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8 days ago

Beautiful waterfall, a bit muddy on the way but worth it once you get there!

Really nice hike with the running water through the caves!

Great walk. Beautiful day so it was busy. Easy walk for anyone.

14 days ago

This is a fun, easy hike that's especially good in the warmer months. Lots of rhododendron and other evergreens give it a "jungle" feel.

18 days ago

It's pate December and snow has melted which makes the trail 2x as hard than normal. There is A LOT of mud and slipping is almost inevitable. The creek was up getting to the waterfall so it's better to balance on the fallen tree across the creek.

Soft and slightly muddy all the way to the connector trail, but not bad after that. A couple of good views but not much to see other than that. There is virtually no flat on this thing, it is all uphill or down. Also it had the most coyote scat I've ever seen on a single hike by a wide margin. Maybe a world record.

19 days ago

This is the probably the easiest mountain biking trail in the Nashville area but it’s also one of the most scenic. Really beautiful dense forest sections and some great views of Percy Priest. Also I believe if you do the longest loop (follow the Orange markers) it is closer to 6 miles. It’s pretty flat, so you can knock out this pretty trail in under an hour pretty easily which is a plus when you are as busy as I am.

Nice hike and dog friendly. At one point the trail takes you out to a power line road and instinct is to cross the road but you’ll want to loop back into the forest since across the way is private property.

23 days ago

I have read some of the other reviews that say this is not an easy trail... I would have to disagree. To me this trail is very easy. I took one pup in my back pack (senior citizen) and my chubby dachshund on leash and we all did just fine. The trail was rocky and had some areas where you have to watch your footing or kids or pets they could fall into a hole as you are walking on top of rocks. I will admit I somehow missed a sign and ended up on the rock ledge by the interstate confused as hell. I turned around and found my markers. I combined this with a couple of the other trails to make a good morning hike. This is more of a leisure hike that is fairly flat. Not a bad place by any means but I prefer some change in elevation

Great hike, the ground was mushy in more than a few places. We did not see another person the entire 8 miles. The weather was a perfect 40 degrees.

A wonderful trail for dogs. Not to hard and very pretty.

Nice less traveled trail with a lot of elevation changes which at times are very steep. I suggest Spring winter or fall as it gets a bit overgrown in the summer, although if warm enough there is a great place to swim in Center Hill lake about 3.5 miles in as you turn to start back. Just make your way down to the rocks on the lake 15 yards from the trail. Also nice half way point to have lunch.
Wildflowers are beautiful in the Spring.
This is not a beginner trail run or hike. Runs more like 10 miles but is a blast to run.

Short trail built by the boy scouts. It was more interesting than I thought it would be. It passes by several sinkholes.

2 months ago

such a great hike. challenging in some areas for sure. well marked. Red trail was great and heard the white trail is the most challenging.

Great little trail with gorgeous views at/near the top. We took our dog and our 2&3 year old. They are little climbers and did great but the trail is very thin for a good portion of it and 99% the bikers are flying down hill not yielding to pedestrians as the sign says they are supposed to so we had to yank my girls off the trail several times(with no apologies by the bikers) and they were scared of bikers by the end of it. I would do this again alone because of the view and hike but without the kids and dog because the bikers make it dangerous.

Not hard, moderate at best. No hard climbs, but a few of them add up. First one on the trail at 9:30 on a Sunday morning, lightly trafficked is accurate. I went after the leaves fell, so lots of crunching underfoot. I can see how it would be difficult after a solid rain, it was dry on my venture. No access to the lake unless you trailblaze a bit on your own. Different topography hiking along the ridge, but lots of time in the forest with not much to see. Lake is very pretty, but you’re never real close to it unless you go off trail.

I didn't care for the trail. Too narrow of a trail, either pulling my dog behind me or he is pulling me out front. The gravel and bigger rocks were clunky and somewhat annoying. The trail meanders sometimes close to the lake, but then immediately takes you away from it. Just a couple of nice views, but other than that a fairly uninteresting hike.

2 months ago

Great trail. Not “easy” though. It’s not extreme or difficult by any means, but definitely not easy.

Love all the trails at Barfield. We have hiked all the trails. Only thing is that the White Trail needs to be marked a little better and no way is the White Trail for the whole family. There’s quite a few rocks that you have to jump across with a fairly good distance between them. Other than that absolutely love it! The workers over at Barfield are friendly and helpful. Great job Barfield!

not that easy, but a great little hike in the middle of the city. dont miss it!

Nice hike!

Enjoyed the hike with my wife and our dog. I plan on going back to trail run it soon.

2 months ago

Beautiful weather for a hike with the family and dogs today

Great trail. Wife and I enjoyed very much. Only recommendation is the Rocky Trail, white colored tree markers need repainted badly. Got lost off trail a couple times but will definitely be back regardless.

Great shorter hike, beautiful views, great for kids just be aware that mountain bikers utilize this trail too.

3 months ago

Nice basic hike. Short and sweet. Pretty Falls.

Hiked this trail for probably the 5th time last Sunday. Main trail was great, but decided to take the lookout trail on the way back. Started it in the reverse direction. DO NOT DO THIS. The trail leading up to the lookout point is very overgrown and not frequently hiked. Trees down and grass up over my knees. Past the lookout spot down to the start of the trail was much better. People must go up to the lookout and go back the way the came. Lookout view is on of my favorites though.

Could use a freshening up on the markers. I did this at night so that was some of the problem. Really wouldn’t say this was an easy trail. Can’t wait to see it in the daylight!

Very photogenic hike. Can take it all the way into Bays Mountain Park 6 miles in.

The beginning of the trail is well marked and kept, but I decided to take the Merrit Ridge Trail to be near the lake; first part of trail was kept up, but after about a mile in the trail was overgrown.

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