial, I never walked through the King William district, and the Guenther House is one of my favorite places for lunch now.

I am so used to the touristy area of the Riverwalk, but the Riverwalk in the King William district was very peaceful and serene. I went off the route several times because there was so much going on today I did this walk. During this route, I made it into a 8 mile pub crawl and it was a blast. Met great people and even though it took a lot longer than I expected, I enjoyed every minute.

I highly recommend this route to anyone.

If you're going to do any "urban hiking", this walk plus the Missions Trail, and a few other downtown areas is some of the best. It may be easy going, but you'll get a whole lot of it.

There's the Arch! Looking forward to the development to be completed.

I do this walk every day on the way to work. It is very pleasant. In the early hours and on colder days it is not too crowded, but once the weather warms up and schools let out it is another story with a combination of locals, tourists, and history buffs. If you are looking for some interesting history there are signs along the way with factoids. On nice weekends there will be various street performers in the main inmer harbor area. I would say this is a must see if you are in Baltimore looking for something easy, historical, but outdoors.

11 months ago

Visited the area a few years back and walked around in the early evening before things got very crazy. Very enjoyable without the crowds

busy and loud at nite, much like red light district in Amsterdam.

Decent food and drink but prepared for tourist prices.

A sight to see for anyone passing through new Orleans.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Architecture and sights are great but bring a clothes pin for the nose.

I love this park for walking. it's peaceful and enjoyable especially in the fall. Deer everywhere in the park.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I got to spend time in Cambridge a number of years ago, exploring the Harvard campus and hanging out in Harvard Square while visiting a friend who was taking summer classes. It was a lot of fun and a neat experience!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Boston Common is America’s oldest public park, and the Public Garden...the first public botanical garden. While living in the Boston suburbs as a child, I visited it with my family several times, usually during the spring when much of it was in bloom. I have also enjoyed returning as an adult during trips back to the city. Of course, riding the Swan Boats in the Lagoon was always a highlight in my younger days.

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