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on Tent Ridge Horseshoe

1 hour ago

So fun! I’m not a terribly experienced hiker, so the little scramble at the beginning was exciting. I was definitely a little scared, but in a good way! The views were awesome and walking the ridge was a treat.

Very nice hike, follow the blue painted squares. For the trail head there is a power line post with a trail sign saying EEOR on it and this is facing Canmore the other side says “trail” when you hit this you will come to a junction, stay right. We went left and it took us on a steep climb most of the way up. Coming down we followed the blue squares and the route that way was much easier. When you his the false summit definitely stick to the left side and go up to the summit. It is a safer route and the end view is amazing.

Hiked this trail today and wasn’t too smoky. Great scenic views once you are on the ridge. It took nine of us to complete the 10 km hike in just under 5 hours. A little bit of scaling and worth it! Stay hydrated!

A bit crowdy until tea house by after the views are incredible.

easy, low hanging fruit with great views

Did this hike on Sun Aug 19 and really enjoyed it. 2 hrs up the west side then followed the traverse as shown on this map. 1hr 20mins for the traverse to the high point, then 2hrs down. It was a very enjoyable hike despite the smoke. As most scrambling sites/books indicate, do this counter clockwise. As well, there is parking just off the highway, east of the access for lac des arcs and heart creek which will save you a little bit of time.

Trail closed for maintenance, August 7-30. Barricaded at the trail head, don't attempt.

Nice, relatively easy scramble through the forest opens up to a rocky, loose and steep climb up to the meadow. Then the route splits into two final ascent options, I followed the route posted and went right, ended up on a steep, exposed scramble up to the very top. On the way down I took the better (safer) route down. I recommend people to take the left hand route unless you are keen for a potentially frightening scrambling experience!

Gotta take the difficult path for sure! Wasn’t too bad for how smoky it is! Loved it!

I did this hike last weekend with 1 expert hiker (who had done this hike many times before), 2 moderate hikers, and 3 novices (who had never been in scree or summited a mountain before). It was great for all skills levels, BECAUSE we had an experienced guide with us. If no one in your hiking party has done this hike before, I strongly advise completing some research beforehand, especially for the scree field locations. There are a couple scree-runs that end at the top of a cliff.

Although we didn't have too much visibility due to the smoke, it was a beautiful hike. I'm personally very scared of heights, but found the hike doable since I had hiking poles (helps with vertigo) and a harness and PAS for the chains section.

It took us about 5 hours in total, with lunch at the summit. Highlight for the majority of us was running down the scree.

Nice little hike for city view

Love this hike!!

3 days ago

GREAT hike today. so mygestic and beautiful.. trail has some steady incline. Rained all the way and was snowing at the top. we made it 3/4 way up and turned back because it was slick with the snow. We will do this hike again for sure.. 5 months pregnant found it to be intermediate..

Can anyone tell me if you need a park pass for this trail? Will delete this after I possibly get a response :) thank you!!

Wonderful hike in Canmore! The lakes were blocked off for reclamation so we weren’t able to find the petroglyphs. We went earlier in the morning so it wasn’t crowded at all. Adorable benches, bridges, waterfalls and beautiful views.

Absolutely phenomenal views of Mount Smuts, Mount Birdwood and Mount Fist. One of the most spectacular views I've ever seen in a day hike. Highly recommend. A little bit of exposure at the first climb to the left ridge but definitely pretty mild. Can't wait to do it on a non-smokey day!

nice ride. not very peaceful as you have the traffic of the trans canada hey right there...

Great hike! We planned to do the difficult hike up and the easy back but ended up doing the hard hike both ways due to a bear on the easy path. The hard hike has some very steep sections but the waterfalls and views are well worth it!

An excellent hike although the first part is through the trees so really nothing to see but forest. Once you get up to Mirror Lake the views get better. Still a bit icy and slippery in the upper sections. Staff at the tea house were busy getting the place ready for opening in June, but even though they were not officially open they were selling tea and other goodies out of the back door. The tea was perfect after the hike up. Excellent views of the lake and mountains.

4 days ago

We did this hike about 3 weeks ago and it was great. I would consider it a fairly easy hike with a steady incline the entire way and nothing too challenging. The most challenging part of this hike was on the way up there is little tree cover at some points so definitely bring sunscreen and a hat. The bugs are really bad this year too on this hike so it was a quick lunch and go at the top. There are 4 lakes so make sure to keep going (as we missed the last one). This is a great spot for fishing and you can see right through the lakes they are so clear! One final recommendation is go early! It is a popular spot for family’s and pets so if you don’t want to be annoyed by crowds aim to get there for 8 or earlier.

I highly recommend this hike for beginners or anyone who has had a few months off hiking and needs an easy hike to get back into the swing of things! Round trip 5 hours with stopping for lunch.

This was our first full day in Banff National Park (Aug 17th) and got a later start than we’d like, but decided to visit Lake Moraine and begin our hiking adventures with an easy hike in preparation for the rest of our stay. Parking: of course no parking is available after 7am, but easy enough to catch the shuttle bus at the overflow parking at 11:30. The 10 min ride or so drops you off at the Rock Pile overlooking the lake. The lakeshore trail was easy and offered beautiful views of the turquoise water and had a waterfall at the end of trail. Unfortunately the views of the mountains were distorted by the smoke from ongoing fires in British Columbia but we still enjoyed the beauty and look forward planning another trip in hopes of clearer skies. Took about an hour with lots of other ca and a stop to eat a sandwich on the trail overlooking lake. We were there about 2 hours including a climb to the top of Rock Pile to take more pictures! Gorgeous place!

4 days ago

Nice hike and not very hard at all. About 5km to the first lake with the next three lakes not far from the first. We hiked to the end (4th Lake) and decided to go back to the first lake to camp. Spent one night and it was very quiet with almost no other visitors on a Wednesday.

Lots of wildlife on the trail. We heard a bear or two when we stayed the night and if you know what to look for there are a lot of signs of bears in the area. Bring spray with you.

Amazing hike, very heavily trafficked, lots of people. Little disappointed that the lake section was closed off. Went up by the Pipeline to hang for a snack. Took easy route up, hard down. Found the hard way down was easier than going up. Would do this one again.

Definitely one of the coolest hikes I’ve ever done! It was reaaaaally smokey but we got some good shots still! When you find the parking lot, definitely start with the trailhead on the LEFT. I would not want to do the loop starting on the right. Cant wait to do it again when there’s isn’t so much smoke and we can see all the mountains!

I've done this hike many times. it is satisfying for all skill levels. great views and a very short drive from Calgary.

A steel climb capped off by some amazing 360° views of the surrounding area. The hike has a good variety of terrain - from wooded forest to mountain top Alpine. The top of the hike gets a bit steep and rocky which makes it a but slippery, so make sure you bring good hiking boots.

5 days ago

Great little trail that ends at the teahouse.

5 days ago

We arrived at the Lake Louise parking lot by 7am and there was plenty of parking (Note-Lake Moraine lot was already full). Give yourself time to take lake photos because the light in the lake and surrounding mountains will be different when you get back from hike. We started the hike uphill by about 7:20 am and arrived at the tea house by about 8:40. We were with 3 kids ages 6, 7, and 11. They were more upset about being up at the crack of dawn than about the steep incline. There were quite a few groups passing us on the ascent. The trail is even and wide for the most part. There are areas of rocks and roots where my 7 year old tripped and skinned his elbow while running. Beware of horse poop on the 2nd half of the trail. There is not much of a view during most of the hike. Save some energy before the tea house to climb the steep 60 step staircase. We were lucky to grab one of the last tables in the tea house. The staff was busy unloading goods that were just unloaded from the helicopter. Once they were done unpacking more tables became available. A long line had already formed by 9am. The oolong tea and biscuits were delicious. BRING CASH (they accept US dollars). The views from the tea house are beautiful (tables are located inside and outside). Overall the hike was definitely worth waking up early for. The hike back down took our family of 5 one hour. We wanted to grab a shuttle to Lake Moraine but at $30 per person we opted to save our money and enjoy drinks on the patio at one of the Fairmont outdoor restaurants.
Tip: if you want to see Lake Louise and Lake Moraine park early (7am the latest) at LL. When ready take a free shuttle to Overflow parking lot where you can pay $15 per person for shuttle to Lake Moraine. If you take Shuttle from LL Fairmont it will cost $30. You can always chance it and try parking at Lake Moraine. But they only let cars in once 10 cars have exited. They refuse all cars from entering otherwise (not even to drop off people).

5 days ago

Very nice hike with some decent views. My 5 and 7 year old were able to do it no problem. Took us about 2 hours round trip from the bottom car park. A good workout for us not-so-experienced hikers!

Starts off easy, paved road. then changes to mixture of dirt and rocks. steady uphill, steep in a lot of places. took many many breaks. trail is well outlined. the summit was relief and sense of accomplishment!! very windy at the summit! lots of berries and chipmunks! coming down from the summit was a bit challenging. go EARLY morning when it's cool out. it took us 3 hours to get to the top, I don't have greatest fitness level and my blood sugar gave me numerous issues but chugged along. coming down took 1 hour and 15 mins.
only downside was the smoke from the fires made it hard to see far away but was a very good climb!
go to the hotsprings after!

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