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This month marks the 80th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail, which passes through 14 states from Maine to Georgia. With so many access points along its approximate 2,190-mile route, this trail is not only an excellent option for thru-hikers and section-hikers, but also day-hikers and those looking to escape into nature for a few hours. To honor the Appalachian Trail, we have compiled a list of our favorite day hikes along the AT. Check out this list and help us celebrate the legacy and natural wonder of this trail!

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Took 4hrs but turned around 90% of the way along because turnaround point is just a carpark at the bottom of a hill and not worth the effort to climb back up. We Started at bear mountain - beacon highway but better to do in reverse as you can turnaround at the Anthony’s nose lookout which has a great view. Well blazed. Rocky and steep in spots and felt it in legs after.

Great trail! The start begins with a spacious flat trail with quite a few other people. I did go on a Sunday around mid day so it was to be expected. I took the pulpit trail and it became narrow and much more wooded. Before we reached pulpit rock it got extremely rocky which was a lot of fun. Beautiful view and very well taken care of and clean.

Challenging hike, especially in the snow. Very few spots to stop and take a breather.

1 day ago

Come physically prepared but if you aren't a long distance hiker no worries just pace yourself until your legs have adapted. Come mentally tough also because the AT will wear you down. Hands down, my 2017 thru-hike has made contributions to my life and those who hear the story that are totally unexpected. Be prepared to be awed and inspired.

1 day ago

Beautiful day for a hike, great views at the top. It was nice that the ground was frozen so there wasn’t too much mud. Highly recommended.

1 day ago

MAX PATCH! This place is awesome. It was like a party on this open field in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains. Way cool. Check out my write up with things to look out for and directions. eastcoasthiker.com/trails/maxpatch/

1 day ago

This is a great hike along the Appalachian Trail. Incredible views and a great workout. Check out my full write up that includes directions and things to look out for. eastcoasthiker.com/trails/mountminsi

Good little trail. We did snowboarding the day before, so this was a nice morning stretch

Pulpit Rock to Pinnacle to parking lot White to Blue

off trail
2 days ago

Our timing for this trail could not have been more perfect. Gorgeous winter day with just a hint of spring. We hiked clockwise and the descent was a majestic display of frozen waterfalls set off by hillsides of spring moss. Beginning of the hike left me winded, but was well worth the effort.

This trail was a whole lot of fun! Thankful for the experience and a few friendly pups! Great conditions and well maintained! I highly recommend!

FEB 2020 clockwise for a better hike. its a nice stroll in most parts with a moderate rating for the rocky incline. there's a nice pond to bid you bonjour and adieu. about 1 mile in i saw a lone pileated woodpecker. 1.5 miles in began the rock stairs incline. trail got thinner here and let through a rhododendron arch. prob be amazing in may/june. minsi lookout would be great in fall. southeast view of the delaware river from the peak. well blazed. good day.

great trail. great views. mid moderate to easydepending on experience.

We started at the base of the bridge and it was challenging at times. The view at the top is worth the work. Great time for the whole family

Sunset! 17FEB2020 1719 just barely made it!

7 days ago

Well traveled and broken in. Snowshoes, spikes, or bare-boot, but I hiked like a diva in my snowshoes with the heel lift. No shame here! Crowded trail, courtesy of vacation week. Crossing the frozen lake remains safe at this time.

3 mile Hawksbill, GREAT views, short quick mike climb the clockwise way, then 2 easy miles down, rocky, usually very crowded but light for us since President's day.

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