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Albuquerque Hike Map
2 days ago

Great hike! Parked at tramway parking lot and took trail to La Luz. Then decided to go all the way up La Luz. Planned to take the tram back down, but it closed due to high winds. If your plan is to take the Tram back down, be prepared for the possibility it will be closed and ensure you allow enough time to hike down, or get someone to pick you up at the crest house parking lot. Plenty of snow on the way up. Verizon signal on top was good, but very spotty on the trail itself. Warmer temps on the tramway trail, but significant temp drop and wind increase near the top, so ensure you are prepared.

Great walk. Easy.
Grab a park map on the way in.
The trail is pretty well marked but even if you go off it, you can explore and its easy to find your way back.
The ruins on the top of the mesa are not too easy to make out but still a nice walk and great views.
The second half of the hike, on the side of the mountain is the most interesting. There are dwellings and a lot of petroglyphs. The trail is worn in the rock and at times it is almost 1.5 feet deep.
Very much worth while.

21 days ago

Great trail! Easy to follow with some fantastic views of the city and the Sandias. Definitely pushing moderate-hard in some places. Not many people, which was a pleasant surprise. GPS clocked at 5.2 Miles from the trailhead to the La Luz and back.

28 days ago

good views

One of my favorite trails close to home for an early sunrise hike

My wife and I are here from North Ogden Utah. We hiked South Piedra Lisa with local friends. We liked the trail. We hiked the trail at a casual pace in about three hours. We found that the trail had portions of steep grade and loose gravel. I would recommend trekking poles to help stabilize your footing. The flora is marked by junipers, prickly pear and staghorn cacti. Respect the cacti that line the trail. The slightest brush will result in a painful encounter with tiny clusters of needles in your skin.
You are rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley and spires at trails end.

easy and chill hike. great views!

1 month ago

Took off 1 star for no trash cans on trail equals litter & alot of trails were closed.

really enjoyed this hike. In some spots I lost my way. I would recommend GPS should you do the full loop.

1 month ago

Used to do this hike as a kid growing up in Los Alamos. Recently went back and it was just as awesome! Would recommend for an easy hike with fun sites

Beautiful trail, but super easy to get off trail.   Took my dog and we were only planning a 4 mile hike but when I was done my step counter said we did 8 and a 1/2 miles because we kept getting off trail...climbing and scrambling just to find ourselves at a dead end.  Bit scary towards the end because I didn't bring enough water for an 8 mile hike. Someone in the comments mentioned that there weren't markers in many places..... there are seriously no markers in any place at all.... the trail has no markers I've never experienced anything like that,  especially when there are so many side and intersecting trails.   I've been hiking across the USA for the past 4 and a 1/2 months and this is the 1st time I've gotten lost anywhere, it was terrifying.  My app was no help once I did get lost it could not locate me any longer. Bring extra water and or hike with someone who knows these mountains.  Hiked it again a week later and without getting lost step counter said 6 miles...not 3.9 as it says above.

Nice to see some aspen turning colors.

Loved this! Lots of ladders to climb.

The east part of the Rincon Spur Trail ends at the Knife Edge of the Shield (furthest waypoint on recording). This is 0.8 miles from the south Piedra Lisa Trail junction. You can hike and scramble with minimal climbing for about 2/10 of a mile up the Knife Edge to about 9000 ft elevation. After that you would be free climbing. Unmatched views, serious wind and a plenty steep enough trail await.

Good trail. Challenging yet enjoyable. I went counterclockwise which worked well as any rock scrambling is in the first half. Used the trail map with GPS on my phone and worked really well. Got off the trail a couple of times. Using map and GPS got me right back on track.

great trail definite must do.

2 months ago

Nice trail some trails blocked off. Main trail is good
Hiked to the top of the volcano at Vulcans loop me and the dog. The last 600 yds or so could be tricky. Loose rocks and soil. Would be very tricky if it was rainy or muddy. Watch the weather. About 2.5 miles in. Bring water.

If you want to walk exactly where the ancients walked, this is the trail for you. Untouched Pueblo ruins and petroglyphs too.

it was awesome great views

Nice jaunt through the Sandia Foothills.

A relaxing jaunt through the foothills.

2 months ago

Hiked this middle of September and enjoyed it very much! Great views! Distance out is about 2.2 miles and a little steep in places. Nice shade through the trees which is a must when it's 85+ degrees and sunny!

I hoped to do some running, and wore street running shoes. Don’t do that. There is a bit of scrambling to do, and the rocks are smooth from use. I managed with diligence and careful route selection.
Went counterclockwise, but either way would work nicely.

3 months ago

Fun trail, it was our first hiking experience and we did quite good. We did the trail clockwise, which we recommend if you are going to go all the circuit as the most difficult part is starting clockwise, once you get to the top, the rest is easy.
We saw a couple of deers just where the river starts, it was amazing.
The app is very useful, otherwise it can get very difficult and easily lost, however once you start hiking on the dry river, the map in the app is not very accurate, just follow the stream and it will take you out.
We started to hike at around 3pm and were done by 6:15. We found this a great time, yes it was hot at the beginning but by midway there were some areas where it got quite dark with no sunlight, and if starter later this part could have turned very dark.
Bring tons of water and be always alert as there is a lot of wildlife in the area.

Beautiful morning hike. Lots of flowers ever this late in the summer. Nice workout with the elevation. My dog really enjoyed it and all the other dog owners were very responsible. I only saw one poo

Enjoyed this trail! I went counterclockwise, which was perfect, as I got to catch the beautiful sunset on the way back (you go in thought the canyon on the way in).

This trail is much more interesting when you follow the previous advice and use the navigation map! We ended up missing half of the trail because we were following the access road instead of the actual trail. We hiked this trail mid week and did not experience the high bike traffic.

Really good and tough ride!

3 months ago

Beautiful trail with a wide variety of terrains. I agree with the other reviews that this trail is best taken counter-clockwise unless you are adept at climbing moderate size boulders. Some parts are not readily marked so using the navigation tool is helpful.

Fantastic views of Sandia Peaks. Fairly shady but excellent work out!

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