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2 days ago

This is an easy 1.6 mile trail one way. There is parking on both the north and south end of the trail....I started on the north end. I was disappointed in this trail for a couple of reasons. First of all, I did not see any burrows (but did smell them). Secondly, I was expecting that the trail would have good views of the Lake Pleasant, but that was not the case. The shoreline was so receded due to low water levels, that the shoreline was about half a mile away and barely visible. The views were boring. In fact, so boring, that I decided to make a loop on the way back by hiking along the roadways back to my car, making the hike about 4.5 miles in total.

3 days ago

Stunning views, will def do it again. Wanted to see the wild pack of horses, no luck. Since this trail borders the lake, I'm sure it'll be less than serene on weekends, jet-skis, etc. When I went it was quiet, began around 7am on a Weds. Parking is $8, can get at a Circle k or QT on the way.

If curious about the name, https://www.google.com/search?q=Dr.+W.W.+Jones&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

Interesting quote, from AZ Republic.... "Question: Who was Butcher Jones, and why is a trail named after him near Saguaro Lake?

Answer: The Arizona Republic's Scott Craven did some research, and here's what he found:

"Butcher Jones most likely is Dr. W.W. Jones, according to state historian Marshall Trimble. An online search showed Jones to be more than a medical professional. In the mid-19th century, he also owned mines in Arizona as well as a freighting business. He lived in Yuma, Prescott, Wickenburg, Phoenix and Tempe, and later in life became a rancher. He apparently was fairly influential in his day, and he was friends with Jacob Waltz of Lost Dutchman Mine fame. There also was a mention that Dr. Jones performed surgeries on his dining room table, which may have led to his nickname of Butcher (a Parks Department employee said of Butcher Jones – 'I am pretty sure he was a doctor, but apparently not a very good one.')."

5 days ago

The road into this hike is not accessible with a sedan. It will require a larger vehicle such as a truck or SUV. The road WILL damage your car.

Nice short hike, Gorgeous view clean bathrooms.

I’ve never enjoyed doing something as dangerous as the level three scrambling you must get through to make way to the summit of Brown’s. The trail to the saddle was moderate and just slightly over 2 miles. The scramble after the saddle makes this a difficult trail however. I will say, if you do not feel comfortable, turn around Remember, it’s not just up you have to go but back down as well!

Amazing Hike with Amazing Views! Nice clean bathrooms with a tarantula visitor that got rescued from Parks and Recreation...so cool to see!!!

11 days ago

Hello! We ( http://thunderbeard.org/ ) have adopted this trail, which is one of the finest in the Superstitions. It would really help us out if you post up the locations of any overgrown or problematic areas from Canyon Lake to Second Water Trail, we can be sure to hit them. Thank you for your help!

13 days ago

Amazing views - such a nice trail. It is short enough that you can do it in summer before the sun is really up. And if you are up to extend it, there are many other trail this one connects too.

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