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Incredibly crowded trail, we even went late in the day and it felt like walking around Frontierland in Disneyland. Paths are paved and easily accessible for small children and strollers, virtually anyone. This is a heavily trafficked trail by a lot of non-hikers in jeans and loafers, not a lot of trail etiquette, so pack your patience. Views are nice but hard to enjoy. Swimming is not allowed even though several parents were allowing their kids to swim or bathe, not sure which.

Sad to see so many recent reviews saying it's too crowded to enjoy. When I was there in June 2016 it was crowded at the lower pool but the middle and upper pools were nice and we were treated to the sight of some deer drinking from them. They weren't emerald colored though, I suppose from people trying to swim in them.

23 hours ago

another amazing trail only you can find in Zion!!...just love everything about Zion National Park. will go back for sure.

lovely walk with a nice view...best of the whole family with little kids. love this trail.

Nice paved trail. Takes some effort getting up but it’s totally worth it. It is a little colder at the top but so so beautiful. My husband proposed to me up there and it was a wonderful memory I’ll never forget!!

2 days ago

I hiked this back in 2015, before the wildfires. It was a pain in the butt but well worth the experience. Looking forward to hiking it again.

A lot of people on this hike

Awesome! We loved it! It’s cold up there and VERY windy so be prepared. Totally worth it though. With the paved path easy for the kids too!

An absolute blast with kids!!! Our girls are 6 and 9, they couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Renting dry gear is a must. Try to go early in the morning to avoid crowds.

A ton of people and the pools weren’t that great.

This hike is a lot of fun. Takes a couple of hours and involves a lot of rock scrambling. I wore my hiking boots and had no problems with slipping on rocks. The view at the end is amazing. A good activity to get away from the Strip for a few hours.

Different from many other trails in the park. Very rocky to start with. Lots of elevation changes. Nice payoff at the bald.

4 days ago

Pretty short and relatively easy hike. Starts to the left of the paved path up to Clingman’s Dome. The trail itself goes downward for the majority of the time until Andrew’s Bald, meaning you have to hike back up to the parking lot. Rocky trail with a decent amount of steps and some wood planks to use. Gorgeous less crowded view and pretty area.

Not really a trail. A steep short paved path up to the observation tower. A decent amount of people around and some AT-thru hikers starting in early April. A nice little shop and bathrooms by the large parking lot.

Wonderful view

beautiful view. step hike, but worth it

It was a difficult trail! But it was incredibly beautiful. Some of the changes in elevation we very steep. Coming down was much easier than the trek to the top. One you reach the top the view is breathtaking. It is also frightening. You can get claustrophobic pretty quickly. This one takes some endurance and patience.

This is a great trail overall and mostly moderate. I will say the actual .3 miles on the jump off trail are more on the strenous/hard side with steep ups and downs, but the view at the end is worth the hike up there. Definitely a must do while in the Smokies!

one of the best trails in tennessee. it has tough terrain and beautiful views

I wouldn’t call this a hiking trail by any means, I honestly wouldn’t have walked up if it weren’t for my significant other telling me how amazing it was. Granted the view from the top was amazing and there are real trails that lead up to the same place you can hike if you want the true experience, but honestly the crowds and actual trail makes me want to rate this as 1 star the view makes me want to rate this as 5.

Good hike, not quite breathtaking like others at Zion, but still a great hike along the river.

far and away our favorite hike of all National parks. Hiking poles are a great help along with neoprene socks, but all the other gear they try to sell you isn't necessary in my opinion. We bought $17 dollar water shoes from Wal-Mart that did the trick, so unless you expect to do alot of water hiking, cheaper can get the job done, plus you have something to keep as opposed to renting. be sure to go up about 2 miles to get to the better parts and begin to leave the masses behind.

W. L. I khave last l e

The Ice Box Canyon trail is a good versatile trail. It starts off easy and then the deeper you hike into the mountain it gets rockier and requires a bit of extra work. It is considered the "coldest" part of the Red Rock Canyon, especially coming out of winter into spring... bring with something warm. It is a beautiful experience being enveloped by the mountains on both sides.

It was fun. Definitely enjoyed all the great boulders. There was a bit of water trickling down into some small pools of water at the end which was a beautiful sight. I imagine there’s a greater flow after a good rainfall or during the cooler months.
The only downside is that the trail isn’t clearly as marked as I would have liked it to be. On the way back I ended up veering off into the ravine which was fun because of all the large boulders to climb on, up until I realized I needed to scale a steep hill with loose rocks to get back on track. Overall a good hike though. I’d do it again and I’d be more vigilant about trying to stay on the trail, but hopefully they’ll add more markings in the future.

Beautiful. at times challenging to find trail but we'll worth it

Great trail. Starts off with clear and wide path. Slight incline at the start but very comfortable with spectacular surroundings of mountains and Pine Trees. The start is an easy laid out path and then it curves to the right where the intensity of the hike picks up with good incline and elevation picking up. Trail is in good shape but you have to be careful as there are slippery rocks and loose rocks when reaching the part that goes up the side of the mountain. The caves and waterfall (during spring when the ice melts) is spectacular with incredible open views of the surrounding mountains. We did this hike with our 5 year old who is use to doing 3 mile hikes.

Very steep climb, but beautiful view from the top. Paved trail, and the Appalachian Trail crosses near the top.

leg work out for sure. awesome hike.

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