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13 hours ago

So much fun doing this hike today! This is my all time favorite trail. Just make sure to wear good hiking boots and good mood. Expect to get muddy or wet on the legs. Pretty rocky and fun hopping around. Beautiful scenery will not disappoint you as you put work into the hike. Parking is $5 cash. Would bring truck since the way up is kinda rough. Bring lots of water to drink. Snack may not be a bad idea since it took 5 hours for me and my husband to complete the hiking. Will do it again!

1 day ago

Good trail! Walked in casually with friends at a leisurely pace. Taking our time, we got to the top in just under an hour and the views are definitely worth it!

The first bridge to go clockwise was out, so it seems I stayed right and took the hard way. very steep climb that just kept going. I could see the tors, but couldn't really get to them. It was beautiful, but I have now idea how long this was since everyone seems to say different numbers here. It took me 90 minutes coming down the hill from where I stopped and I was going at a pretty fast clip.

Great views of Eagle and Symphony lakes. There are about 3 campsites down towards Eagle lake and 3 or 4 more down near Symphony lake. You cannot camp in or near the shelter because of terrain. There is one tree for shade in the area. If camping there in the summer, bring your own shade. The rock scramble easily adds a few miles worth of effort to the hike.

This hike is a moderately strenuous hike. It’s uphill the entire way and gets pretty steep towards the end. I thought I was in okay shape but after hiking this I would say that I’m definitely not in shape at all. That being said this is not an impossible hike...children were doing it and a woman with a one month old baby and a 3 year old in tow did it. It’s totally worth making it to the top.

7 days ago

This hike was amazing. Beautiful scenery and wildlife. 100% would recommend

This trail is challenging but absolutely worth the views. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Took about 3 hours to hit the top w/ stopping to take pictures. Completed the hike in late July so it was fairly hot. Rated strenuous by the NPS.

The trail is reopened after the fatal mauling.
Be bear aware; this trail is part of the bears home area, bring bear spray,make noise, dont hike alone and stay together.

The trail itself is well maintained, easy to follow and clean. The last section you need to cross a boulder field,watch your step,and take your time. The first bridge is roughly half way there. We had no issue with bugs but still brought bug spray.

It is a long walk bring enough water and snacks/lunch. don't forget to bring your trash out with you.

8 days ago

We left the car at Denali Village and took the resort shuttle to the Park Visitor Center. Hiked the trail one-way back to the village resort (southward - 9.5 Miles)

Lovely path along the river and a moderately strenuous climb up to beautiful views of the foothills (bring water). Three lakes toward the end are a treat and great lunch stop with a few moose sitings.

A few mosquitos toward the lake (early July) but otherwise bug-free walk.

Nice trail. Nice view!

11 days ago

Awesome hike but should be rated hard, not moderate. Lots of bouldering on wet rocks so be careful not to slip. Beautiful pools of water along the way and lush green grass. We made it to the first lake and had lunch then headed back down. Definitely check this one out!

This trail was my favorite during my trip to Alaska. We backpacked in to the lower lake and set up camp for the night. Once we set up, we hiked another 20/30 minutes to see the upper lake. It was a relatively easy hike even with all our camping gear. I went with someone who had recently done the trail. If not, I may have found the boulder field a bit difficult to navigate. Lots of people with dogs that made it a day hike. I would absolutely recommend this hike for anyone that has the time.

**This hike is NOT 2.1 miles**
If you want to see the rock stuff from the feature picture, you need to hike at least 4.5 miles out (we turned around because we didn't have the energy to go any farther). Read the sign when you get there: This is a 15 mile hike. Nevertheless, we did this in the rain and it was beautiful!

12 days ago

Awesome hike to the bomber crash

In town from Alabama and found this trail. Great hike, awesome views. Did the whole loop and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were quite a few people, but it never felt crowded. Worth the drive from Fairbanks. Highly recommend.

15 days ago

I started from the trail head nearest to the Visitor Center just off of McKinley Station Trail.

The river flows alongside the trail for a mile or more including a crossing on a suspension bridge. From there, it was a pretty steep climb but with very well-maintained switchbacks. Once on top of the ridges, you could see for miles and there was no one else around.

On the back side, the hike down to the village was gradual and stunning with beautiful views of all three lakes and then the river. I had lunch at the Mariochi Moose food truck at the campground and rested a few minutes before hiking back to the visitor center from where I started.

The total trip including the side trails to the lakes and the approach to the park and the McKinley Station Trail was 22 miles and I did it in about nine hours including the lunch stop. I would highly recommend this trail for it's views and solitude.

East hike to the Glacier. Once on the glacier watch your step if you don't have crampons or spikes

We made it 12 miles down the trail. Lots of pathfinding once we left the ATV trails. The red line on the AllTrails App does not line up 100% with the actual trail. We found a better way back along with some amazing scenery down by the river.
We were approached by a porcupine and saw a moose. Plenty of bear prints and scat, but no sightings.
I definitely want to head back and try packrafting the river :)

Beautiful hike lots of atvs and bikes but they all slowed down for those of us who where walking.

20 days ago

Beautiful! Gorgeous day. Kids had a great time. Views were exellent. Didn't make it the full 25 miles around the lake but had a great time nonetheless.

It was definitely more difficult than I anticipated toward the end. Wanted more switchbacks. But we made it! pack in more water than you think. We ran out.

22 days ago

This hike is SO beautiful. It quickly moved up
to the #1 spot for our favorite hike. It has varied terrain/ spectacular views/ waterfalls and then the 2 gorgeous teal lakes at the finish. We also made the trek up to the B-29 Bomber crash site from our campsite at the upper lake. This trek is FAR from mellow! I would rate it hard! BUT it is worth it.

You can start this hike down by Denali Village, or from the park. Starting at the park is considerably more strenuous, as you begin by criss-crossing up the mountain between you and the Triple Lakes. You then summit and ridge line gradually down to the lakes. It is a lot of uphill. Starting at Denali Village gives you the Lakes up front, and lets you gradually climb up the ridge line, with the criss-cross descent. Much less climbing.

It is a beautiful hike, with a different hiking environment with every turn: creekside, lakeside, forest, canopy, ridge line, crest, basin...truly wonderful.

Originally went to do the 3 mile loop, but that was closed. Apparently it’s been closed for quite some time. We continued up from that point for about an hour and a half. It’s nice, but nothing amazing.

This is an intense hike, I’ve done this trail 5 times now and it never gets easier. A majority of the trail is hiking straight up until you finally get out of the tree line and head straight across the several false peaks to the summit. It’s a several hour hike and definitely bring water and snacks. The view is totally worth it though! You can over look the whole Valley, all the way to the coast.

I LOVE this trail. The parking is a little tricky and the road leading to it is rough. I definitely recommend taking a truck or something higher off the ground. You begin the train by hiking back into the valley, following a river that eventually leads to a beaver lodge. The trail then heads up a relatively steep incline where you’re met with boulders. The boulders are a little difficult to navigate when wet, but they shake things up and that’s what I like! The lake itself is amazing and very cold! There were beavers there last time I was there which was about a year ago. I definitely recommend this hike to anyone who is willing to go for a lengthy hike in Hatcher Pass.

mountain biking
28 days ago

We rode to the end of the lake by the Airstrip and a black bear ran out on the trail towards the lake so they are definitely out there! The trail itself was easy for riding and the lake is beautiful!

29 days ago

Good hike, mostly up hill. The trail is well kept and the views are great once you get to the top.There are some benches to rest about every mile. Defiantly bring your camera.

29 days ago

Gorgeous! The boulder field was a little more difficult to navigate than I had imagined, but the rest of the trail was terrific.

This trail is marked at the beginning of the trailhead as being 2.6 miles one way. I’m pretty sure this is referring to the distance to the second bench. I’ve done this trail 3 times the first two times the goal was always to the first bench which has an amazing view of Eklutna. This last time decided to continue on. The second bench has a great view of the twin peaks and we were lucky to be able to see lots of Dall Sheep on the peaks. We ended up following the trail to the right towards Pepper Peak to get another view of Eklutna. Round trip we did 6.40 miles (starting in the parking lot and ending in the parking lot) it took us 4 hours minus the time we spent at the benches and the top view. So glad we continued on for those views, they were worth it. This trail is all uphill and has some steep sections past the second bench. My legs are sore today. Don’t forget to wear sunblock and bug spray!!

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