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16 hours ago

I would consider this an easy moderate trail. It was very scenic with the creek running alongside the trail, all of the greenery, the canyon walls towering on both sides, and of course the arch or land bridge at the end. You might get your feet wet since the trail crosses the creek several times. But, if you have good balance you might be able to stay dry!

Mid February 2018... early morning start. We went clockwise. No map.No idea what we were in for. I'm NOT in shape and wasn't sure what to expect. Seeing someone up the first fin, I thought they were just having fun and taking selfies... until I realized I had to go that way. I'm afraid of heights as well. Having said all that... I had an absolutely amazing time! Super high winds and blowing snow made for some dangerous areas and there were a few that made the extremely tall fin that turned around.. not hiking with a partner. Bad idea. I doubted my abilities several times only because I've never hiked something this long. We took lunch breaks and stopped to look around. It was freezing so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.. hated digging for camera or phone. Wasn't prepared for scrambling rocks.. but glad I went clockwise because for me it is easier going down rock faces than up. Really wasn't prepared for the so called puddle or the young lady crying at the puddle. Once across, she and her husband helped my crossing. Thanks guys! Only slipped a few times and almost slid into frigid water. Take waders or a change of shoes and socks... the potential to end up in icy water in cold months is severe. I have to do this stuff in colder weather because of medical conditions... but I'd still suggest off season times. Chances of bus loads of tourists showing up is scaled way down... but we still ran into them in the park at the easier arches. Beautiful trail and even though that day I swore never again.. now that I understand and better know what to expect... DEFINITELY would do it again. More pictures next time!

Fabulous hike! Best bang for your buck if you're wanting to see as many arches as possible in a day. Some areas could be concerning for hikers who are scared of heights or who aren't sure footed. For the typical hiker, this is a 'must-do' in my books!

5 days ago

I didn't get to complete this trail because I got there only an hour or so before the sunset. The colors and walking through the canyon had me awe-struck. Beware of snakes, I heard something rummaging through some shrubbery on the trail and know there's a fair amount of rattlers in the area. The sand was a pinkish red color that I'd never seen before, would definitely hike again!

Loved this hike around Arches. You go on side excursions/trails that will take you to eight arches total if you follow the whole trail. Every Arch was unique! We paired this with the Devils Garden Loop for a full day of hiking.

95% of people stay in the parking lot, but the views from the floor are stunning. It’s about 100 stairs down, then a short walk... go as far as you like, perfect for kids, lots of room to explore and unlike other trails, nothing they can catastrophically fall off. We went late afternoon (around 6 PM); we were in the shade the whole time and the light was perfect.

Beautiful and busy

We did the entire primitive loop. It was a fun hike. There was some minor scrambling, but nothing too difficult. I thought we would see more arches on the primitive loop, so that was the only disappointment for me. But overall it was great and I highly recommend it for anyone in average shape who enjoys going beyond the normal hiking trails.

on Grandstaff Trail

10 days ago

Beautiful & fun hike. Especially good if you have a dog that you cannot take on a NP Trail. And having water along the way is nice too.

Fantastic hike. Certainly moderately strenuous, and there are a couple spots that require some basic scrambling. If you have someone in you group that is terrified of heights this is probably not the best hike for you as the trail takes you very close (feet) from sheer cliffs. We were able to complete it even in a wind storm that blew through which had up to 50mph gusts at some points. If you’re going during wind make sure you have a Buff or bandana to cover your face. The wind whips up the sand and dust and it’ll get everywhere! Totally worth doing the whole loop as the views were amazing.

Happy trails!

Great little hike around this geologic curiosity. The story presented on the sign was very interesting.

11 days ago

Great early morning warm up hike. Weather was cool and hardly anyone was there at that time. Most take photographs at the viewpoint, but the easy hike into the canyon is well worth it to give you a perspective of the massive sandstone monoliths and the enveloping solitude.

This is a don’t miss day hike in Arches. Be the first one there in the am to avoid parking and crowd issues. Also do the “loop” portion clockwise to easy some of the difficult spots.


Beautiful and easy

Loved this trail. I took the primitive loop side first starting at 9am. I loved the challenge along with amazing views! Be sure to have on hiking shoes to complete this route as it has some slick and steep parts you have to get through.

Once I passed the Double O Arch on the other side of the loop, the trail started to get rather congested. Go early AM to this trail is my recommendation!

fun little hike. cool things to see

16 days ago

Did this back in February during the off-season. the weather ended up being pretty nice and since it was the offseason running into other people was a little more rare witch for us was great! This arch is one of my favorites the size of it will take your breath away! ❤️

fun place. lots to see

Awesome sight!

Some of the best views of my life!

18 days ago

This trail was a spectacular with great views and a combination of hiking on a wide sandy trail and some scrambling over rock. That included a couple dicey spots that folks with fear of heights found “interesting”.

Easy hike for some of the best views of this national park!

Great fun hike!

trail running
21 days ago

Planned to just hike but the trail was so perfect to run it. Not a lot of elevation change but absolutely gorgeous scenery. A few river crossings. Awesome natural bridge at the end. A couple small rock scrambles.

24 days ago

Such a spectacular arch from such a short little hike. It was shady and perfect in the 5pm light. Kids loved it and we snagged an amazing family photo with hardly anyone else in the shot. How did that happen on such a crowded day at Arches National Park? We must be living right ;)

Fun, short, and gorgeous loop around this natural wonder!

Why have I never done this one before?! It’s cool (in temperature and aesthetic) and sandy in between these amazing rock formations. My boys kicked off their shoes and enjoyed the feeling of sand on their feet. Great place to rest while the kids play. Awesome hidden arch!

We started early and not many people on the trail to start. When finished, a lot of people were showing up. We did the arch side first followed by the primitive trail back.

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