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End of Picket Post "HIKE" notes:
* Don't SOLO hike this one ever again, with others okay.
* Add small foil type emergency blanket to kit
* Bring more water
* Better hiking poles needed (Cross Country ski poles don't cut it as they don't collapse)
* 5 - 6 Hour hike was correct Two up and three down
* Start early. Hiking headlamp added security and less rush coming down. :)
* Gloves, Long Pants, Shirt, and tweezers for prickers help.
* More rock climb than hike midway. (Although I have feeling there must be an easier trail somewhere. lol)

this was a pretty easy trail. there are a few parts that are tougher, and will get your heart rate up, but they're are also plenty of areas where it feels like your just taking a stroll. I would put this at the moderate end of easy. there are pretty views of the superstitions too.

It’s a nice view of Austin

This was my fourth time up to 2057 but my first time via the Hieroglyphic trail. I was hesitant to use this route because my old (2002 edition) guide book by Jack Carlson was so vague about this route. I was happy to find such a good trail all the way to the top of the ridge. Where the 'tanks' and hieroglyphs are located the majority of hikers turn around. At the upper end of this area are two house size boulders, go to the right of these boulders (looking up the canyon) to find the trail. The trail is on the right of the drainage up on the right slope for at least a mile. It is a definite, well used trail, well marked by cairns (and some wonderful volunteers have trimmed back the brush). Only about 2% of the trail is in the drainage, so if you find yourself boulder hopping, and fighting cat's claw, in the middle of the drainage you are not in the right place. I found it easy to follow all the way to the top of the ridge. Once you reach the ridge the route to the 2057 summit is also well marked by cairns but you need to hike well past the summit (and lose some elevation) to find the trail to the summit. the trail to the summit is a branch off the Superstition ridge hike. I found this trail easier (less steep) than the Syphon draw trail, but it did seem longer. It took me 1 hour 50 minutes to get to the ridge from the trailhead and another 45 minutes to get to the summit of 2057. I am 65 years old.

This could become my new favorite hike.

Great hike for a moderate level. No bathrooms. Busy trail. For the first mile the upward terrain can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes. Hardly any shade. Beautiful hike.

Nice easy hike

My husband and I took our puppies up here and it was awesome! We all really enjoyed the hike. There wasn’t too many people which made it very nice =)

Went last Saturday with the family it was a great trail. We are new to hiking but all did well. Views from the top are awesome.

This is a nice little hidden spot within the monotony of desert terrain at South Mountain. The little tunnel is cool and there are a few petroglyphs as you get close. I usually take the Pima Canyon trailhead and pick up the National trail at the bench a few hundred feet from the water tank.

Gorgeous views on the east side of the mountain. Never very crowded. Easy place to hike where there are people, but you can still feel like you are by yourself. A lot of small trails to run around on, and nothing overly strenuous.

This Trail is tricky. Most people hike right straight up the bottom of the canyon in the middle. It is best on the way up to stay to the left and follow the ridge, same thing on the way back down stay to the right and follow the ridge. there's a little hiking in the middle Canyon but watch for the trails veering off.

I did a solo hike yesterday, going up it was a little difficult finding the trail. Great scenery, beautiful views from the summit I will be going back soon.

Very fun hike, lots of scrambly off-trail areas.

Great trails a little rocky, so watch your step. Overall a nice hike with plenty of mountain views.

My 9 year old son really enjoyed sliding down the rocks around Fat Man’s Pass and squeezing through the tiny spaces. He called it, “Nature’s Playground”. Definitely a hike we would do again!

Quick easy hike. Beautiful views and the cave is a nice area to relax before heading back.

Terribly marked trail, but overall a TON of fun. Amazing views from the top and some climbing required. It's easy to get lost on the way down, so make sure you have adequate time for sunlight.

Really short but incredible view

This trail is an introverts dream come true, only saw two other people the whole time I was there! Not to mention the view from the top is amazing

14 days ago

Great views.

Really beautiful trail not too hard but a good work out.

Awesome hike. The first mile is semi-steep and rocky. You’ve gotta do the loop to the tunnel and Fat Man’s Pass!

This is a nice moderate trail with a bit of an incline. Good for kids who are experienced hikers. Gorgeous views even at the start. We only passed 3 or 4 hikers on the way up. There have been reports of rabid foxes, but we didn't see any wildlife. The trail begins at the north end of the parking area.

If you like rock formations, this is the trail for you...TREMENDOUS views, nice synergy between going up/down/level. This trail is definitely going on my call back list.

Great quick workout! 360 views at the top and there was a really cool wooden sign that made for a fun photo opp!

Nice trail easy to follow. No water fall this time:)

on Massacre Grounds Trail

19 days ago

Gorgeous trail. Fantastic views!!

My husband, 23-year old son and I ended up hiking this trail by mistake as we were intending to actually hike the Picketpost Loop Trail (which is an intermediate trail), but we took a wrong turn. I agree that this Picketpost Summit trail is definitely a “hard” difficulty rating, but it was fun and the scenery very pretty. It was hard to find the trail at times, so the cairns definitely helped, in fact we left a few of our own. It was also very technical, required scrambling and rock climbing. Once we realized we were on the wrong trail, we decided to turn back since we weren’t sure what to expect, then after researching discovered we were shy of the summit by only 1/2 mile ... but with a huge elevation gain in that last part alone! It was tough and a bit scary in parts, so I can only imagine the last section before the summit must be super challenging. Now that we know what to expect, we definitely plan to go back to make it to the summit next time.

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