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Took off 1 star for no trash cans on trail equals litter & alot of trails were closed.

13 days ago

Great easy trail with lots of petroglyphs. Took my dog with me, and she enjoyed it. Make sure to take water. Unfortunately, there is a lot of vandalism and fake petroglyphs. Some are obvious, but some are harder to tell if they are fake or real. I played it safe by only taking pictures of ones I knew were real because they were in the brochure!

21 days ago

Nice to see some aspen turning colors.

22 days ago

The best part of this hike was seeing a tarantula crossing the path. The petroglyphs we're interesting, but I didn't realize they were all drawn sporadically on boulders.

Nice Trail. Flat trails. Liked the petroglyphs. Saw a chipmunk.

Easy trail took 40 mins had to pay close attention just to notice petroglyphs

Pretty easy trail some wildlife

We found this trail and Cave by accident. It was a nice surprise. Will defiantly stop by again when we’re in the area again.

Quite fun!

The parking lot was well kept, no pay station. Trail head was well marked along with the trail. This mornings weather was cast over which was very beneficial cause the Petroglyphs were easy to spot. Can't wait to return to run this trail.

Nice walk through a canyon full of history. Easy stroll appropriate for all ages.

Beautiful oasis between rows of houses Be careful not to touch or climb onto the petroglyphs. They are everywhere.

1 month ago

Nice trail some trails blocked off. Main trail is good
Hiked to the top of the volcano at Vulcans loop me and the dog. The last 600 yds or so could be tricky. Loose rocks and soil. Would be very tricky if it was rainy or muddy. Watch the weather. About 2.5 miles in. Bring water.

Really good and tough ride!

Super easy. Was beautiful and green on that side of the mountain, just wish it was longer or at least another trail similar close by.

3 months ago

Wasn’t really impressed. Lots of winding trails to choose from. Very open. Pretty views but wouldn’t do again.

So I’m fairly new to hiking/backpacking with only about 100 miles under my feet so far. With that said, however, parts of this trail were pretty hard compared to trails with a “hard” classification. My daughter is very active and even she had a tough time. This trail is BEAUTIFUL and totally worth the sweat and effort despite my previous statement. If, like me, you’re newer to the hobby just be aware that this will be challenging and then GO!!!!

This is a nice desert walk. There are a few petroglyphs along the way and many at the halfway point. There are almost no inclines. This would be a great family hike. It also seems like it would be a nice jog. The rabbits that went bolting across the path were really fun to see. There is no water and no porta potties along the path, but there were bathrooms at the beginning.

Lots of petroglyphs and wildlife - jackrabbits, hummingbirds, glowers & assorted plant life. Easy walk.

Easy and fun hike. Plenty of shade from the trees and the cave makes a great extra for kids to explore.

Very easy, well marked, heavily trafficked, touristy road stop stroll i would say.

Not wheelchair nor stroller friendly. It is a desert hike without shade. Be prepared with water and good shoes. Petroglyphs are located in the back of the canyon so you should hike the entire 2.2 mile loop.

4 months ago

Great boost for beginners. Good incline changes, uphill and downhill terrain. Easy to navigate. Bring water if you are hiking in the sun like I did. Got my heart rate up and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city.

Trail is currently closed.

Easy hike, took me about 35 minutes. Petroglyphs are a little tough to see, but if you look up amongst the rocks, especially next to any of the markers, you'll see some cool ones. there is zero shade on this hike, so plan accordingly!

4 months ago

It was interesting, quite sandy, I ended up with a lot of sand in my shoes, my dog made it half way, I ended up carrying my 35 pound dog back to the car. (no dog left behind

Great look at the Petroglyphs and a beautiful view of Albuquerque if you climb up a bit off the main trail. Nice, easy hike with jackrabbits, hummingbirds and lots of wild flowers.

Lots of petroglyphs. Jackrabbits were frequently spotted. Because the trail isn't marked, it's unclear how close to the rocks you should get, but you could get right up to them (but shouldn't). This is evidently a favorite dog walking area.

4 months ago

Pretty cool!

Steep climb but great vistas!

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