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I have done this section of the AT twice. I find it to be the most impressive sections on the AT in Northern Pa. I have done it as part of a hike from Ashfield road to Little gap. (about 10-11 miles.) The rock scramble at the top took us over an hour to do little more than a mile. At 57, I take my time and tend to be cautious with my footing. It is challenging, but if you are in reasonable good health and reasonably good shape, it is do-able. (I know both health and shape are subjective. I use knee supports and good backpacking boots.) From the top of the climb you can see about two miles down the Lehigh River. and when you climb across the top, you can see about two miles up the Lehigh river. The view is spectacular the whole way up. I generally hike with trekking poles (non-retractable) I did have to put them on the next level up and then climb up using both my hands in a few places. The rock will disapear and it will turn into a more normal trail. The Blue trial will be on the left and it will take you down the mountain. You can't miss it. It is easier to climb up a steep climb than climb down. I would like to return to climb up the White trail (AT) and come down the Blue trail (Winter Trial) I was told that is much easier to get down that way. It returns you to the parking area at the bottom. It may be a challenge for kids under 8 or 9 years of age. If you are looking for a relatively flat dirt path in the woods, this is not it. I do think that most will enjoy it. Just as a side note. On the cover of Terry Croteau's book about her AT thru-hike, is a picture of the climb out of Lehigh Gap. When I saw the cover, I thought I recognize that. The name of the book is "Footpath My Ass!" That in it self was reason enough to buy it. lol. Good read.

Went on a misty day and was tough but rewarding! Will definitely go back again to see the view (was obscured by fog). I highly suggest going white trail to blue trail - I always feel it’s easier to have the strenuous part first!

love it...great exercise....white up, white down

Overall, a great hike with lots of views. Made a loop of this going up the AT and returning down via North Trail > Charcoal > Prairie Grass > L&NE Trails. There aren't really any views initially at the top unless you continue over the Lehigh Tunnel to the South Trail or loop back on the North Trail. The South Trail has several spots of wide views among piles of large rocks. The North Trail also provides a nice consistent view on the other side almost along the entire stretch until it declines down to the Charcoal trail (mostly exposed meadow trail which was nice change from initial ascent in shaded forest).

More difficult than I read. It was a workout but I’m happy I did the 4+ mile loop. Only views were through the trees. Many rocks across the top so I had to be careful. For this 66 year young man I don’t think I’ll do it again.

First mile is strenuous uphill, but after that, take north loop which is scenic and relaxing. Great views of the valley. The AT is relatively flat, gently rolling. Great hike overall, don’t let the first mile discourage you. Pace yourself up the climb, you will be rewarded!

Good hike experience with the nature and adventure. Although it’s flat after the first 2 miles. It’s challenging with rocks all over. Great feel after doing 12 miler

This trail can get a bit intense. If you like scrambling then this is a perfect place for you. Knife Edge had a beautiful view but I personally did not enough all the rocks simply because I was rarely able to take in the surroundings because I had my eyes on the ground 99% of the time. I wouldn't do it again but that's just a personal preference. I was not expecting my whole trip to be rocks and car size boulders, plus a mountain on boulders to climb. I gave it 4 starts because I know plenty of people enjoy all the rocks but for those of you who prefer a variety on the trail this might not be for you. We turned back about 1/2 mile after knife Edge because it was getting dark and we couldn't find a campsite. We ended up camping at the campsite right before (NB) the power lines and that was a perfect spot with a little back space perfect for a tent setup rock free and a beautiful view.

beautiful views

Lots of parking and signs so you know where you're going. Trail is fun, very steep but a good workout and worth it for the views. My dogs loved it. My only advice is to please be aware that there are others trying to get photos at the top too. There's one fantastic photo spot where everyone wants to get some pics, so please don't sit down for 15 minutes while groups wait to see the view and snap their own pics.

My buddy and I decided to do an overnighter here. We planned out doing an out and back from the southern parking lot to the eagles nest lookout. The trails were definitely muddy and the rocks were slippery, but otherwise very well kept and free of debris. I would definitely wear appropriate gear for wet environments. also, keep an eye out for rattle snakes at the eagles nest. we found 2 large rattle snakes sun bathing as we climbed to the edge.

Blue up - White down

I take the blue up to get a good leg burn and feel like you get better views once you get to the top while walking going this route. Watch out for poison that sometimes sticks out on the trail.

A nice rock formation at the top that needs some sure steps and a hand down in case of a slip but if you have a little experience this isn't bad. May be a little overwhelming if this is your first hike. If you scale the rocks to the peak you have amazing views.

The treck down on the white trail starts with some rocks on the top. Take your time and find an easy way down, the trail isn't clear here, you just need to make your line and follow the markers. After that it's an easy walk. Watch out for thorn bushes.

Covered this on two separate days (7/4/18- parking lot on Rt 183 to just past Eagle Nest Lookout trail and 8/5/18 from Sand Spring trail (Tom Lowe), Shartlesville to Port Clinton). First stretch of trail (from 183) is mostly narrow, curvy with moderate rocks which make it nicely scenic and interesting, but gets a lot rockier past the shelter. The Eagles Nest Lookout was decent view but wouldn't bother with the 2-mile out and back trail again to get there. On 2nd hike had taken side trail past the shelter since AllTrails map shows a camera icon at the tip but not sure what was supposed to be there (thought maybe a lookout somewhere, but nothing could find). Remaining hike was up to Port Clinton but looped on a side trail near bottom of the hill to take the Leg Destroyer back up for return hike which was...um, yep, darn steep. Was middle of the day when I got to this point and got never ending spider webs to the face so be warned those two trails do not seem to get much traffic (Leg Destroyer and connecting side trail).

Really fun hike along the AT. Take the North Trail where it splits off from the AT for the best views on a clear day. And the South Trail is a lot of fun - if you enjoy a good rock scramble!!

very challenging and rewarding hike. was very busy when I went the last week in July. beautiful photos from the overlook. met a through hiker who started in GA in March and was making his way to ME!

Initial incline is a real leg burner, but the views are worth all the work. This was a fun hike, different terrains, areas that become slightly challenging, but it was a never ending cycle of scenery and ridge views. Def recommend

I've been on this section twice now, once in the winter time and just this past weekend in July. it's very rocky but pretty manageable. hiking boots aren't required but may be good idea. campsites on top of the ridge get breezy so something to block wind while you sleep is recommended. on your way out stop at the lumberjack restaurant not 5 miles from the trail parking, excellent food and nice staff

Tough ascend from the start for circa 45 minutes. Interrupted the ascend with talks to the 5 or 6 AT hikers we encountered, especially near the well where they collected/treated the water that came out of a little pipe (identified by a white sign on the tree above it). Hiked on the AT until the 2nd entrance to the North Trail (near the 476 Tunnel). Then took the North Trail East, then the charcoal trail, then the Prairie Grass Trail, then the D&L Trail along the river back to the car. All was relative well marked. I think we hiked for circa 6 miles and it took us a bit more than 4hrs. Views on the North Trail were fantastic but the noise from the cars below did not make it very peaceful (that is why I rated this hike 4 stars). Came across lots of different types of vegetation and trails. Came across and ate wild blue berries and black raspberries. The descent down the Charcoal trail was the hardest due to all the stones and boulders on this trail. Was a pleasure to walk down the Prairie Grass Trail towards the river.

I love Hawk Rock. I've probably hiked this over 20 times in the past few years and I'll do it again and again.

Beautiful view, but I don't like so many rocks.

my favorite rock

My family of five, (6-12yr) trekked this trail and had a blast! Views were worth the steep hike to the top.

Starts off steep then levels out. Only went 20 min in then turned around.

Steep sections, some crazy rocks, and very narrow at different points. Nice challenge and great view at the top.

This is my go to hike. I haven’t done the whole thing but the part that I have done is a great workout!

Very steep heading up but once you get to the North Trail it levels out just in time for the views. Well worth it. Woodpecker Trail to North Trail then Appalachian Trail back to Woodpecker put us somewhere just over 5 miles.

I hike this a few times each years. Stunning in the fall and the gorgeous greens in the spring are worth the climb. Week day early evenings aren't too busy but weekends get crowded. Typical PA rocks on the trail and some of the climb can get steep at parts. Totally worth the views, fresh air and wildlife. Make sure you check for ticks as I've found a few after this trail. Mostly shaded by trees which is nice and keeps it cooler in the summer.

I am typically very happy with All Trails and their evaluations of trails. Sometimes the mileage may be off a little, or something is a bit harder than anticipated, but this basically sets you up for failure. Well in my case left me ill prepared and coming off an unfamiliar mountain by myself at 9pm.

I’m an avid hiker, as are my two trusty Pomeranians and we’ve done our share of hikes (of varying difficulty) to be able to estimate an appropriate amount of time needed to complete a 2.5 mile moderate hike. Well error 1, it’s a 3.5 mile hike. Minor set back, had time to spare, no biggie. Until...

Error 2, they fail to mention that the entire first 1.25 miles is a straight shot up rocks. Literally needed my hands to hoist myself up to the next rock on more than one occasion... and they seemed never ending. Needless to say, my Poms needed some serious assistance.

Rock climbing and shuffles are fine for some people, but I’m not about that life.... especially without warning!

So to ensure no one else finds themselves in my unfortunate predicament, fair warning, it looks like there will be a little bit of climbing/scrambling involved.... there’s a lot!

(Low score based more on experience/expectations than trail quality)

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