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20 hours ago

Great hike, found a trail that brought us down to the lake! Beautiful!

Rocky path in parts. great trail!

Good trail, swinging bridge and overlook rock are interesting. Good hike.

2 days ago

not as easy as it describes. some area you will have to jump from one rock to the other. overall it a great trail

11 days ago

I enjoyed the walk a great deal. Flurries this morning gave a nice dusting to the trail and the scenery. Lots of geese on the lake.

I’d definitely rate this as hard if you do the full loop, though it’s also pretty balanced. Went during the late winter and it was a good hike. Not much reward at the end, but instead the majority of the hike as great views, and lots of wildlife! I saw two snakes!
I’d definitely make sure you’re in shape and/or well hydrated before doing this trail, as the incline can get pretty intense at times.

Wouldn’t recommend in the summer unless you’re just really hardcore.

15 days ago

This was a fun hike, but I feel like the easy rating is a bit misleading. I took my dogs and there were several times where you had to jump from one rock to another and my boxer was not a fan! At one point I had to climb in the space between the rocks and lift him over because he absolutely refused to jump the space on his own.

16 days ago

Great little trail with a few hidden gems. This trail can be very challenging in Spring or Winter when water levels are up. There are a few Creek crossings depending on how far you go and if you seek the lesser known Kiner Falls or Logger Falls. Overall great scenery with high chance of seeing a deer and maybe a black bear.

Such a nice hike...it was a muggy day, but when you get to the cave, it really cools you off. I really enjoyed the hike.

Excellent trail in winter months but very muddy in areas. Beautiful views of the lake for much of the trail. You can hike down to the water in places though the trail does not lead to the water. multiple climbs. can be strenuous at times..just take a break. very beautiful and worth it. great park. friendly staff .

Good trail! I went in the winter months so there wasn’t much vegetation. It has been raining a lot so the trail was very muddy but doable. There were some fallen trees on the trail which I thought added to the experience and were several places with good views, especially when you do the Merritt Ridge trail (you basically scale a mountain.) I did this with my pup and we were able to do it in about 3 hours but we ran probably a mile of it so wouldn’t go in the afternoon, just in case you need some breaks. There’s a hunting area on the trail but I didn’t see anyone out there. Actually quite peaceful and it looked like it had been several days since the last person hiked it.

For a local park, it's a great place to hike with the pups. Also fun for a trail run...

Good trail with nice views!

solid hike with a nice rewarding view and a cool cave at the end. undulates quite a bit so you never get a solid feeling of an "uphill vs downhill" cave closed 11/1-5/1 if that is part of your consideration.

Great little hike. we brought the dog and she loved it. The bikers live this trail and connecting trails. Lots of beautiful pines, Moss, and rocks. Kinda reminds you of something you would see in the west.

This is an easy little stroll. We took our 17 month old and let him walk mostly on his own (some areas we picked him up or made him hold our hand when close to drops or over larger rocks). Otherwise, a quick easy hike with about 3 main rock formations.

Be ready for rock hopping with interesting rock formations. Would call this hike a little more demanding than easy due to having to jump gaps.

The trail has improved over the years. It is well maintained and is a great trail for beginners. There are 2 spots on the main trail going towards the waterfall that are steep for those that may have trouble with walking up, but besides that it's an amazing and beautiful location. Also great for Dogs as long as you keep them on a leash they are allowed. If you're wanting to see the waterfall at its best go a day or two after a good rainfall.

2 months ago

First this review is from the perspective of a ametaur landscape photographer looking good places for photography. Pioneer Trail was an easy hike that many people will enjoy, but there's really nothing special about the terrain that would recommend it as a "stand out" location for photography.

It's not the trail is ugly, it's just that you can find similar terrain in just about any woodlands east of the Mississippi. There's no special or standout location.

If you live close to Crossville, TN then by all means go. If you're making a special trip or coming from a long distance to do landscape photography , you'd be better off spending the extra time going to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Smoky Mountains.

Finally got back around to this place. Last time, it was spider city. Coming back in winter was a good call.

The first mile or so of the Millennium Loop will leave you thinking this trail was rated wrong. Then you get to Merritt Ridge.

I won't say this is the most brutal trail I've been on, but I will say that there were times when I had to stop and catch my breath. It was freezing, and the views were all the better for the lack of leaves. Worth the long drive for me. One less hard rated trail on my list.

Nice local easy day trail. Not much to see besides a nice stream. Average day hike. Well maintained.

loved this trail. went with a friend. the end view is worth it

Have been doing this trail for many years. Nicely maintained !!! New configuration of trail much better than that from the late 80's. Cave at the end of the trail is easy if equipped right (3 sources of light and helmet) if only one light just poke around in the twilight of one of the three entrances. Lower entrance is among the most impressive in the state !!

3 months ago

Well maintained trail, great hike for family and dogs. Waterfall is very dependent on rainfall. May try to go back after a good rain.

This is a fun, interesting loop trail with woods, a stream, lots of rock formations and a few sinkholes. We hiked it in December; I can imagine it would be extra pretty in Spring.

3 months ago

Easy stroll. Quiet. Lovely woods.

on Jones Mill

mountain biking
3 months ago

Haven’t been in years. But heard about new trails that are being added. Spiced things up a bit. Lots of fun. Jones Mill is the first trail I learned to bike on years back. Good all around trail.

3 months ago

easy trail... it seems to be over before you know it..

One of my favorites, although you may encounter a lot of spiders

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