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10 days ago

Nice quick hike with beautiful views of the valley.

Beautiful trail with some fantastic views along the way. The trail is easy to follow, some scrabbling but nothing technical. There is a fair amount of up and down so while it isn't technically difficult you'll definitely feel like you were out for a hike. Note that the mileage in the description for this section is off-- the Skinner Park to the Notch section is about 6.5 miles one way, so the out and back is more like 13 miles rather than 10.

super easy. be prepared for mud

3 months ago

Very beautiful scenery! Hard hike but sooooo worth the view and a great adventure to explore the outdoors! Love this trail! It’s challenging!

Super nice hike. Well marked trails. Most people are really dog friendly.

Excellent hike with great views of the Quabbin and surrounding areas.

Pretty hike with a nice view from the fire tower. Detour to Roaring Falls is well marked, plus a fun scramble on some impressive rock formations. The detour to the pond is worth it as well.

nature trips
4 months ago


Easy breezy

4 months ago

Nice ride

Great hike. Fairly well marked, though some of the trees with marks on them have fallen. The waterfall is not part of the loop, but is easy to find. The trails are well maintained but tend to be buggy and muddy so I reccomend wearing appropriate footwear.

Great walk for my dog. $5 parking fee at the entrance gate and there was LOTS of people.

nature trips
5 months ago

Such a neat little spot. Preserved foot prints on the bank of the Connecticut river.

The dinosaur tracks at this site were among the first to be scientifically described in 1836, and are still visible to visitors. Hundreds of tracks, which were made by as many as four distinct types of two-legged dinosaur, are present in the sandstone outcrops. Additional fossils that have been found at the site or nearby include invertebrate burrows, fish, and plants (including charcoalified logs and leaves). The parallel orientation of many of the dinosaur trackways was among the first lines of evidence used to support the novel theory that dinosaurs traveled in packs or groups.

Great hike. So picturesque. It can get a little challenging on the more natural paths on the way out but to me that’s the best part.
So many mushrooms on the trail today. Beautiful and varied.

5 months ago

Quabbin is visible through the trees, but no open view until the very end at the dike. BE CAREFUL OF TICKS! A hike of this trail on 7/29/2018 resulted in over a dozen ticks - check your clothes and shoes periodically if you plan to complete this route.

5 months ago

This trail by far is the best hiking trail in the Quabbin. The best part of the trail is the observation tower on Quabbin Hill. I like to bring food to picnic on that hill and to rest and really soak in the experience from there. It's a great way to spend a day in the Quabbin.

on Norwottuck Rail Trail

road biking
5 months ago

Such a beautiful trail. Nice and smooth and wide. Very well marked road crossings. Bike pull offs with benches. A couple nice ice cream and food places along the road in the Northampton section. We continues onto the Manhan section to Look Park in Florence. This trail was narrower and a rougher surface and no benches that we noticed. Look Park was beautiful. Our total ride was 31.1 miles round trip

Such a beautiful hike. I climbed up to the peak and it was definitely rewarding. I say “climbed” because I am short and it was rocky which meant I had to crawl up some rocky surfaces.

Love this trail! We started at Notch Visitor’s Center and went up to Mt Hitchcock before turning back. Lots of ups and downs, plus a tall staircase that seemingly appears out of nowhere. There are parts of the trail that seem almost enchanted. Bring plenty of water. Beautiful views.

6 months ago

Decided to go here as I hadn't walked the area in about 35 years. Found out there is an outer loop and a lakeside loop or shorter walk. The outer has some undulation on the trails and a little bit of elevation changes. Took about 45 minutes for the outer loop. The area has moderate traffic so expect to see a few people walking the area. There are also many other trails that branch out from this so take a brochure as you start the hike in case you want to extend your walk. The beginning is just to the left of the parking lot but it doesn't really say it's the starting area. It just is an area with a place to view the map and has a gate so start walking up and look for yellow blazes. It's really not that difficult and I would consider it an easy trail but on the higher end of that rating. Did the inner or lakeside loop afterwards and this starts next to the yellow blazed trail. Look to the left as you start walking up from the gated area and then stay close to the lake. The trails are really like something you'd see going to Disney. They put gravel down in spots so it's more like a walking on a sidewalk to start. You go over a nice footbridge and can check out some of the back of the lake if you want to walk down from the trail to the side of it.

Easy hike. There was a lot of bugs in July as mentioned in another comment. Looked like the spring had a lot of decent sized fish.

7 months ago

7 months ago

Quiet, serene, mild hike to beautiful falls. My dog loved it and you'd probably will, too. Good for kids, too. I recommend bringing some bug spray if you don't want to be swarmed and eaten alive by the skeeters!

This is a nice and scenic trail with a lot of ups and downs as you traverse the ridges once you summit Mount Holyoke (if you start in the west) and head east. The proximity of major roads means you hardly ever don't hear cars and the gun range near the Notch means a substantial portion of the hike may feature ongoing gunfire, which sort of detracts from the experience of being in nature. Still, it's a nice hike and the portion between Mount Holyoke and Bare Mountain is far less busy than the trails heading to those summits from Route 47 and Route 116, respectively.

loved it as a kid and thirty years later too

Fairly easy and short hike. Great view! Also dog friendly which is perfect for us!

did it for the first time, and I was great

8 months ago

A great trail to get some cardio on. Expect a steep incline for the first 2.5 miles and then a beautiful traverse with some small rock scrambles.

Great short hike with rewarding views!

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