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Went for the first time this week (January 2).. icy and snowy but still very doable! Highly recommend bringing along microspikes if you expect that kind of weather.

2 months ago

Probably a 2-3* for serious hikers, but a beautiful fall color hike before 'tea and popovers' at the JP House.

My husband and I decided to do this trail after a snow storm. It was icy, challenging and it gets a little tougher on the way down. The views are amazing

So beautiful.

Love this trail with beautiful view

Absolutely my favorite hike in the park. It was gorgeous!

nature trips
3 months ago

I suggest the rating could be easier except walking on the planks might be tricky for some.
And heard some comments especially those ‘older’ than me that the rocks were a little tricky to traverse.
Great views, walking around a lake or water never gets old!!.

This was beautiful! I’d rate it more easy than moderate since it’s relatively flat the entire way. I liked the parts where you got to walk over the boulders. The view is waterfront the entire way. Took about 1 hour, 20 min. (For context: I’m 55 and athletic, but a relatively inexperienced hiker).

Really enjoyed this trail. Good way to spend a half day. DEFINITELY do St Sauveur up then Valley Peak trail to loop up with Acadia Mountain trail, then go down the less fun part of Acadia Mountain trail (but also easier to descend because there are steps down) to finish the loop. You get the better views on the way up and a better hike this way. You can do this by starting at the Acadia Mountain parking lot then taking St Sauveur trail to start or park at the St Sauveur lot and take the Ledge trail first (the latter option just adds distance and can be slippery when wet)

Amazing views and a great hike! Nice climbing activity at some points and good surprises along the way, such as a small lake.
The beach was a beautiful place to park the car, would definitely recommend to check it out while there.

Nice walk around the pond. We went counterclockwise so first half of the trail was very easy. Second half included walking on some flat rocks and a well-maintained wooden boardwalk. Good for a windy or rainy day when harder hikes may be dangerous.

Really beautiful pond to walk around, especially in fall. I think it could be classified as easy - it’s really very flat all the way. Loved the long section of beautiful wooden boardwalk! We also did South Bubble along the loop, would recommend.

Great loop during peak Autumn

Easy walk. Half the path is a “board walk” - literally walking on halved trees to protect the nature. It is pristine! Worth taking the trip up the Bubbles while you’re there.

Started counter clockwise and only did about half. Went up to the rock scramble and then turned around because I ran into some folks that came the other way and said the rest wasn’t that exciting. I have a 60 pound dog and he managed the planks and rocks just fine. The fall colors were awesome around early October. Nice, flat hike (other than a short section of rocks). Parking is a beast so go early and get a pass before you try to park!

Lovely lake hike with some fall calor. Parking was a bit of a wait. Mixed trail of dirt, rock, & board walk. We were a bit surprised at how long this trail took us.

The property was really crowded so we just started the walk to get away from it all. Nice easy flat trails around the whole pond. Still heavily trafficked but easy to move around folks walking at a slower pace. Beautiful views of the pond and surrounding trees. Gorgeous fall colors.

one of my favorite hikes

One of my favorite hikes. Just enough to elevate the heart rate. Stunning views. 5-year-old handled well. OK for younger, in-shape dogs. Trekking poles recommended if you have knee problems, especially for the way down.

So pretty in the fall

Always love this trail have been coming here for over 50 years

Lots of a fun - a few spots are challenging navigating the rocks but great scenery. Our dog did really well but he was a little billy goat over the rocks

Ok hike. Probably had some nice viewpoints if it wasn’t cloudy and foggy

Beautiful trail, cool, crisp weather, enjoyed it immensely!

Great walk. There was a large section of plank boardwalks and a muddy section where the boardwalk will eventually continue, but other then that the walk was really beautiful and easy. I’d definitely do it again.

We wanted an easy, flat hike since it poured last night and we weren't going to risk any steep hikes with rocks since it would be too slick from everything we'd read. Even with intense fog, it was absolutely beautiful! The full loop tracked closer to 4 miles and had lovely changes in going from wooden platforms to boulders to dirt trail. Made for a nice, peaceful afternoon and beautiful pictures!

Based on reviews, I thought this trail would NOT be enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of nature packed into this trail. It is super easy so it may seem boring to do the entire loop, but definitely worth doing a portion of it!

Did the loop clockwise and ended up checking Bubble Divide (tough climb) - but ended up seeing Bubble rock and an awesome view of Jordan pond from up top.

Climb is a bit tough - coming down tougher - Started raining - so skipped St Sauveur and came back via Man O War Truck road)

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