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My favorite hike of all time! This trail is mentally and physically challenging in that you have to really think about where to place your feet in certain parts. Once the trail became more primitive it was harder to follow the trail. Look for cairns to help stay on the trail!

This hike was truly “as good as it gets”! As other reviewers said, the earlier the better. We got to the park before 7 but the trailhead was about a half hour drive in so we started about 7:30. Ideally, I’d recommend starting even earlier to beat the heat and avoid the crowds. Partition Arch was our favorite and we had it all to ourselves for like 20 minutes. We walked out via the primitive loop, cool views but not as much fun/excitement as the other half. Overall, we spent about 4 hours but by the end everyone was too hot/tired to hike to Pine Tree or Tunnel Arch.

nice easy trail, nice arch , well used as it is the main trail when you first start off , early in the day in summer is best for this hike. A hike for the whole family .

really east walk off the road , beautiful to see that many arches so close together. Went back at sunset and was so glad I did. A great little trail to take kids on as well. Pretty busy so good early if you can or if you can a sunset view is amazing!

Great hike and a chance to see a whole bunch of arches and pretty amazing views. I would do this one for sure if you have the time. I would go early in the morning to avoid heat and traffic on trails. We started around 6:30 and got a great parking spot and time on trails before overly crowded.

6 days ago

I did this one at 5 am before the heat and sun came up as I wanted to watch the sun come up and hit the arch. Was well worth getting up early to see, so beautiful. Not too bad of a hike, one part is a bit of a work out but take your time and go early and it is not too bad. If you only have time to do a few hikes in the park make sure you add this one to your list.

Awesome hike! Not to many miles but still took us about 2 hours due to stopping because of heat. I recommend two or more bottles of water per person as well as a shirt than can be easily soaked by water (it helps with the heat). Not hard if you’re in decent shape, it’s the heat that kills so start hydrating the day before because it was so hot I got blisters and our car read 117 degrees. Definitely worth the heat thought, nothing like I’ve ever seen!

The review they give is good. Go when the weather is cooler.

7 days ago

This trail offers some of the best views of arches national park and the Utah valley . There is a steep climb that will take about 30-40 min and then a steep narrow ledge that leads you to the arch which is about 15 min . There is usually a lot of people on this trail especially in the evening . If you are going to this trail in summer plan on starting by 7:00 PM max and you can be back to the base by around 9:00 with sufficient time for pics .

This was a great moderate hike, even for the novice hiker. Be sure to start very early, especially when temps will reach 100 in the day. Some rock scrambling, we had someone afraid of heights with us and they did fine. Bring lots of water as well. I’d definitely recommend this hike!

Great hike with beautiful views from all through out the trail. We took main trail to Dark Angel then primitive trail back. It is much harder than main trail but worth it. Really glad we did. It’s got rock sections, sand sections and valley floor sections. We started at 6:30am! A must do in July.

our favorite, most often revisited trail!! crowd seriously thins out after landscape; as you must rock scramble up a fin to keep going. navajo arch is a nice, shady location to stop for a snack. after double o - the trip to the dark angel was neat, but it’s just a big rock. there are some secrets hidden at the dark angel that make it amazing - but you’ll have to figure that out on your own. the primitive trail has FOUR more arches - but it also has sand, semi-steep hills, virtually no shade and DEADLY HEAT. Someone LITERALLY died on this trail this week (7/6/18) BRING TONS OF WATER. go EARLY - don’t be afraid to call it quits.

what a gorgeous hike - every where you look. I’ve hiked this trail over a dozen times and it never gets old!! there is always some sort of incline or decline; so towards the end, my ankles and my husband’s knees are sore. If you are going during the afternoon or for sunset; BE PREPARED!! Hide in the very few spots of shade you can find and bring at least 3 liters to a gallon of water. Moab sun WILL not think twice to kill you; it’s already taken someone this year. be safe, be smart.

My wife and I enjoyed this trail. The primitive trail was nice too and gave us some solitude.

11 days ago

Love this hike stayed till dark to hike out at night worth it...

11 days ago

I am not a huge fan of walking around and looking at arches. I know there are some of you who love Moab and the biking, jeeping... and probably arches. I had fun going down with my kids, but I would rather hike to alpine lakes than arches. That being said, I really did enjoy this hike. It is an awesome arch.

Beautiful hike. No shade so take a hat sunglasses and sun tan lotion. Oh and water lots of it. And above all take that picture.

12 days ago

LOVED this hike! My husband and I went at 6 am with two kids, five and two, and we all did great. It was steep for about 1/2 mike but pretty easy the rest of the way. The Arch appears just as you come around a corner and it is breathtaking.

The juice is worth the squeeze.

A moderately strenuous hike up to one of the most spectacular sights you'll ever see!

15 days ago

Beautiful and the weather was HOT.
make sure to visit this one because it will eventually collapse in years. At least that's what rangers told us.

Loved it! Went early to avoid heat. Took lots of water and needed it. Great memory with our 14 & 11 year old.

A beautiful hike with a bit of rock climbing included. There is a million dollar view on top. Leave early in the morning to bet the crowds and heat of the day.

16 days ago

This out and back trail to the Delicate Arch was wonderful. My friend and I did this trail early in the morning, and it wasn't too crowded on the way up. We hung around the Delicate Arch itself for a little while and took some photos, and after a while crowds of people started trickling in. The trail isn't too strenuous, apart from one steep stretch in the middle of the trail. One other note: it was very windy at the top when we went. A few people's hats flew right off their heads!

Beautiful but HOT! (it is Arches after all! ) we arrived after noon after having completed the primitive trail around north and south windows. Hiked with our 3 year old in her pack on dad's back, and our 7,12 and 15 year olds. Definitely going back to do the primitive trail and the entire Devil's loop.

18 days ago

Bring extra water

19 days ago

Leave early to avoid the crowds and heat.

19 days ago

One of the best things I've ever done. Must do. Go early and enjoy!

Trail signage could be better but few areas are as breathtakingly beautiful. Bring a hat and water up.

21 days ago

Highly trafficked, but fighting the crowds are worth the payoff of seeing delicate arch. Not sure how much longer it will exist before it finally collapses..

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