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great views

on Angel Rocks Trail

14 days ago

19 days ago

Easy but beautiful hike! River and ridge views.

Very rewarding hike. It’s moderately difficult especially if you aren’t in shape, but it’s worth it. The view was spectacular. Would definitely hike this trail again.

Seems like a lot of potential in this trail, but not during inclement weather. Had to turn back because most of the trail is very exposed and the wind was brutal. Will try again another time. $5 parking FYI.

1 month ago

I have been wanting to do this hike for the past 2 years and was finally able to do it the end of September. I am so thrilled (to this day) that we did this hike! It was beautiful!!! My husband and I did this hike in 8 hours! Total miles tracked on our watches was 16.3 miles round trip (started in parking lot), we did get side tracked (lost) a couple times.
I am not in super great shape but I do love my hikes; it's a total heart thumper going up! I still don't know how we did 16 miles in 8 hours.
In the beginning of the trail, we thought the bridge was out, going to the left in the beginning, but we stuck to it and it wasn't closed off (even though there was a little sign/post saying it was). The markers around the 8-9 mile mark started getting a little sparse but we followed the inukshuks that we saw and they got us to the shelter, around mid point. It's not a huge shelter but it's good for a break from cold weather! I had originally thought there were only 6-7 Tors on this hike, OOOH MY GOODNESS was I wrong!!!! They were everywhere along the top! I wish we could have camped out up there, to check them all out, but time didn't permit. I really felt like we were on a completely different planet and the mountain views were amazing.
The trip down, we got a bit lost. The sign in the middle of the last flat area was turned around so we walked past it, thinking it was just the sign for the people coming up on that side. Again, going down, the markers were sparse and some were hidden pretty well but we made it out of there!!!!
I will definitely do this trip again!!! I think it is totally worth the time to try, if you're in the Fairbanks area.

Great go to hike if you need a quick/short hike workout.

I did this as a thru hike (30 miles) in 2.5 days in late September and loved it. As others have noted, there aren't many switchbacks and the trail mostly goes straight up and down hills so heavy rain made the trail somewhat treacherous. There were a few sections of rock gardens to hike through where I lost track of the trail and turned to the AllTrails map on my phone for navigation. Not many people out there as I saw 1 other hiker during my trip. The Northern half of this trail is more rugged and technical, which I really enjoyed. The miles are slower than other places I've hiked but the views were incredible. Because of the open tunrda, you are very safe from bears because of the good visibility and hiking / camping views of the Talkeetna and Denali ranges are stunning.

Amazing like always

nice hike close to town. beautiful views.

walked all around the mine. very interesting

3 months ago

This trail is spectacular! It is an easy 3.5 miles, feasible in 2-3 hours depending on your pace and stops. The trail can be a little muddy after a rain so check your weather or bring good boots. This trail should not be confused with the “Chena Nature” trail which is 8 miles and goes to the Chena hot springs. Parking is $5. There are optional rock climbs ranging from easy to dangerous so watch your kids. I noticed several dogs roaming free off the leash with their owners in proximity. Did not see any animals other than a few small birds and one squirrel (September 29). There are only two places to eat within a 20 mile radius. The first is Chena Hot Springs Resort ($$$) and the second is a small restaurant about 5 miles west on the main road ($$). Hope this helps!

Awesome view at the top!

The last 200 feet is very difficult. I got to see some moose on a side trail and the view was outstanding. It was a heavily trafficked trail, but I knew that going in, from the other reviews. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a challenge.

Good views like every other mountain in the state, this app labels it as hard but it’s definitely not. It should be rated as moderate.

It’s uphill all the way but the views are 100% worth it.

really steep to climb but worth it.. amazing view..

4 months ago

Awesome hike! Did this trail with my wife and son (in a baby carrier) and my wife’s parents. Took us about 2 hours with some breaks for pictures and taking in the views.

Trekking poles wouldn’t be a bad idea for the ascent to Angel Rocks and for the descent as well. We are somewhat newer hikers and found this trail to be moderate. It wasn’t terrible but there were some parts of the trail where the grade was making us sweat a little!

All in all, awesome trail. Would definitely do it again!

If you do the whole loop i would say it is more of an intermediate hike. We also did it when it was raining and the trail had wet leaves everywhere. Trekking poles are a nice thing to have when doing the ascent/descent to and from angel rocks. Kid friendly for maybe 4/5 year olds. Toddlers would have too hard of a time. I’m glad we brought the backpack for my son, who just turned two. If you are thinking about turning around at the first viewpoint, don’t! My husband made us push through and I’m glad he did. The views from up there were amazing.

4 months ago

This trail is gorgeous! Definitely steep in areas but the views are incredible and so worth it! We also hiked part of granite tors and Angel Rocks was definitely my favorite by far.

4 months ago

What a great hike! Beautiful views. Not a hike for those with knee problems. I was pleased I had my trekking poles. Make sure you do the loop and not just the out-and-back.

All the stairs got me a little winded. After that though, it's like a choose your own adventure, scrambling up all the rock. Definitely flat at the top, hence the name. Went on a beautiful bluebird day and got views of everything from Iliamna to Denali. (of course, you can get that from the parking lot too... :P) Sept 8, 2018. Took me about an hour and a half to get from parking lot to the top, including breaks.

It was a fun scramble at the top but too many people. 1 hour and 15 minutes total up and back.

I don't think I would necessarily classify this hike as 'hard' but I also did it on an absolutely perfect day in terms of weather conditions. It would certainly be more challenging in poor weather or with small children.
Very busy trail but that was also probably increased due to the great weather and time I went (late afternoon on a Saturday).

made it 2/3 of the way with old dogs, it was raining, and we were concerned with wet boulders for the rest of the way up. but it's gorgeous at where we stopped

Not easy
But fantastic views

We didn't make it to the very top, but we got pretty close. We caught a ride with the bike shop downtown (Flattop Mountain Shuttle they were great, 5 stars for them too!) and had to turn around early enough to catch a ride back. Hard trail but fun, we'll have to try it next time we're in Alaska. Be sure to have your mountain goat shoes on!

Tough hike, especially in mediocre weather, but the views were great! We got a late start after a long Friday at work and underestimated our pace, so took out early at Ermine Hill midday Sunday. We would enjoy this more with 3 1/2 days.
If you want similar views in a day hike, try the new Curry Ridge Trail accessed from the brand new Kesugi Ken Campground just 1/4 mile north of the South Denali Overlook.

Difficult hike especially with a bunch of snow but wonderful view from the top!

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