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nice view at the lookout!

More people need to visit this place, amazing variety of terrain in a small area. Also an amazing view of Calgary and the mountains from the lookout

3 days ago

Good hike. Steep sections but worth it. Excellent views at the top; one can see for kms around, and snow to slide down on the way back! The top can be tricky for those afraid of heights.

Great for beginners or the first warm up hike/scramble of the season. Nice shoulder season hike. Can get busy so go during the week.

Fun hike that doesn’t take too long. Did it in 3.5 hours. Saw some Rocky Mountain sheep up top which was cool.

The views from the trail of the Bow Valley and Barrier Dam in Kananaskis are surprisingly great. Definitely follow the advice given by many others in the below reviews to go COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and be sure to do the whole loop. We encountered a number of hikers who gave up when the way-finding near the scramble section going up (around the 1.5 km mark) got a little less obvious and turned around...what a mistake! I didn't mind going up the first section of trail to the summit of Heart Mountain, but I wouldn't want to descend it. Conversely, once you reach the first summit, the remainder of the trail is surprisingly good. There are a number of easy segments along the ridge-line before a few steeper, rocky sections coming down on the far side of the loop (around the 6-7 km mark). There also isn't a lot of shade for most of the hike, so be sure to bring lots of water if it's a warm day. I went through my entire 2 litre hydration bag by the time we descended to the flat section paralleling the highway.

Not really a hike. Nice place for a little stroll with the kids if you have any I guess. Busy if you come around noon and on weekends. **Bring the big spray!** Beautiful waterfall.

Amazing hike! Would do it again. We went up the heart mountain and hiked the horseshoe trail. Took us awhile because it was quiet and breathtaking.

Nice little trail. Very busy by the water on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Awesome variety of views, loved getting to see Barrier Lake on the back side.

7 days ago

The plan was to do the West Wind Pass hike.We missed the path at some point and decided to follow the Rimwall Route instead of doubling back.Made it as far as the ridge at 2,400 metres or so elevation but not the summit. Beautiful view of both sides from the top of the ridge! (Saturday, July 15)

7 days ago

Amazing hike but very easy to take the wrong trail.. definitely go counterclockwise but stick to the left trail the entire way up when you get to the big boulders. I would also track yourself on the map. We ended up going too far right which also looks like a trail but takes you to two scrambles a huge cave on the left hand side then a rock wall which you have no choice but to climb. This does get you back to the real trail.. It was a fun detour but not for those scared of heights. The trail from there onwards is a beautiful ridge walk with constantly changing terrain. Stunning views, loved it!

9 days ago

Lots of steep up hill climbing
Nice views at top

It’s a easy walk to get there. I went there today and didn’t see anyone. If you want to see something bring as much flashlight as you can! I was alone and I couldn’t see that much with only one flashlight.. I’d say to go during the week if you want it to be quiet :)

July 11. A good easy treck through the woods. lots of flowers out now but all the creeks have dried up. We had a husky, Bichon & Chihuahua who loved it. Went super early and was no one around. You can hear a bear knocker along the trail but it wasn't loud.

11 days ago

This hike was ok, you will start off on a mountain biking trail for the first half of the hike then turn left onto the hiking trail. Be prepared to scramble ... pretty fun! :)
The view from the top (should be flat) is amazing! You’ll love it. Hike is short, took us about 1.5hrs to get up. Oh.. ps we saw a marmot, fox and an elk.

I really loved this hike! Continuous uphill off the bat through forest and along the side of the mountain with great views behind of the lakes. Opens up at the pass and that's where the wind really starts. This is nothing compared to the wind at the top. Seriously, bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves, my fingers were numb after a few minutes at the top.
The trail from the pass opens up and becomes rocky and there are some small cliff bands to get over but nothing crazy (I'm pretty new to hiking and had no problem). Follow the inukshuks almost to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up and the best at the top. The wind almost knocked me off my feet a few times and made the last push to the summit a challenge on already tired leg. Nevertheless it was well worth every step. We even crossed paths with some big horn sheep on the way down.

Great hike, very enjoyable during July. Weather was fair & the sky was clear. The views at the top are well worth it. *** I lost my jade necklace somewhere on the trail. It’s in the shape of a Silver Fern and is very special to me. If by some chance you find it please message me on Facebook: Carter Clark - I work at Cam Clark Ford. Thanks!!

12 days ago

One of my favourite hikes. Use leather gloves when climbing around boulders. Lots of fossils.

13 days ago

Honestly was really pleasant with the spectacular view of the rolling hills, blue skies with big bright clouds, the soothing wind, all of it was great, definitely offers a different experience Compared to mountain hiking, would suggest 10/10 for anyone looking for a quick get away. Easily accessible too.

Great trail for young kids. Was easy for them and had a great time playing in the falls

14 days ago

Great spot with many trails

14 days ago

Did this hike with my dog. A bit boring for the first 45 min or so but then opens up to some spectacular views. It gets quite steep in places and was challenging enough. Would recommend to anyone.

Quite challenging with no trail for a significant portion of the hike. The views from the top plus the alpine meadow made it worth it though.

One of Alberta’s best kept secrets.

18 days ago

Short and easy hike to the bunker. Cool experience, especially considering the Canadian History during the Cold War era.
Flashlights or headlamps required. Recommended during non peak traffic times as screaming children blowing air horns can take away from the experience :)

nature trips
19 days ago

nice easy walk for kids and pets

Very cute waterfalls and great opportunity for photos. There are several little paths as well as a main one with benches along the way. I usually spend about an hour to an hour and a half here.
I recommend visiting.

I love this place! The little waterfalls are beautiful! It’s a nice place to get your heart beating a little bit because there are small inclines. We took a little break at the end and had a picnic by the river!

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