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beautiful trail. best of everything.

12 days ago

Great hike! Blue glacier covered with snow but still a lovely hike with a great view! Very windy and Lots of ice today, minimal pockets of deep snow before you get to the pass. Started too late @ 1 pm and was nearly to the lake at 2:30. Had to turn around as it’s DST and after the sun went behind mountain at 3:30 things just became more dim. Got to my car at 4:30 very dusky & Probably dehydrated at that time. Remember to drink water when it’s cold outside. You need it and don’t realize it.
Gorgeous sunny day and only 4 people at the pass and no one else. The gentlemen said it’s a 4 hr hike minimum. 2 hrs there and 2 hrs back. Happy hiking!

I did this as a thru hike (30 miles) in 2.5 days in late September and loved it. As others have noted, there aren't many switchbacks and the trail mostly goes straight up and down hills so heavy rain made the trail somewhat treacherous. There were a few sections of rock gardens to hike through where I lost track of the trail and turned to the AllTrails map on my phone for navigation. Not many people out there as I saw 1 other hiker during my trip. The Northern half of this trail is more rugged and technical, which I really enjoyed. The miles are slower than other places I've hiked but the views were incredible. Because of the open tunrda, you are very safe from bears because of the good visibility and hiking / camping views of the Talkeetna and Denali ranges are stunning.


Beautiful hike.

1 month ago

Well worth the effort. Camped at the top. Bring at least 3 liters of water if you're doing the whole trail, especially if the sun is out. There are many streams if you have a filter.

1 month ago

The toughest part of the trail is the beginning with a pretty steep elevation. The trail is well maintained but due to the small gravel type rocks traction is iffy. The payoff of the glacier and portage lake is so worth it though. Pack a lunch and find a nice secluded spot around the side of the lake to enjoy.

This hike was very beautiful, the lake was big with plenty of places to camp. I wish I brought a fishing pole!!

Awesome hike and great views. Definitely worth the $30.

Easy, quick, beautiful hike!

mountain biking
1 month ago

This review is from someone who tried to bike from Primrose trail head up to the lake and back. Apparently, most individuals who bike it prefer to start at the Lost Lake trail head and through bike up to the lake and down to Primrose. We kept wondering why everyone was passing us the opposite way. Otherwise, the rating would be different. We bit off way more than we could chew trying to bike up this way. We are definitely not very advanced mountain bikers and we had to carry our bikes up a lot of the steeper/root-filled sections. Didn't make for the most awesome experience. However, the views and riding at the top by the lake are phenomenal and the ride back down was most supreme. So, definitely don't recommend trying to bike up from Primrose unless you've got some experience and skill. Other than that the trail was absolutely wonderful!

Easy, well marked trail with the first quarter mile of asphalt. Bring a jacket if it's windy... the breeze off the glacier is cold!
Since the glacier is receding, the overlook gets you close, but not quite up to it. can still get great pics.

Beautiful scenery & very well maintained trail! Easy hike. Take your kids they should be able to complete it. However be careful. We Crossed paths with a hungry bear (just a black bear which poses little threat to humans) eating salmon in the river the trail runs through.

F**k the owner. 30$ just to see the glacier from up close.

Gruelling hike up and down but well worth every bit of the effort. one of the most amazing and rewarding views in my 66 years on the planet

easy trail to the overlook point.. good glacier view..

1 month ago

One of the most beautiful hike in Kenai Pensilvania.

Beautiful hike. Make sure that you apply some insect repellent. I would recommend returning from the end well at least an hour before the sunset.

Dang my feet hurt! And my knees! Good thing this was a pretty hike! Saw like 8 marmots!! And the icefield, which was pretty cool too. Sept 11, 2018. 7.5 hr RT.

2 months ago

Walked through a green tunnel of brush for half an hour then got to the rocky stream bed. Had to cross over the glacially cold stream to go look at the snow caves, which were pretty neat! Sept 9, 2018.

Spectacular hike! Starts fairly wooded, at the Meadows overlook breaks out into open territory and beautiful alpine meadows. Every stop off provides a beautiful view, so don’t feel shortchanged if you can not make it the entire way up. We climbed to Top of the Cliffs and were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Icefield, glacier, even a black bear grazing on berries about 200 yds away. Plenty of people on the trail but good to bring bug and bear spray just in case. Took about 4 hours round trip, but we took our time and picked raspberries and blueberries along the way :) a must do for anyone visiting the area.

2 months ago

Easy trail with beautiful views. We walked a bit past where the trail ends, but it was raining so we didn't go all the way to the Glacier.

Best hike I ever done !

2 months ago

Amazing pretty much sums it up. Nice steady incline going up, lots of stops for berries because.. hello! It's September and somehow there are tong of blueberries out. Stayed at the lake for 2 nights.. could have stayed the rest of my life honestly. The hike out is also amazing! we enjoyed lunch at the peak and enjoyed 360° views!

2 months ago

One of our favorite overnight backpack outings. We typically camp at Primrose Friday night and overnight somewhere along the way. It's a great way to introduce new folks to backpacking with good terrain, a variety of landscapes and rewarding views at the top!

This year, we had glorious weather on Saturday, but just as we past the lake and hit the ridge, miserable cold drizzle and fog rolled in. Incessant rain all night and less than 20 ft visibility the next morning. We booked it out. Still, a great way to spend the weekend!

Tough hike, especially in mediocre weather, but the views were great! We got a late start after a long Friday at work and underestimated our pace, so took out early at Ermine Hill midday Sunday. We would enjoy this more with 3 1/2 days.
If you want similar views in a day hike, try the new Curry Ridge Trail accessed from the brand new Kesugi Ken Campground just 1/4 mile north of the South Denali Overlook.

Amazing views!!!The trail is strenuous, but absolutely worth it.

2 months ago

We started from Byer’s Lake and hiked 12.5 miles to skinny lake on day 1 after getting a late start. Set up camp there and then hiked down Ermine trail to the highway the next morning for ~20 miles total.

First five miles from Byer’s Lake aren’t too bad; steady climbing and some muddy areas. Views become incredible once above the tree line and with decent visibility we were able to see the Alaska range clearly (although a few peaks remained obscured behind cloud cover).

Walking on the ridge itself is incredible and trail was dry minus a few marshy areas that are hard to avoid. Views of the mountains and the terrain of the hike itself make it well worth it.

First half of trail is very easy walk over gravel pathway. Second portion is slightly harder maneuvering over rocks to finally get to beautiful ice caves. Views include multiple ice caves and waterfalls. Round trip slightly less than 2 hrs depending on how long you stop for pictures. Definitely worth the trip!

Honestly, I used to be an avid hiker but I’m currently pretty dang out of shape and was questioning if I should attempt this trail- it was SO worth it!!! Out of all the amazing hikes in different states that I’ve done, I dare say this was my most favorite!! The pictures don’t do it justice! My husband and I took our time and we were both in AWE! So, so worth it. And if you’re questioning if it’s too hard, just know you can do it- doesn’t matter if everyone is passing you on the way up, you will be so amazed by how beautiful the views are.

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