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Stunning, spectacular, exquisite, magical...

Love this hike, first part is rather steep and you're in the open with no cover but the tree cover comes back and it's not bad at all. There's a beautiful waterfall in the beginning and the upper lake has phenomenal small fish fishing. Worth a day hike easily!

2 days ago

Ross Peak offers great views of the Bridger range and has a great meadow where it meats the Bridger Ridge trail before summiting the peak. The hike to that meadow (Ross Pass) is moderately difficult and shares a trail with motorcycles for about a little over a mile. From the pass to the peak gets pretty difficult with a loose-rock scramble up to the peak. However, once you reach the peak, the views are amazing!

3 days ago

This hike is a butt kicker for sure—worth it. A switch backed climb filled with views all the way to the top. Done the first week in July, but of snow for the last half mile or so covering the trail.

Stunning views. Easy trail. Have cold beer for the end

From the Blackmore parking lot it’s 12.4 miles. Really pretty with the wildflowers blooming. Only two small patches of snow to cross.

Very nice, sparsely traversed trail. There are two lakes at the end, Moon Lake and Deer Lake. Both are beautiful. Many microclimate changes and overall just a pretty amazing hike. Bring bug spray for the horse flies and skeeters at the lake. And always, bear spray!

This was a tough hike! Very fun! Lasted a few hours. Highly recommended!

4 days ago

Fun hike if you have time and energy! Getting to the lakes wasn't too hard, there are spots that can get tricky because the trail isn't marked too well. if you want to get to the top I would rate this as Hard. if you follow the right side past the first two lakes it will bring you close to a ridge line, you will have to be smart of how to get to it because there wasn't a trail. once on the ridge you will have to do some boldering for a good portion of the ridge. If you wanted to follow the lakes up then go through the pass you can, but make sure on the first to lakes to stay on the right side, the left side of those lakes are hard and steep! Going to the top will test you, but it is worth it!

Was a nice hike in a wooded area to the lake. It had some steeper inclines but we were able to stop and rest by a beautiful stream. The meadow and wildflowers were awesome! The thing that didn’t make it worth doing again was the road to the trailhead. For the last 3 miles it was very rough with rocks and pot holes. Took a while to get there in our truck.

Super fun hike- I was completely alone with my dogs which is always amazing. I was able to easily make it to all the lakes, but I’m glad I had my phone gps and maps. The trail up to the upper two lakes is much narrower and not well marked. However the trail is worn and easy to follow once you are on it.

The trail has about 4 steep sections followed by flat sections to catch your breathe. I made it to the lake in an hour. Some people were fishing, not sure if they were having any luck. Good hike, rough road getting up there. Glad I borrowed a friends truck.

8 days ago

Tried hiking this on July 7. It looks like the bridge is washed out right as you leave the main trail to turn up to Blue Lake. I saw a few people on the other side, but I’m not sure where they crossed. The river was really high with the snow melting off. Still an awesome mountain range to visit even though I didn’t make it to Blue Lake.

10 days ago

Amazing hike

Favorite hike in Montana so far. All the waterfalls were amazing. The trail conditions were great. Our feet got wet but we made it all the way to the lake with 3 dogs (one small). Still some snow. Took us 5 hours up. 2 hours back. Overall an easier hike- the distance was hard. 12 miles.

Beautiful trail! After the saddle it's a little difficult to scramble to the top with all the loose rocks. Especially without poles! Didn't need any water shoes, there were some bridges for crossing and nothing you couldn't cross barefoot if you wanted to spare your hiking shoes. Very pretty wildflowers this time of year (early July). Would highly recommend, but probably not for novice hikers.

I would not recommend this trail until August. It was snow-packed with water running below us when we did this hike last July. The trail was hardly visible most of the time and there was water running beneath the snow which is dangerous. The view of the lake is gorgeous !

hiked 7/4/18 trail is muddy in some places but very torn up at the beginning due to horses. at the sign go right. trail gets steeper but easier terrain. the trail will open up and there's amazing views for the last mile. it's about 1.5 after you turn right. worth doing absolutely gorgeous and delicious cinnamon at the top.

13 days ago

Easy hike overall. Took our dogs and they loved it. Bring a hammock and snacks and hang at the lake for a while when you get up there! Saw a few little snakes while hiking the trail.

14 days ago

This hike may not be long, but you definitely have a climb. The trail is visible for about the first 2/3 of the hike, then it disappears. Keep climbing to the top of the hill and you’ll see the lake about 400 feet below you. You’ll also have a pretty good view of Sacajawea Peak, Fairy Lake, and the surrounding area to the south.

Getting down into the lake is technical and can be difficult. Make sure your in good enough shape to get in and out of the bowl.

Remarkable hike going up but really tough in a lot of snow (which there was in early June). If you’re willing to climb on all 4s through snow, the views at the top are worth it!

17 days ago

Great hike. Definitely going back to check out all the lakes. There was a lot of traffic!

What an absolutely spectacular hike. Good trail. Love that you can hear water the entire hike. It’s good deal cooler at the lake so be sure to pack layers. Also, we think this would be tough to get to and tough to hike due to numerous creek crossing in rain of heavy runoff. The roads to the trail are no joke. We wouldn’t recommend ever trying to get there without a large 4WD or an ATV. Snow at the top of the hike and around the lake on July 1 which we thought was super cool! Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back!!

The road is quite rough. 4wd isn't a necessity, but something with ground clearance is. The trail is very fun. The lakes are beautiful.

A beautiful hike. Golden trout in the lake

Hiked to Louise Lake on a Monday and had the place to ourselves. Left my phone in the car so didn't record the hike or take any pics. This is a great hike with lots and lots of switchbacks, many with great vistas looking west toward Sailor Lake (another great hike). Louise has Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Caught two. There was a little snow on the upper trail but nothing tough to get over or around. Good bit of snow around the east end of the lake.

Great hike. Beautiful lake. It is an uphill walk with the first 3 miles thru a burn area, so not quite as scenic. Couple of semi tricky creek crossings for the over 60 group. No snow on the trail.

Loved this hike! Be prepared to get a little muddy and wet as the runoff has turned part of the trail into mini streams. Snow starts to appear after mile three and had to turn back at mile four because a the water was moving too fast to safely cross with my dog. If you love waterfalls this a hike for you!

24 days ago

Fun and quick hike. Brought the fly rod and found some brook trout in the lake

Trail had snow on parts and a small lake from snow melting towards the last stretch of the hike that we had to go around but omg was it worth it!!! The hike and the lake are breathtaking. Even the drive up Portal Creek Road is breathtaking!!!! Was much colder at the lake so didn’t stay long. Definitely coming again to try to catch some golden trout. Lots of evidence of bears being in the area so be on alert!!! 06/23/2018

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