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This was an amazing trail. 5 minute drive outside of the arches visitor center. Not nearly as high traffic as the park. Remarkably beautiful and if you go later into the day (just before sunset) you’ll have the canyon and it’s views to yourself.

Amazing scenery! Unique views the whole way.

2 days ago

Easy hike, but nothing to write home about.

Lovely trail! sunset was really nice here

Beautiful hike, for most of it I felt like we were on a nice stroll but then we came to a steep cliff that everyone was shuffling across/down. You definitely need grippy hiking boots or shoes. We have hiked around most of this country in sneakers from Target and have never once had an issue. This is the first time we truly felt we needed hiking boots. The rocks were so slippery. A woman mentioned it might have been from the recent rain. A wonderful man helped me down and a couple other guys helped us both. We ended up going down barefoot bc our sneakers had no grip. We did the full loop. This cliff was part of the primitive trail. Great hike - wear proper shoes.

This trail is amazing.. Waterfalls scenic views and a wonderful arch.. Even a mini cave. Do yourself a favor and hike this trail!!

7 days ago

Interesting, not too difficult even in the rain.

Being afraid of heights, having to walk on two fins on this hike was probably the scariest part. Other than that, the hike was very manageable (easy-moderate rather than hard imo) for a scaredy-cat like me. It was windy at some parts too so hold on to your hats if you need! There were many people we saw that did the trail, from kids to elderly couples so don’t be afraid to do it! 4 stars only because it’s a heavily trafficked trail in the middle of the day. Views of arches, fiery furnace, and walking between canyons made this hike very worth it to me.

12 days ago

easy hike that offers a unique perspective of the rock formations in the park. went mid afternoon and was barely anyone else on the trail.

nice stop off point in between trails at the south and north ends of the park. good view of the la sal mountain range from here too.

it was cool to see all these arches in a single hike, they're all quite different. it was worth checking out dark angel and hiking the primitive trail as there were less people around as most turn back after seeing 'double o' or even earlier. another hiker warned me of a snake on the primitive trail, didn't see anything though.

So fun and rewarding ! Get up early we were there in the dark and saw the sunrise ! So special

This may be the best hike I've ever completed. We started around 6:30pm, NOT RECOMMENDED. We encountered 4 other hikers that were completely lost at sunset. 2 of the were attempting to hike clockwise without headlamps or any source of light. This is extremely dangerous and they very well may have not made it out. I believe this trail should be rated as Difficult. I am glad we did not encourage our whole group to try. At a certain point after Landscape Arch, there is no going back. To many narrow ridge walks and steep/slipper slopes to make the return harrowing.

That being said, start early or equip yourself with enough water and light to make it through the entire hike. The second half of the primitive trail is not marked well and you will encounter wildlife. Passed several deer on the way out. They certainly watched us closely. Can't wait to do this hike again. This is the flagship hike of Arches Park. You will not be disappointed.

If you decide to continue on Primitive Loop the cairns can be hard to find so always be cognitive of the direction you’re headed in. You will have to create your own path in certain areas. Amazing hike though!

Best area to go if you’re short on time! Can get really busy, so try to go earlier.

really nice hike. not busy lots of beautiful scenery, and interesting path. you zig zag across the river/stream, and we managed to stay pretty dry by rock hopping, but saw a lot of people with water sandals too.

overall, loved this one, definitely recommend.

22 days ago

We took the advice of others and did it counter-clockwise and started around 8am. I highly recommend this. Great hike to see multiple arches. There are some slick rocks that were tricky but not impossible.

23 days ago

Great views and a good hike, best to go early cause it gets hot later.

Great hike. Lots of variety of arches. Lots of slickrock.

Go early. Do it COUNTER-clockwise.

super easy very short trail but a must do to get a close up of balanced rock

26 days ago

first hike i did at arches, the slim rock wall was a sight to see, short hike and its one of the first trails you pass in the park its definitely worth a stop

27 days ago

Such beautiful sand and rock walls

27 days ago

Amazing arches, definitely a must-see

29 days ago

Great, short, easy hike with amazing views!

Didn’t get the chance to hike the whole loop since it was too late in the day, but what we did get to was beautiful. It’s located close to the campground where we stayed which was nice. It was well marked and had a gorgeous sunset.

1 month ago

Very easy short trail, but you wind around until you’re inside various sandy canyons! It is a perfect playground for kids - a giant sandbox. And it has beautiful lines and angles for those interested in photography.

on Grandstaff Trail

1 month ago

Great moderate hike. Enough shade. Dog loved the water crossing!! Natural bridge was beautiful!

Amazing hike with some absolutely stunning views of canyons/arches. So many contrasting colors. Bring lots of water as it’s hot and dry. Some technical spots that only those with proper shoes and fitness should attempt.

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