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Just did this hike on 4/22/2018 and it was awesome! A bit muddy at the start with snow following after but no postholing. Would recommend trekking sticks and once we reached the ridge top it was covered in snow, but crunchy snow. Amazing views! I will be attempting this again later this summer. Round trip we knocked it out in 5 1/2 hours with multiple breaks for snacks and such.

7 days ago

We did this hike on 4/15 and we got stuck in snow that gave in under us, which wasn’t so fun. It was harder than we expected due to us breaking in snow to our hips and getting out of it, I’m an experienced hiker from Washington State and my friend’s from Chicago. I would do this hike again but prepare better for snow or come back in the summer.
Overall it’s a great hike with amazing views and I’d recommend it.

this trail was beautiful. I love that it starts on the beach and ends in the mountains! So far best trail in Alaska!

One of the coolest trails I've done in Alaska, spent the night sleeping by a Glacier with no other people around, pretty amazing. Did it mid-june, I'm sure it picks up more campers later in the season. The cost of the boat ride is well worth it!!

Gorgeous in winter!

24 days ago

We went up the backside from bear valley, and it was absolutely stunning. We all had ice spikes on our shoes which made it easier to climb, definitely wouldn’t have been able to if we didn’t have them with all the ice and snow.
Fun to slide down on the way back!

Super slippery today. I had micro spikes and they didn’t help much. Some parts of the trail still have deeper snow. Amazing views. Stay to the right when choosing the loop to ascend if you want a steadier climb.

This trail is amazing, the views are beyond words! Went today, a bit icey so coming down was challenging. Would recommend having snowshoes or grips, however if you’re careful good hiking boots will do the trick!!! Enjoy!

You definitely do not want to do this trail until the ice melts. I attempted to go today (3/23/18) however with the inclines it was pretty much impossible. Maybe if I had spikes on my shoes it would have been easier. I’ll be back because it was pretty.

Went there on January, it was snowing a lot, it got pretty hard, but amazing hike

Great trail to get a workout on

The view is phenomenal. Hike is hard, so it'd be better if one is physically active.
Carry good amount of food and water and avoid hiking in rain if you don't have proper supplies.

2 months ago

Hiked on 2-10-2018 for the first time. Just moved here from GA, no experience with hiking at all. This was our first hike here in Alaska.

It took my boyfriend and I about 3 hours to complete. We brought our 10 month old in the baby backpack. We kept a nice slow pace, pushing through a couple times on the steeper parts. Weather was nice, however the sun was not out this day. Once we got about 100 yards to the summit I decided to hang back on the rocks with baby. Basically 2 options to the summit - fresh deep snow or rock scrambling. I was not comfortable with either. Boyfriend did reach the top. It started snowing and was quite foggy at this point. Still a beautiful experience. We wore our micro spikes for extra traction - not much ice at all. However we found ourselves wishing we had trekking poles. Met 5 pairs of hikers along the way, 3 of those brought their dogs along. It was a great time.

2 months ago

don't go in the winter it sucks....everything is groomed for skiing

Hiked 1/21. Lots of snow, trail splits off at one point where you follow the main trail or just a track of footsteps, but both will get you there. A lot of post holing. Easier if you’ve been to the lakes and know where they are.

easy with great wildlife viewing opportunities

3 months ago

Loved this trail. Hiked it a couple years ago on 4th of July weekend. A bit steep and slippery for the first mile or so but flattened out some after that for the majority of the hike. It alternates between a couple steeper climbs and slow steady climbs at the summit and the slopes down to the lake. The summit of the trail is the high point in a valley with amazing peaks surrounding the entire lake. The views to the north were cloudy as there was a rainstorm that way but to the south, it was clear and blue and amazing. You could see all the way out to the ocean in Seward. It was quite crowded as it was a holiday weekend but very few people were camped. Most go up and down or up Lost Lake and take Primrose Trail down. I went up and down Lost Lake. I had a blast hiking the trail. Definitely take food, water, and an emergency shelter but you don’t really need that much gear. A trekking pole was useful but not necessary. I looked like a fool hiking with my full pack. I was testing gear for my thru hike of the PCT. Good trail to do it on. Long enough to get a good days work out of it but short enough that you could come right down if you needed to leave or had gear failure. I started up at noon and got to the lake around 7. Hiked a leisurely pace and stopped a lot to take pictures.

great hike , a lot snow , some parts icy but I general great hike and the view amazing!!

It’s a nice trail..tons of berries and gorgeous landscape

Astounding views

4 months ago

Wonderful trail with great views. a little bear activity on the trail but no issues. This is a must do if you are in the area.

4 months ago

Yes, this is in my top 10 of all time favorites, words can't explain.

4 months ago

Great Hike with great views of Denali on a clear day, the top had a little rock scrambling. Some young GIs had climbed the same day to change out the american flag.

nice steady climb. scenic views overlooking anchorage and fire Island. watch for loose rocks towards the end.

Hiked this trail in June of 2015, not too difficult but pretty steep as you near the top, and looser rocks too. It was a nice hike and offered a good view of Anchorage.

stunning views. easy trail to walk, run, hike or even bike

Foggy the whole time!! Got a peek of the mountains near the air strip. Will need to come back on a clear day . Very easy just long.

5 months ago

I did the Summer trail up and back, even though it's winter, because they say that one is a little bit shorter, sounds good to me, was going to come back the winter trail but I couldn't see anything with all the snow on the ground and didn't want to get lost like I did last year on another trail, so I played it safe an went back on the same one. Plus there wasn't another soul who did the trail that day even though it was a Saturday except for some people who did the Summer trail up and looked like they went to the cabin. So, you start out this trail in the beautiful green mossy forest right by a stream the whole way, with a water fall here and there. Looks like people like to walk their bikes up and ride them back down because there were a bunch of tire marks in there. Doesn't seem like it would be worth it to me but to each their own. Before too long, the trees mostly go away and you're walking along kind of a brownsih muddy hill side, although there are two clumps of trees as you go that would make great campsites, even better if they weren't so close to the trail though. Once you're done with that 2 miles or so, you're in kind of a valley area that is somewhat steep as you get closer and closer to the lost lake. This part is probably the prettiest when it isn't extremely cloudy, cold and foggy with very deep snow like it was for me, deep snow without any foot prints or anything. You'll eventually get to the lost lake , looks really really big and probably has some good fishing in there too. If it weren't around 15 degrees up there with super deep snow I might have walked all the way over to it, but I just got to where I could see it and then turned back on account of the conditions, my legs were killing me from walking through that deep snow. Luckily I was able to follow my footprints back, to see some kind of a canine animal or something had also used my footprints to make their walking less strenuous, there were these paw prints all over mine. Never did find him. So, this trail is probably great in the Summer time when you can see all the beautiful mountains all around you and if they aren't covered by fog like they were for me. Plus, it would be great to camp around that lake and explore some of the water falls and maybe even mountain peaks around the lake. Also, word on the street is that the cabin around there is very nice with a heater and everything. Supposedly you can also just keep on continuing right on past Lost Lake and end up back at the road, like 15 miles north of where your car is parked.

on Flattop Mountain Trail

5 months ago

great. snow there on the top of Mount.

We had done this in 2015 July and this remains the most beautiful hike I have done till date. It's tiring but the views are breathtaking!

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