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Anacortes, WA Map

We got a late start today so this hike/walk was a great fit into a dry, fall afternoon. I did download a park map but due to time (and never having down the trail system before) we utilized both the paved loop as well as the trails.

Hiked with two kids, aged 5 and 7, who had fun. They are experienced hikers so this was an easier outing for them.

Lots of lovely views and we even saw two black oyster catchers resting on rocks down by the water. A highlight!

27 days ago

Excellent views at the top and then drops into a tree dense hilly trail. Trail are very good workout.

Walked up the Erie Mountain Drive to trail 26 and took it. Branched off at trail 216 to go to the Mount Erie lookout. Walked the road all the way back down. Round trip, it was 5.7 km. Nice short hike. I'd say the trail is maybe moderate in difficulty..? We didn't have any trouble with it. Views from the top were incredible. We hit it on a sunny day with low-lying cloud below the lookout - just gorgeous!

Nice easy hike today with my dogs. Good fresh air and the views of the bay and farmland on the other side. 4.5 miles roundtrip. Park your car in designated parking next to the farm. No discovery pass needed. Bring extra layer or windbreaker if needed.

Nice loop hike. Parking lot was 1/2 full at noon on a weekday. Views are not spectacular but the the trek is interesting and very enjoyable. Trails are in good shape and well marked. Hike is relatively flat with enough elevation change to be aerobic. There are a few spots around the lake to have lunch. We added a diversion up to Sugarloaf which has a nice viewpoint, if you don't mind the extra elevation gain.

Also, it was very helpful to have the offline map, as there are lots of bisecting trails and it would be easy to divert from the trek without gps. (There are cell towers on Mt Erie, so online maps are probably available for much of the hike.) As noted, trail 247 (the South and West side of Mt Erie) is more bony than the rest of the hike.

2 months ago

I would do it again, but worth taking a longer loop and avoiding that road section. It’s pretty bad right where the road hugs the bank.

3 months ago

Great walk for the whole family. There is even a portapotty by the rv Park if someone needs to go. Lots of benchs along the way, placed in ideal locations for the best views.

3 months ago

We took a half of this trail. We parked the car on RV park, there is a parking place for walkers. This trail is super cool for inline skating, but I didnt see any. In our country is in line skating very popular and this trail would be full of people. We also saw a seals and from this trail you see the Baker mt. and the industrial park (rafinery). A star minus, you hear a noise from the road.

this is a great trail I trail run and it was well groomed not alot of roots and easy to follow.

mountain biking
4 months ago

The mountain biking is closer to moderate than easy but doable for our whole family and really fun! Warning...it’s a bit confusing following the trails but getting lost isn’t a big deal since it’s just a series of intertwining loops and connector trails. Anacortes bike shop has a detailed map (even though no one at the shop has actually mountain biked there). Cranberry lake is a beautiful little lake!

Uphill but paths are nicely maintained. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the Sugarloaf viewpoint.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I had some trouble finding where to start on this trail. Essentially, you start by a Porta Potty. I had to have the trail map open in this app to make sure I was in the right path, but once I got going it was pretty straight forward!

Hiking by a lake in the summer is ideal because I can take a dip while stopping for lunch. I would say go for it!

Took my daughter on this hike and it was doable for a 10-year old. The last part of the trail up to the top of Erie is a bit tricky for the less experienced. Also, as others have said, the trail system can be very confusing if you have not been on the trail before. Views were good, but not great because of smoke/haze.

trail running
4 months ago

As a beginner to running I found the hills challenging but the trail was paved and simple for me to follow. Great views.

Easy, plenty of places to wander! Beautiful views

road biking
4 months ago

Busy in the morning time. Super easy.

Great hike, but it can be a little confusing, there are many trails that lead off the main one. I started at the Whistle Lake p. lot at the info board. the trail start is a wide road. if you follow it straight, you end up at the lake, to get to the summit, you need to make a right at the wood out house, left at the map board and left again when the trail "t's", there's actually directional markers posted marking the way to the summit. it gets a bit steep after that, but we'll worth it. I recommend going early, I started at 9, very few people. Made it back down after noon and it was busy along the trail to the lake & no parking left.

A good little leg burner to a stunning views of West (Cascades) South (Mt Erie) and East (Islands and Olympic Peninsula). I’ve read it’s a 1000 feet elevation, and it’s fairly steep in some sections, but relatively do able for most people. Views from the top can’t be beat. Go at sunrise for epic light.

If you do this trail as drawn, you're doing it wrong. Just continue on the track a bit further until you see the sign for Kenny Oaks trail on the left and take that. It will take you along 204 which provides beautiful views of Whistle Lake. The marked trail is pretty boring until you get to the top of Mt Erie.

5 months ago

This is a flat easy trail. There is no protection from sun or wind. I felt baked even with 30 sunscreen 1 mile in. I recommend starting at the end and going the other way. There is parking at both trailheads.

Lots of elevation gain. Many options and view points.

Great views. Lots of cars today. We’d definitely go again.

6 months ago

Waaaaay to many people for me!

There is a nice view from the top making the uphill trek worth it.

6 months ago

Nice, easy relaxing hike. Clearly marked trails. Great view of the lake.

Hiked 1100 12May2018, Mothers Day. Very busy at thr top and at thr lower parking lot but quiet up the hill. Trail is always well maintained but can be a little confusing if you don't pay attention. We always just stay on 215 to 228 which should take you to the top. Its a pretty steep grade to the top if you're not in the best of shape but definitely doable. A decent amount of wildflowers but nothing crazy that i saw. Always a nice short hike with gorgeous views of the San Juans, Olympics and Cascades. highly recommended

I really enjoyed most parts of this hike. The only negative being how confusing some areas were. I’m glad I had this app to track myself because I’d probably still be lost in the woods somewhere. I started at the trailhead at 7 AM on a Wednesday and there was only one other car there. On the way down there still weren’t many people. I have a feeling this place gets crowded though, so get there early!

short to medium hike. Low to medium elevation gain. Not a particularly well marked trail but not hard to figure out. 3.5 star view point at the end.

7 months ago

There are difficult hikes in here as well as flat ground. Be sure to pick your trail wisely as there are about 30! The full hike around the lake usually takes a couple hours, it’s gorgeous!
There are smaller trails that can fill just twenty minutes as well.

7 months ago

Most of the trail is along a road but when you get to a viewpoint they’re pretty gorgeous. Also nice to have a playground at the parking lot to ensure we wore the 3-year-old out before driving back home.

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