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actually dog can go off leash maybe 750 m from the trail head ..and the sign is on the left hand side just before the second fork......

Nice easy walk to town. Lots of wildlife spotting opportunities

1 month ago

Lovely river walk with an asphalt trail and on the south side of the river there are options to follow some dirt trails. Deer are plentiful and it’s a peaceful walk. Benches are scattered along the trail for anyone who needs them. Must stay aware of bicyclists who use the trail too.

1 month ago

We love walking our dog here on the trail by the river. Bikes are not allowed on this particular trail which makes for a relaxing time.
We take a short loop back through the big field area, so our dog gets to socialize and run with other dogs.
There are trails on the other side of the fields through the woods that are beautiful to walk along as well.
My husband and I are not in the best of health, so these trails are perfect for our needs. There are plenty of benches to rest at if necessary.
There are places we haven't been to in the park yet, like the bridge, but we are hopeful that our health will improve enough to allow us to get there one day.
This is one of our favorite parks in the city.

2 months ago

Hiking today ! Gorgeous views! Steady climb!

This is just as amazing as one can find anywhere worth going will not be disappointed

Beautiful snowy hike mid September 2018. Definitely happy I had good waterproof boots and hiking poles. The snow drifts at some points was 2 ft deep. Took several hours, but was worth it!

2 months ago

I have completed this trail twice now in full with multiple one-day trips on segments. On each full trail adventure I did it once in each direction. My personal preference being the start via Signal. Have stayed/spent time at every campground with Signal, Curator and Little Shovel my favourites. Tekarra and Snowbowl are beautiful though the layout of the actual camp is less desirable (particularly if you need to seek the facilities in the middle of the night).

Prefer the Signal start as a relentless uphill when one is fresh is much more favourable to me than a relentless downhill that never... ever... EVER... ends ; )

Trail review: Week of Sept. 10, exactly a year from the last go-round. Weather was insane in ways we could not have anticipated with Mother Nature under promising and over-delivering, but once again - wow. Trail is incredible and we are blessed to experience. Pack smart. Pack for the weather (4 seasons). And ENJOY.

Also... download this app. Ran it off my phone’s GPS which kept us pointed in the right direction for two days during white - out conditions. AllTrails did not pay me to say this, promise.

Absolutely beautiful single track trails! Fairly gradual elevation gain and a real joy to run!

2 months ago

It’s a nice park with plenty of off-route paths, in the coulee. It’ll keep a person busy for a whole day or more depending on how a person plans their journey.

We took the Standish chairlift to the top and then the Twin Cairns and Monarch viewpoint trail back to the Sunshine Village. This is a fantastic hike. The scenery is spectacular and we had the trail to ourselves. Everybody else took the lakes trail.

3 months ago

Best views in Jasper. 360 of all the mountains ranges around Jasper, all the way to Robson.

Snow adds tine and difficulty. The scramble is large boulders all the way to the summit. With fresh snow not packed between you can easily slip between. Go slow it's worth

Did this hike as a part of the tail end of a backcountry hike starting in St Mary's. Started off at Morning Star and were scheduled to camp that night at Old Man Lake and head out the next morning out of Twin Medicine. Got up to Pitamakan Pass and was convinced by other hikers that we could NOT miss out on Dawson Pass. Ended up hiking to Dawson Pass and caught the last boat of the day across Two Medicine Lake. Made for a bit of brutal hike with multi-day backpack, but still absolutely epic. Favorite hike in Glacier by far. Even beats out Highline in my estimation. A definite bucket list hike.

3 months ago

Best view in Jasper. Not recommended for young children due to challenging weather conditions.

3 months ago

We are 3 middle aged mommas who persevered and completed this hike in late August. We're all in decent shape and we felt equipped although we learned plenty more along the way of what to bring and forget the next time. Thankfully we had great weather. No snow or rain. In booking we were only able to secure Little Shovel and Curator. Decided the day before when space opened to cancel Curator and book Tekarra. Not sure if that worked out in our favor?! Our second day was a 25 km hike and it was a little difficult finishing. We were EXHAUSTED. The views and diversity were truly beautiful and soul-shaking. Next time however we'd opt for 3 nights or even 4. Why rush such an amazing trip? I'd recommend that folk try for 3 nights and if can only get two go for Little Shovel and Curator or Snowbowl and Tekarra.

Best. Hike. In GNP.

If you are capable, you MUST do this hike. We did it from Pitamakan to Dawson, which is apparently reverse, but the views are much much better this way, and the elevation gain is way easier.

I can not believe how beautiful this hike was. You get to see glacier from EVERY direction and I swear you can see every mountain peak in the park, along with tons of lakes and we saw bighorn sheep as well.

The top was very very windy, but it didn’t matter to us because the views are what blew us away (haha pun intended). Anyway, if I could only do one hike in the whole world ever again, it’d be this one.

on Skyline Trail

3 months ago

September long weekend 3 day hike staying at snowbowl and tekara. Second time doing it and it's always spectacular.

Shit weather... Freezing rain and snow overnight. Cold gusting winds. Muddy sections and notch quite slick with fresh snow.

Grizzly and cubs near big shovel pass and another 3 Griz between tekara and signal.

After awhile, this trail crosses a clearcut, where we lost the trail. As a result, we decided to take the fire road back to near the beginning of the trail, thereby completing the loop. Later, we back-hiked from the terminus to see where the trail was supposed to continue. Turns our that when you get to the fire road, the trail continues across the road, to the right, where we chose to follow the road to the left. We didn't rehike to add this detail to our recording, but we did build a small cairn (pictured) to help future hikers find the path.

We did this hike from Two Medicine to No Name lake for the first night and then from No Name lake to Oldman Lake for the second night. The trail was snow covered from Dawson Pass to Pitimakan Pass but manageable. Incredible views all along that stretch. Not a cakewalk by any stretch but the views are worth the effort.

One note about the trailhead: We had A LOT of trouble figuring out where to start. We came in a car. We ended up trekking in to the trailhead about one hour as a low car CANNOT drive to the trailhead

Once we did find the trailhead it was a very interesting hike. One of the most diverse hikes I have done. Firstly you come across STUNNING waterfalls at Jumping Waters, then some exploring in Bisaro Cave, and then the steepness is gone and you are rewarded with wide open meadows of wildflowers with towering mountain peaks on all sides. After the meadows its another moderate hike to the trail junction where you can either continue on Mountain Lakes Trail or summit the spine of the Three Sisters. I can't recommend it enough. It is a TOUGH, STEEP, scramble to the top, with a bit of technicality close to the summit, but so worth it. 360' views of the Elk Valley. We then came back the way we had come.
We did this in one long, 9 hour day. Having to trek into the trailhead made it longer than it should have been. But this seems like a PERFECT 2 day-er. Set up your camp at the base of the summit, summit in the evening, and then trek back the next day. It is doable in one long day, but you are pooped out by the end. We also had a bit of a time crunch as we had to be back by 11pm for my night shift, so that was added pressure.
Awesome hike. I will be doing it again!

This is my dogs favorite place to play. Highly recommended for dog owners. Off leash permitted.

I had hiking this trail two times.
Its amazing.!!
Beautiful view eventhough difficult.

3 months ago

This is a world class hike and on many top 10 best in the world, enough said. Stay for at least 3 days. no dogs no fires, lots of bears. buggy in early summer. The day hikes are all worth doing!

We did the loop counter clockwise per recommendations but I’m not sure it really mattered.
The trailhead starts in the campground of two medicines.

We had great views despite the smoke, and it was an awesome hike! We started about 8 we were finished around 3. Tough day, but worth it!

Great hike but better with bikes than walking. the last 10 km back walking get too much.

This trail was like being in another world. From small log bridges, lush waterfalls, climbing caves, and fields of wildflowers!

Be aware of a wasp nest at the beginning of the first waterfall. We passed many others who also got stung!!

We started on the Hartley road and used a off roading suspended Jeep to travel to the second parking lot. There were other trucks that went to the second parking lot as well.

My husband and I did an out and back to Dawson’s Pass today. Incredible views! This trail exceeded our expectations.

4 months ago

One of the most strenuous, beautiful, satisfying hikes/scrambles I have done to date. Arrived at sunshine around 8 and we took the gondola up to the base of sunshine villiage. Good thing as we would’ve never made it back before sundown. The mileage recorded here is off as the hike was actually under 50k but still it made for a very long day as we also scrambled up pharaoh peak at the 23 k Mark. I would highly recommend doing this over 2-3 days and not a single day as we did.

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