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5 days ago

My wife and I walked our dog here on a brisk 28 degree day. Parking in the scenic overlook lot and taking a right to lead us through some wooded areas, around the gathering areas with pavilions, past the dam and beaches was boring. Once we got past the beach area the trail turned into a much better walk than it had started filled with wooded areas, tighter trails and plenty of sites. My GPS only tallied 3.7 miles but I would recommend this to anyone as it was an easier trail with minimal ascents and descents to be concerned about.

10 days ago

My go-to nearby hiking spot, wooded (keep in mind bugs and mud depending on weather) with large pond. Not difficult but hills for some challenge. Separate horse and mountain biking paths clearly marked. Roots and stumps so watch your feet. Not typically too crowded except midday summer weekends or if events at park, ran into a bunch of photographer traffic last Fall trying to take advantage of scenery. State park, need recreation pass or pay daily charge.

Love this local trail

Great trail to get the blood flowing, 32 degrees with a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground. Perfect

19 days ago

Love this trail

Good mild elevations and the river scenery was nice.

21 days ago

Very nice trail. Was dry even though it had just rained earlier in the day. Beautiful and scenic but yet still challenging to anyone looking for a good walk or run.

Dec 17, 2018:
There are a number of spots to begin this hodge podge of trails connecting to form a loop around Big Seven Lake; I chose to park at the overlook and went clockwise. Trail is well marked, for the most part, and plenty muddy. Nice hike overall.

Small but nice

Enjoyable trail.

nice trail that's popular but not widened. hills and views of the Huron, and lovely fall colors. unfortunately lots of dogs off leash which my dog doesn't do well with.

Not a bad hike. More popular for bikers.

Fun and challenging!


on Crooked Lake Trail

2 months ago

Nice trail. It was even dry considering all the rain we have had lately. All of the bikers I encountered were going their posted direction, so there wasn’t any surprises. Definitely going back.

great trail. watch out for the bikers

trail running
2 months ago

I have ran the trail a couple times and really enjoy it, the most difficult trail you will find in southeastern Michigan. Mountain bikes travel in the opposite direction, so you have to keep your eye out for them. I try to get out there early, but still come across a dozen bikers on the weekend.

Get out to the Arb now - just hitting peak color. Probably have a week left. Was out to shoot some pictures this morning and the colors are really coming in. Get off the main trail onto the secondary trails to be immersed in gold and yellow. Posted new trail photos here, more on my website johnmetzler.smugmug.com

really beautiful scenery. more challenging of a hike for a beginner but very good to work on elevations and uneven terrain. mosquitoes were a little bad but not unbearable considering we didn't wear bug spray. a good hike. We messed up and missed the spot to get back on the trail and followed the road too lon g so our hike was only 3.6 miles.

3 months ago

I’ve passed by Maybury State Park more times then I could count but this is my first time actually going there.
The trail was good. Especially for me being 53 and out of shape. I wore a 20 lb rucksack while I was hiking and had my dog with me.
There are some decent rises and falls to the trail. Enough to make it challenging but not too challenging.
I recommend this trail highly.
Keep an eye on the trail because roots are prevalent and you need to watch out for them. Also there were some muddy spots but I didn’t mind.
Will be going back.

The Lakeview part of this trail is an ugly 1.3 mile loop that would benefit from a controlled burn, or maybe an uncontrolled one. Adding to the insult, getting there is a mile each way on an out-and-back that is part of the Waterloo-Pinckney (and is a nice trail, but boring the 2nd time through in a day). There is only one spot on the Lakeview Loop from which you actually get any views of the lake and that is about 0.2 miles from the start of the loop (when coming from the Discovery Center direction). Do yourself a favor - just go out to the lookout, see the lake, then go back to Waterloo-Pinckney and continue to wherever you were going; other parts of the Waterloo SRA woods are far prettier than what you'll miss around the Lakeview Loop. The only reason it doesn't get 1-star rating is the trail is well maintained and the Waterloo-Pinckney part is pretty woods.

Very nice and covered trail.
It's primarily a biking trail, so be ready for bikers while you are hiking. I won't say a very busy trail though. Good terrain, has that forest feel.
Will go back.

Highway noise and mosquitos

This is a great trail. I brought my 9 year old son who’s a 21st century digital boy. Definitely didn’t do the complete 17 miles but with the shortcuts and a few other tricks we made it out and had a great time. Both crooked lake and blind lake campsites are nice. And I loved the water pumps. We still used a sawyer water filter because ya never know. Mosquitos weren’t too bad but that’s probably because haven’t had rain in a week or so. We did have to move aside for about 15 mountain bikers along the way but we could always see them coming. I highly recommend this beautiful trail.

Nice trail , well marked. The first 2 miles is thick in the woods not much to see . The last half opens up and gets prettier especially around Pickerel Lake. Nice mix of inclines towards the end .

Easy and beautiful hiking! Nice rolling hills.

4 months ago

beautiful trails. great walk. only downfall is having to pay to hike there. should mention its not free unless you have a state park pass.

4 months ago

Thank you note to the park rangers who they went of their way to come in and help evacuate one of my friend hiker when she felt sick . I lead hike every weekend almost on this trail. It is one of the most amazing trail in the area .

mountain biking
4 months ago

This is a harder “moderate trail. Lots of climbs and sharp turns to keep you on your toes and out of your seat.

4 months ago

Great trails and a ton of fun

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