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Great hike with spectacular views at the end. This was one of the easiest hikes we did in the Big 5, there is an uphill section and a few large steps up but very accessible. I would consider this an easy hike or a moderate walk.

I'm fat and out of shape... thought I was going to have a heart attack... but, I DIDN'T! I made it to the arch! My husband had both knees replaced 13 months ago and HE made it too!

My favorite place in Arches

5 days ago

quick and easy hike

on Delicate Arch Trail

5 days ago

great hike. Took us 1hr 45 min and that was with a lot of photo stops.

5 days ago

Easy hike. Shouldn't miss it.

5 days ago

easy not as good as the main trail to the arch but different view point

Words don’t do it justice. Amazing!

Short and easy, definitely worth the quick stop.

13 days ago

Absolutely stunning. This is a bucket-list worthy hike. Can’t believe it took me so long to get here when it’s so close to home. Really windy today, no longer any snow/ice along the trail.

Did this hike when it was 45 degrees out, probably the best three hours we've spent this week. Take a few minutes and get the required permit, then enjoy getting lost in the 'Furnace'. The trail markers are there, and honestly it was more fun going the wrong way for an hour, then retreating to find the trail later.

19 days ago

Went January 2018. Easy, fun, bring spikes as there is a small patch of ice.

21 days ago

Took a weekend trip to Moab to escape busy college life. Planned the roadtrip so that we could get here right at sunset and we couldn't have timed it better! Got there with about 10min before the sun was below the horizon, but still had time for some amazing views. Lost my camera lens cover down the gully, but my friend scooted down to get it back for me. Temperature was perfect, and distance was ideal. Definitely recommend a sunrise/sunset time to avoid the crowds!

If it wasn’t windy we would’ve stayed all day!

It's like a ceremonial procession going through raised areas and terraces. The last access passway gives a certain experience of surprise as you approach boarding the rocky walls to the high point where the arch is. Viewing the forms you can imagine the naturalistic forces, winds and water, which shaped the landscape in a formidable "style."
But if it's a windy day as today was you should know that you will be straining particularly your muscles and the gusts will strike your face with sand. This could be taken by many people as a part of the adventure. But it's highly rewarded to come and see this marvel surrounded by a concave harmonic space. The senses of abbys and height, of closure and openness are almost architectural.

Just happened to be there in a day that wind gusts of over 20mph. It didn’t seem to stop anyone from going. Beautiful views, courteous hikers.

25 days ago

Great hike to wind down from spending the previous day at Arches. I actually liked this trail more than the ones I hiked at the National Park. It become very busy by mid day but we were already on our way out by 11:00 am. There are a couple spots that may be difficult for young children or dogs, but they are by no means impassable without a little help. The trail is gentle and easy to follow, and we enjoyed taking our time. We did not spot poison ivy, and neither did our dog. This tuckered out our 12 month old golden collie, but not us, so it's a good way to tire out your dog so you can spend the afternoon exploring Moab and getting some afternoon coffee and appetizers. Finally, just plan on some wet feet if you go, there are a number of stream crossings.

Easy but gorgeous. Go early to avoid crowds. If you're able, it's def worth trying some climbing.

Go earliest in the morning as possible! 1) to get parking 2) to avoid the mass crowds of tourists and 3) to avoid the scorching sun - if going in early summer, it can be 90 degrees already by 10am. Very beautiful, a good hike, but too many people. Don't forget your water, don't forget to check out the petroglyphs, and don't be afraid to explore a little more off the path. Worth seeing once to say you've been there ;)

Go early (0800ish) and avoid the mass waves of people! Very easy hike. Great finish at the end. I ended up enjoying this much more than I thought I would.

27 days ago

The whole family loved this arch and hike! Great fun for the kids, fun photo ops for dad, and minimal danger for mom to worry about. Definitely worth your time. We went at noon, and the lighting was awesome. Probably one of the few arches where the lighting is as interesting at noon as it is at sunrise or sunset.

27 days ago

Did this hike with wife and 5 children, and it was awesome! It is now the standard by which I will be judging future hikes of similar length. The terrain was varied and interesting, wildlife plentiful, scenery beautiful, and of course the big reveal at the end of the hike is as rewarding as any hike I have been on. The feeling of coming around the corner and seeing the size and grandeur and marvel of nature that is Delicate Arch was inspiring! It made my hair stand up on my arms and neck. I hope to make this a family tradition. I was nervous to take my five year old, and other children who love to run and climb, but they did great. The only parts that caused me concern were about the last 100 yards, and when I looked at the drop-off on the other side of the arch. With good instruction and careful judgment this is a hike the whole family will love.

So many people actually said that if you can do or have done the Delicate Arch trail that this trail was a waste of time and boring. I went in with those thoughts, but actually was pleasantly surprised. It's kind of nice to see this different view of the arch and the cliff face on the other side that you don't see from the actual trail (which I have done twice in the past). We spent close to an hour on the trail, much of it walking around at the view point. Keep in mind that when it rains or sleets/wet snows, the trail can get muddy, messy and slippery like it did on this day.

This is not a walk in the park. There are parts that are really tough and require a lot of flexibility and also a bit of fearlessness (I never slid down a rock before... it wasn't much of a drop, but still there is a bit of anxiety about it when it's your first time!)....

We found the default alltrails app map quite reliable and helpful (if you want to follow the main trail without taking the side trails).

Though there are parts of the trail where you are walking on flat sand, this is only for short durations. You will scramble up and down rocks, through skinny slots, some with steps and some flat, straddle over rock cracks, scooch along the wall with your butt on one side, legs on the other, do little jumps from one rock to the other, and more. We aren't too fit, but got up to about the 6th or 7th arrow then called it a day and turned around mostly because we couldn't find the route, and the area there was a bit hard to figure out where to go. As we were there on Feb. 11, there was not a ranger led hike, so we relied on our own route finding skills. We spent about 2 hours to get through at 1.5 miles... with all the twists and turns to get in, the side trails (skull arch, walk through arch- but missed the crawl through) and a few other offshoot trails. We walked out quite quickly in about 45 minutes tracing back the path we came in on without taking offshoot trails, but did manage to get a little lost three times before getting out!

Though we did not finish the trail, I am happy we were able to see what we saw. I think we did well considering we were without a ranger or a guide. It's well worth a try if you have the time!

I recorded our trail, and the images will be loaded with GPS points to the trail.

1 month ago

Have hiked Delicate Arch a few times, but always in the summer. Best to start early, 5am or so. Then you a) avoid the direct sun and hottest part of the day, b) you avoid the largest crowds and you are c) rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Rangers are overworked and frustrated with avg person who does not hike, and does not bring plenty of water for themselves and their kids. The hike is moderate; uphill hiking up the slickrock; would not recommend it for those with a fear of heights. Beautiful beautiful scenery; sitting at the arch area and taking it all in is just the best.

1 month ago

This is pretty cool! Our second time in a year, but this time in the snow. If you look to the formations to the left of the double arch, and use your imagination, it can look like a parade of elephants!
Went on Feb. 10, 2018

Super easy and fun. Worth stopping and checking out on the way to the delicate arch hike.

Short walk to view the arches up close, but you can see them from the road.

This was a fun hike. There was some ice right before getting to the arch, so watch your footing or bring shoe spikes. I didn’t use my yak tracks on my shoes but if it had been more snowy and icy I would have definitely needed them. I went early in the morning and the morning light on the arch was epic! Loved this hike.

one of the best hike and the view up there is just marvelous!!! this place is very memorable for me and my 3 kids. need to come back for sure

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