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This month marks the 80th anniversary of the #AppalachianTrail, which passes through 14 states from Maine to Georgia. . With so many access points along its approximate 2,190-mile route, this trail is not only an excellent option for thru-hikers and section-hikers, but also day-hikers and those looking to escape into nature for a few hours. . To honor the Appalachian Trail, we have compiled a list state by state of some of our favorite day hikes along the AT. Check out this list for Pennsylvania and help us celebrate the legacy and natural wonder of this trail!

Appalachian Trail: Pennsylvania: Best Day Hikes Map
4 days ago

My first hike. Short but full fun. Gradual uphill as you start. Definitely need good shoes as most of the trail in rocky. Some rock climbing too. Well blue marked to reach Center Point Knob and then another trail starts. It was busy obviously due to nice hot weather. Good short adventure...will try more challenging ones now but will hike again here in white rocks.

Wild rhododendrons were amazing a lot of the trail was just filled with them literally 15 to 20 feet tall and Trails made through them where it actually appeared like a tunnel. Thick vegetation made it hard to really see the views although we had several views of large boulders on the mountain side. The trail was very well-maintained with lots of views of the stream. You could hear it too many places . Majority of the trail was wide. The elevation zigzagged back and-forth to the top of the mountain ( first half your climbing up) you reach the top of the elevation and it is quite a climb. The descent was well-maintained with a series of steps built into the mountainside that were just amazing. The massive wood notched beams that cross the creek was a perfect spot to rest and get more photos

Nice summer trail.Take the AT scenic route(White marked) from trailhead bottom & descend via non white marked gradual down path.

This is a great trail if you’re looking for something challenging and rewarding. The switchbacks are super fun and the peacefulness is the best on this trail! Wear waterproof shoes as there is water to cross. Happy Trails!

If you’re doing the loop, I would do the AT up and the fire road down. The AT was fun hike, but you
get a lot of noise from the highway. Fire road was much easier, but more peaceful.

awsome time, nothing to strenuous for hiking.

Very shady and generally easygoing. A few nice peaks to stop at as well.

10 days ago

This is a great hike along the Appalachian Trail. Incredible views and a great workout. Check out my full write up that includes directions and things to look out for.

Great hike, views are beautiful and give reward, but doing the whole section will take a toll. Did it in early June in just over 2 days. It's closer to 27mi point to point and be sure you go before or after late July/august because a lot of the springs dry up. The climbs aren't too bad, but the 8-9 miles preceding Allentown shelter almost entirely rock so prepare yourself and keep an eye out for rattlesnakes and cottonmouth dens in the pulpits!!

Got there early in the morning with a slight drizzle. We hiked the easier section to make the summit and when the rain began to come down rather steady. On the way down, we moved down along the ridge line. This portion is much more rocky and challenging with multiple switchbacks and narrow paths, but is marked well.

Even with the rain, we ran into multiple groups oh hikers both day trippers and Appalachian Trail through hikers. The views from the summit and multiple vistas are spectacular.

Completed in a little under four hours and that was at pretty leisurely pace. Would definitely do it again.

I hike this a few times each years. Stunning in the fall and the gorgeous greens in the spring are worth the climb. Week day early evenings aren't too busy but weekends get crowded. Typical PA rocks on the trail and some of the climb can get steep at parts. Totally worth the views, fresh air and wildlife. Make sure you check for ticks as I've found a few after this trail. Mostly shaded by trees which is nice and keeps it cooler in the summer.

Best views in the area! Perfect hike.

Great hike with rocks to scramble for views.

Took the woodpecker trail to the AT then took the north trail on the way back. A stunning variation of plants and wildlife there. This trail is fairly easy and very fun.

Nice hike, Mild traffic, really superb views for this area. I’ve hiked this trail with my dog a few times, so don’t be afraid to take them along!

Pleasant hike, bit of a climb early on, nothing terrible, rocky across the ridge, easy descent on Susquehanna trail

Great views, steady uphill at the beginning

Nice hike!

nice views the only thing was the sound of the highway below. the back half was quite.

This greenery was absolutely breathtaking. One of my favorite hikes.

A fun hike with beautiful lookout views of the Delaware River. Bring lots of water on a hot day.

Great overall hike. Pretty intense rocky incline the first several miles to Pulpit. Pack snacks and fill your water bladders up! You will need it on this almost 10 mile hike. Trail was pretty wet and muddy today so the rocks were a bit slippery, so be mindful of footwear with ankle support. Saw some bear poop and heard a snake hiss, so beware. The trail is pretty heavily trafficked with people gathered at both lookouts, but we didn’t have any issues with crowds today. Totally worth the hike if you’re in for something more challenging and in to see some absolutely stunning views!

The north and south scenic trails made it worthwhile. The views are great on the north side. The south trail is basically a mile of boulder hopping. A great adventure if you have the right shoes! The AT sections were fairly meh. I thought all of it was marked pretty well.

Good uphill hike. I made a mistake thinking it was a short hike in cool weather and overdressed... It was strenuous and I got way too hot.

Only reason for removing a star is the jagged rocks you have to walk on. Wear thick shoes.

Definitely closer to hard than moderate. We stayed on the trail until we hit the back part of the loop (Susquehanna trail). This is a great hike that offers a lot of challenging aspects. Parking at the lot made accessing the trail very easy. The noise of the highway was present the entire hike, but after a while you block it out.

With “All Trails” it make it a lot easier to find and follow trails. So happy they have this!! This was my second hike on this trail. First effort, without “All Trails” I headed on the wrong trail, it didn’t seem right..Thankfully, shortly on the trail I ran into someone and asked them.. They new the trail I wanted, and turned me to the right direction.. If there’s a harder part of a trail, I prefer to do them first.. Like this one. It was very rocky and a nice incline.. A good workout.. The scenery of the woods with the ferns, trees, rocks, and wildflowers looked so beautiful..The two lookouts, Pulpit and Pinnacle have beautiful views of the valley.. It’s a great hike! It was a long hike, so give yourself time and keep hydrated.. Looking forward doing it again. If not during the summer, definitely in the fall!!

Great trail, lots of pretty views

Overlooks were beautiful, but the reservoir and waterfall made this trip. We camped right next to the waterfall. Beautiful area.

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