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Good moderate hike with well marked routes. You also can make it an 8.3 mi hike with a small extension of the trail.

Nice trail! We took our small dog and had no troubles. the trails are marked well at the creek crossings. as I go along the trail you will creeks, a small water fall (that is a perfect place to take break.), and the trail goes along the bluffs at one point.

we really enjoyed this hike. we went on July 23. it's very pretty, lots of creeksnand streams both big and small. there is a pretty waterfall about halfway through. you do have to cross water multiple times, there is rocks at all the crossing to walk on but there's a good possibility of getting your feet wet. at the waterfall half way through there Is a trail following the creeks that you can take to get closer to it. can be a little steep but the terrain isn't bad. we had a fun time on this hike.

Wonderful trail. My family of 7 loved it including my 4 year old. Good elevation change and lots of beautiful views.

7.21.2018. We went left at trail head; much preferred. The beginning 1/2 mile was quite rocky, and many roots, felt like walking through dry creek bed, we almost turned back! Many narrow areas with light vegetation overgrowth. Three to four creek crossings practically dry this time of year. We brought our standard and toy poodles, sprayed Sargent tick and flee spray and they seem fine after. We used deep woods off, three hikers, no ticks!

So rest of hike was quite nice, sandstones, limestones, along most of trail, wild flowers, ferns, butterflies, some open fields (1/4 of trail?) Most of trail quite pleasant, canopy tree lined, wide path.

Nice trail. Should be fairly easy for everyone

Great little trail along the Missouri river. The Lewis trail is shorter than the Clark trail. You can do one or both but they can be easily done in a day. Good for children and pets but be warned, bring Bug Spray because the mosquitos get very thick in areas.

Good trail with a couple of places where you get a nice view of the river.

trail running
2 months ago

Easy trail. Only saw two people on a weekday morning. Very well marked. Easy parking.

First time here today and using this app! The trail was amazing! I finished a little over an hour and a half. Beautiful views a doe ran about 20 feet in front of me across the trail! Perfect spot to train with alot of ups and downs! Wear tons of bug spray!

This was a longer challenging hike for me and my 10yr old daughter. Parts of the trail were overgrown so hopefully we don’t get poison oak! Overall, it was beautiful and so close it home!

Tried to hike it but there was no clear path and it was confusing where it started. It was all over grown and poison ivy everywhere.

My go-to trail. Hike here a lot. Take it to the right/counter clockwise...saves all the little water falls n streams to the end. Lots of wildflowers and butterflies. Pretty icicles in the winter on the srreams.

This trail was a really nice hike! Definitely bring your bug spray but other than that we had a great time!

2 months ago

The trails you know and love are still here! You just have to get to them. Come hike them! At first I thought they ruined the trails. They didn’t. The people who said they ripped the trails out are mistaken. They did not rip them out. They are both still nestled in the woods where they were. The other reviewer that said this is not the place for natural trails is also mistaken. Take the lower trail head to just last the cave. On the left there is a drain, before the bridge, the trail starts there. You can also find it in a few other places along the paved path.

Beautiful trail! Lots of flowers, creatures, and views of the creek. I do not suggest bringing young children unless you plan to carry them 3/4 the trail, though. Not kid friendly.

2 months ago

Please come home these trails again! We need to hike it before they over grow. I would recommend parking at the lower trail head. I made the mistake of parking at the upper. It’s a hot walk back up. Park at the lower trail head and stick to the path. Once you pass the cave and before you hit the bridge, you will see a drain to your left. There starts the path to the inner and outer trails. Wear bug spray!

Scenic views overlooking the Big River from the bluff overhangs, well beaten path, beautiful vegetation.

Absolutely beautiful scenery, the creek has many mini waterfalls, the water is crystal clear. Rocks on the path are slippery but have small paths to navigate around them.

3 months ago

I absolutely loved this trail! We just hiked the full trail over the weekend and I'm glad we went when we did. The spring wildflowers were in full bloom all along the path. Although my favorite part was at the bottom of the 1000 Steps junction where all the violets and bluebells covered the ground. This is one I will definitely hike again.

This is a good trail, not too long for an afternoon hike. A bit rocky in places, but well maintained and well marked. Definitely worth the drive to St. Francois State Park.

3 months ago

Very pretty! It's spring so everything is bright green and bushy. The river is up due to recent rains, so we couldn't take a dip, but it was still great. We took the route that goes to the left of the fork, which takes your through most of the inclines first and brings you around by the river the second half, if seemed to work out well bc we got thw tiring part out of the way early.
The huge sinkhole was pretty cool, I was able to toss a rock in to hear how deep it was.

Beautiful area, babbling rocky brooks tumbling over rocky shelves.. the trails can be a little tedious but fun.

This is one of my favorite trail systems in the area that I can get to quickly from my house. You can kind of get it all here, for Missouri anyway. Right off the bat you quickly hit a nice, scenic Missouri River view, and as you continue along the bluff there are multiple spots for stopping at lookouts. I usually take a 20-30 lb. pack and use this area for training, you get some steady, steep inclines out here that will knock the wind out of you and get your heart rate up. This highlighted Clark loop is usually busier than the extended Lewis loop trail.

A couple of things to note, at certain times of year the mosquitos can be absolutely abysmal. I've been here when it's really just impossible to stop moving, and you can see a literal cloud of them chasing you, like little buzzing, blood-lusting zombies. Coming prepared with deet spray and a mosquito net, long pants and sleeves is a requirement.

This trail does have potential to get muddy at times, so be prepared for that as well after it rains.

The trail is beautiful and well maintained. Not too crowded (Sunday afternoon on sunny 66 degree day). Hilly, rocky, and certain parts require you to cross the stream to continue the trail (not a lot of rocks/shallow points so expect to get your feet wet!), making it an active walk.

Superb walkways, beautiful scenery... if you are looking for natural trails this is not the place.

There was a lot of trash, beer cans and broken glass of you follow the creek bed. Pretty big hills to walk up but quite.

4 months ago

I took my dog hiking on a Tuesday here and didn't see another person on the trail the entire 6.4 miles we were out. It's very peaceful (aside from a small section near the roads) and there is a nice mix between wooded and open areas. There are also a couple spots that offer nice views. I finished the 6.4 miles in 3.5 hours and I'm a bit out of shape so I'm confident anyone can complete this hike. There are some rocky areas but they weren't that bad. This park is very well kept and has clean facilities. The office staff were all very friendly as well.

nice place to go

trail running
5 months ago

Great short trail run loop. Definitely some rocky parts, but the trail is really beautiful with moderate elevation changes, creek crossings, and gorgeous views of the park. I met only one couple hiking on the trail, around sunset time. Can’t wait to run it again!

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