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Angeles NF Map
9 days ago

One of the best hikes I’ve been on in a while.

one exciting trail

Good trail but campground is overcrowded and overtrafficked. Lot of mountain bikers barreling through. Enjoy the day hike to Wilson. Water status unknown as of today. Will try to post an update on Sunday.

1 month ago

This is a hard hike, but very doable for the seasoned hiker. I don't recommend it to the casual hiker.

It's not exceptionally difficult in terms of stats (I recorded 9 miles with gain 3,400 feet elevation gain). What really makes it difficult is that it's a "rollercoaster hike" (up, down, up, down, up, down -- in that order). Also, the scramble to the summit gains about 1,000 feet in under a mile. It's one of the steepest scrambles I've done outside of Smith Mountain.

I saved about a quarter mile by parking at the small paved area south of the main lot on the right hand side (west side) of the highway.

We do it the other way, we’re old. And we use a shuttle car down at Apple tree.
And we go from grassy...

Once you find the trail it’s nothing but awesomeness. Views, wildlife, limited foot traffic, and shade. Once you pass bear flats be prepared for an epic hike to baldy summit

Great hike. A bit steep the last 1/4 mile to the peak but well worth the effort.

3 months ago

Great hike. The difficulty rating comes from the fact that you're climbing and descending 3 times and the last mile or so up twin peaks is pretty steep. At this point the trail is pretty loose/sandy/gravelly. I lost the trail for a bit on the way up, but there were cairns (rock stacks) to guide me. Much easier to follow on the way down. It took me about 6.5 hrs including a few longer breaks for lunch and enjoying the views (an awesome amount of great views). Overall the trail is probably 75% shaded which was great!

Operation on Target - 2018. We used this Peak to signal other mountain tops using mirrors. I have never sweated so much. We didn’t ride the ski lift. It was operating on our way back. Views were great. We saw the tops of Cucamonga, Bighorn , and Ontario Peak. Started at 5:45am and reached the top at 9:05am. Great hike!

Great final peak to this at Thunder Mountain. Very remote with incredible views

4 months ago

Por el día el clima estuvo increiblemente perfecto soleado y por la noche fresco. Para aquellos amantes de la naturaleza hay mucha fauna y flora, ahora todo esta verde y con flores. En mi caso traía una mochila con con equipo para acampar, provisiones y agua lo cual hizo mas pesado y cansado todo.  El plan dormir en la punta de la cima y al día siguiente regresar. Recomiendo llevar repelente mucho mosquito!  palos de apoyo para hike hay partes con terreno no confiable, es un sendero pesado y requiere condición física, personalmente hice varias paradas para disfrutar mi alrededor y tomar aliento, no llevaba prisa por  llegar a la cima pero cuando llegue sentí una satisfacción enorme me encantó la vista.
 Definitivamente el regreso fue mucho mas fácil pero aún asi tener precauciones especialmente en el descenso por toda la arena suelta y piedras pequeñas que hay en el camino.
Terminé muerta pero amé todo, sin dudarlo regreso!!!

5 months ago

This is such a beautiful trail despite the heavy traffic during the day and being so close to the city. Arrived 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon with a friend to give him a taste of backpacking. Very few cars in the parking lot and only one other gentleman with cooler heading down to a cabin for the weekend. After a quick detour to Sturtevant Falls we head up the upper trail where we see our last person hiking down the mountain. Beautiful views of the canyon and a few spots where I get signal to text my family where I am. As we approach Cascade Picnic I am left without signal and daylight fades quickly through the dense foliage. We end up hiking in the dark since my friend was having a hard time walking up with his pack. Just as I start getting uneasy about hiking in the dark.. the wind brings a familiar smell.. smoke from a campfire. We get to the campground and its basically all our with one a couple up towards the end of the 6 campsites. I quickly set up camp and collect wood to for a small campfire. The sound of insects and a stream puts me to sleep. The next morning I wake up early to the rhythmic pattering of the early morning trail runners. Soon after a parade of early bird hikers, runners, and their dogs stroll on by consistently.

This is a gorgeous place to test out new backpacking gear or simply feel like you are further Way from the city than you really are. You will run into a lot of traffic on the way down the mountain depending on time you leave so prepare to make way through the narrow sections of the trail.

Wonderful hike that spans several trail junctures. Started at Lake Jackson and followed the Jackson Lake Trail for roughly two miles. Trail is well used and easy to follow as sections used to be old forestry roads. Elevation is gained at an even pace with plenty of scenery to view. This portion offers majestic views of the Mojave Desert and the lake once you climb high enough. The trail ends at the PCT. From here, follow the trail to the right. This section of the PCT runs along the ridge like just below Jackson Flat Campground and will ultimately intersect the Baden-Powell parking lot. Sections of this trail are steep but well trafficked. Once reaching the parking area, there are several options that can be taken. This map is for Vincent’s Cabin, however I decided to walk a little farther and went to the Big Horn mine instead for a little more of a challenge. This made my total trip 12 miles. You may also choose Baden-Powell or Big Rock Creek if feeling adventurous. Just make sure you bring enough water and allow enough time. The return trip was a little strenuous as I worked my way back up the PCT until I reached the ridge again. From there everything evened out as the PCT is fairly flat in this section. After finding the Jackson Lake Trail, I started my decent back to the lake an my vehicle. Overall, well worth the adventure and added a lot more challenge to one of my favorite hikes.

Interesting hike today - was relaxing at Bear Flats when a deer stopped by. After deciding I wasn't a threat, the deer proceeded to graze all around me for about 10 minutes before deciding to move on. Made for an awesome morning on the Old Baldy Trail.

Really light traffic today. Saw 1 person on the way up and 1 on the way down.
Great hike to get the blood pumping. Lots of shade and some good views from the switchbacks. Plenty of Bird life.
Up in 60min.

Great hike with beautiful views. We made sure to go to both peaks since the trail doesn't go all the way to Thunder Mountain peak. There is an elevation sign there right near the top of the slope and it's a great place for pictures. I was having a rough day so it was a little harder for me then usual, but for my sis it was a breeze. We clocked it at a little over 13 miles.

Incredible view, definitely almost 12 miles not 8.8, and the climb up to twin peaks is a scramble... sometimes climbing up an upward beach, but well worth how strong you feel at the end and the way the sun feels on your skin. And DAT VIEW. Wow. Also not so many people!!

Never disappointed with any of the trails in this area. Parking is a nightmare get there warily, or Uber, pack station has WiFi.

Such a gorgeous, clean, & enjoyable hike! Great for a family and even the dog. The trail follows the trickling creek most of the way. Keep an eye out for icicles and frost around winter. There are great look out points once you round the sunny side of the mountain. Curve back around the shaded side (creek side) and follow the trail up to Bear Flats. It is uninspiring without a view, but it’s a great shaded area to rest and have some lunch. The hollow tree is interesting. Took me about 2.25 hrs with slow pace and plenty of stops to enjoy the woods.

Awesome climb! Quite beautiful and well worth the day.

Somewhat steep, mostly uphill, very narrow at times. Excellent workout and the campground is so pleasant to rest and snack!

Came to check out Spruce Grove Camp for for a future overnight trip. Great, moderate hike that is easy to navigate & has Mother Nature's beauty all around. There was good amount of water in the stream multiple waterfalls & water crossings. Camp is awesome, about 5-6 sites, fire pits, picnic tables & tools (buckets, rake, shovel) just wish people would have more respect for Mother Nature and the outdoors with the graffiti. Oh there is a fork on this trail which allows you to decide upper/lower, took the right fork in and came out the other side to check it out, they seemed to be pretty equal, just a difference in views!

This is a beautiful trail and quite a workout. Great way to start the new year.

10 months ago

12/27/17 Did the loop that included Twin Peaks East and Waterman. Headed to Twin Peaks East first followed by Waterman. This hike was hard/ strenuous. Perfect weather no snow.
Start of the hike gradual ascent and decent to the saddle of Twin Peaks. It was a step climb up and down not as bad as I thought it would be for Twin Peaks, Would say it's a class 2. With small patches of being very steep and loose ground I would place it as class 3 in those areas. after you have completed Twin Peaks East and head to the saddle going up to Waterman for me that's when I started to feel tired in my legs I feel that The Descent down Twin Peaks was the cause would recommend to condition your legs before attempting this hike. the way up to Waterman Peak there is no official Peak or register. Lots of fire roads The Descent down Waterman was very gradual I would place it as a Class 1 some people would argue maybe a Class 2 because of the incline or decline. Fun hike if you're into a challenge. would like to head back and attempt West Twin Peak trying to find some up-to-date YouTube videos or blogs/ review of Twin Peaks West.

This hike was beautiful it’s almost completely shaded. I went during the week of the fires so I only saw one group of bikers and 2 hikers. Very relaxing and easy .. the only hard part was that .6 hike up to the parking lot area. We had lunch at the campground which we missed because it didn’t look like a campground .. it’s a group of scattered cabins and some picnic tables. I will do this one again.

Beautiful, well maintained trail with multiple terrains - it is a little confusing to find as you need to walk up a road through a private neighborhood to find the trailhead. Once you reach the meadow, would recommend going about .5-1 mile further, the views are worth it. There are tiny waterfalls, streams, red woods, and stunning canyons and mountains.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

We really enjoyed this hike. Because it was really hot this one is great since it's all shaded.
We did almost 9 miles (but we walked off the path for a little while, not that smart). We saw a lot, really a lot, of squirrels and a woodpecker.
From the parking lot the first start of the trail is downwards. So since this is an out and back trail you need to do this upwards at your end of the trail. But after all, this last part was easier than we thought it would be.

We will do this one again some time.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hike was difficult, but i am a beginning hiker. Get there before 7 am for good parking, lots of bugs so bring mosquito net and bug spray. Lots of shade, was originally trying to hike up to the observatory but turned back early.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Great trail. Lots of shade and very pretty. Last half to the camp was the hardest. We filtered all our water and streams were accessible at numerous spots. Camp ground itself has about 7 developed sites. We picked a makeshift one that was off the trail a bit more. Deer came into the camp site/ground a couple times.
Were were surprised that we didn't really hear any animals around at night. However the next day we hiked back down the mt Zion trail and while we were taking a break at hogees camp we encounter a young looking bear. Little too close for comfort and we knew it was possible but i definitely was going at a faster pace after that!
Parking as all say is challenging. We got there on a Saturday at about 1130-12 and took about 15 minutes circling the lot but we scored a spot.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What a beautiful place! On a Monday the parking lot filled up by 7:30. Come earlier than 7 to claim a spot! Adventure pass required.

From the parking lot I traced 8 miles in and out. There's many points of interest on this trail. Many small cascades, overlooks, and creek that follows you most of the way through. The terrain will morph back and forth and makes for a great workout. This mapping guides you to Sturtevant Falls as well. Mid summer season it is down to almost a dribble, but still pretty!

My biggest problem are the insects and with it goes one star. Bug repellent barely works. Brings a handkerchief or something else to cover your face. They try to get into all available orifices!!

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