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As everyone says, its muddy :) We did a lot of stone hopping, but had an amazing time. We wanted a shorter hike, so we didn't do the full hike (we just walked in two hours and back). It was beautiful and our dog loved the trail too!

Our trek today was really muddy but the smell of pine trees along the way was really nice, and the view on top was was beautiful. Definitely worth a visit.

Really this would probably be 3 1/2 stars for me. This hike was pretty without much elevation but like another reviewer noted it is rocky! Once you cross over the creek that whole section of the trail is super rocky. I couldn't really enjoy my surroundings, because if you looked up while walking you'd twist an ankle. Our golden retriever had a rougher time then usual too with paw placement. A 2 mile hike to the pond should have taken our family of 4 around 40 minutes or less - we hike a lot. It took us over an hour to get to pond since it was slow going with the rocky path.

Hiked from Mad Tom Road in Dorset. To us this was a hidden gem. Beautiful forest with the flowing brook the whole way. Not too difficult. Very peaceful trail with some good rock formations.

Fall and this trail is everything. The views are amazing and if you are lucky enough to have a clear day, will be an awesome hike.

Misty, foggy day, but beautiful stream-side hike. Foliage was great.

This was a nice hike and you can see that at times of rain it could be very muddy. There was just a few spots that you had to navigate some mud but heck your hiking right? Don’t wear ballet shoes and you will be fine. At the top you can have a nice lunch on the lift platform. They were offering free rides on the gondola back and forth to the lodge.

Great Trail for all ages. Wear sturdy hiking footwear and layered clothing for the fall...overall a great adventure.

Pretty good hike although it was very muddy even though it hadn't rained in a few days. Made it in under 4 hours.

muddy, not many views, but gorgeous forest.

Well kept with all the traffic back and forth. Great scenery from the Green Mountain.

Not to steep, perfect for us! Best hike I have been on in my life!

a great hike during the summer months, a better hike during winter! don't forget your microspikes/yak traks

I found this trail to be difficult with the footing, stepping on and in between pointy rocks and numerous exposed tree roots for 85 percent of the journey, but I could have been having an off day for hiking too. The pond is definitely worth visiting. Seemed like a very remote place, with lots of AT/LT hikers passing through this time of year. It is very picturesque with dozens.of mini water cascades flowing among moss covered rocks. I also found lions mane (mushroom) here which was a pleasant surprise.

Loved this hike! Originally had planned on doing this trail; however, we ended up parking in the “picnic area” and starting on th3 keewaydin trail. There are a few steep areas, but overall not highly intense. Near the top there is a beautiful pine tree Forest that is truly majestic. There is also a “rock grave sight” with piles of stacked rocks. Once you reach this point, you should follow the blue path to the outlook. At the outlook, you’ll have to do some exploring to find the views. If you get all the way out, keep going to the right more - there is a beautiful outlook with nice areas to sit and enjoy the views! Very very beautiful and not too demanding!!

If you park at the White Rocks Recreational picnic area parking like previous reviewers suggested you start on the Keewaydin trail for a bit before hitting the White Rocks trail. There is a sign that shows it going up to the left (shares with the Long Trail). Then when you get to the White Rocks area the lookout is another .3 miles (blue trail down to the right). All together the trail ended up being a 5 mile hike, it was quite a climb too. I'm fairly new to hiking but over last 3 months I've hiked probably 15 hikes around this area with ratings of easy, moderate, and 2 hards. This trail is rated as moderate but I would rate it as moderate-hard. View was great from lookout and hike was a great workout.

excellent hike with fantastic views. I recommend using Google Maps to search for directions to get to the parking area since AllTrails brings you to a random spot along the road. When you first enter the woods at the Keewaydin trail, there are a few paths which can be confusing. Take the trail to the right to begin the hike. The other tip I can give is that when you reach "Cairn City" turn right onto the blue trail to reach the overlook. many hikers miss this turn. Don't be alarmed by the amount of downhill walking at this point. It is generally a downhill walk to the overlook area. The waterfalls and streams are a nice addition to an already beautiful hike.

This actually is getting four instead of five yesterday because of the enormous amounts of mud. It took us almost 5 hours up the Peru trail because of having to cut around to avoid large swaths of the stuff, 6 inches deep in some spots. I’m only complaining because at one point while trying to jump from rock to rock, I fell....and ended up looking like Big Foot. The trail and wonderful 360 degree view at the top made it all worth it! Great, relatively easy...and I’m a whiner.

Awesome trail. Lots of AT through hikers, which is always fun.

We jogged this trail which had many stream crossings and gently meanders up to Bromley Skiway. It rained hard the night before so the trail was muddy but not terrible. We met some AT hikers at the top (there’s a small lodge) and checked out the surrounding mountain ranges that weren’t blocked by the clouds. It’s 6 miles round trip (out and back) and it took us almost 2 hours jogging most of the way with about 20 minutes spent at the top. It you’re in the area and are looking for a good hike that won’t take all day, I’d recommend it!

This was an easy hike - there were only a couple of spots that might be considered steep. It was raining on our hike so the rocks were slippery. The pond looked clear, and we saw a couple of loons.

I love this trail as it is both part of the AT and Long Trail. It is mostly wooded with nice switchbacks that make the climb more fun than hard. There are a couple bridges and streams along the way and a nice Vista about halfway up which provides a nice view. The last .03 miles is spent walking up a ski slope and in my opinion is the hardest part of the trail. The 360 degree views from the top are phenomenal.

Nice hike for half a day. Last of hike on ski slope. Out house on top. Wear good hiking shoes, will get muddy with streams.

Parts of this trail are on the difficult side but overall a doable hike considering the distance taking breaks it was doable to get to the Goddard shelter in about 6-7 hours and we are far from being in top physical shape. The biggest struggle is water conservation there’s about a 4-5 mile stretch with no water access without taking a half mile detour to a pond. I would highly recommend doing this hike in late June to mid July if you don’t mind sharing campsites with through hikers we probably met 15 people that were on there way to Maine from Georgia. The views aren’t especially rewarding for how rigorous this hike is

Loved this trail! Our favorite bit was the young pine grove near the end. Smelled like Christmas! It’s a bit tricky to find the entrance to the trail though. We ended up parking in the lot and taking the long trail entrance at the back of the lot and crossing the road. It’s not marked as the white rocks trail until you get a decent way up the mountain. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes and bring a walking stick as the trail gets a bit rocky.

great easy hike with a well-maintained trail

The round-trip took me about four hours, but I'm not exactly in shape or an experienced hiker. The trail was well marked and well-maintained. Plenty of bridges and planks out to get through the worst bits. One thing I noticed: despite a lack of rain recently, the ground was still fairly wet and the rocks were slippery. (the humidity was high, probably giving nowhere for the water to go.)

This is a great trail. We took the trail head at the end of the parking lot and went to the White Rocks Overlook. Good work out. Nice moderate climb. We brought two dogs, off leash for most of the hike, and an 8 year old and it was great. The Cairn area was very cool. The views from the overlooks were great! We had a lunch up there and took our time before heading back down. This is a great hike that is a really good work out for moderate hikers and really fun for kids and dogs. Would do it again!

We walked in and out -20 miles - in nine hours. We were moving fairly quickly the whole time with only a few short breaks. Decided to turn around a mile and a half short of fire tower in order to get back to route 9 before dark. Intense bugs in early june. bring bug spray and consider purchasing one of those hats with netting over the face. moderately challenging.
The pros: once you get in a few miles it is not well travelled and feels very remote. no noise except the forest. the con: kind of boring as there are no views during the ten miles walking north from route 9 and the scenery does not change much.

hiked it from the East Dorset trail head off of mad Tom road. wish the app would include this section of the trail

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