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must see if you’re near Seward

Easy and VERY busy trail. Easily accessible.

My 6 and 9 year old kids made the entire trail and I couldnt be prouder since it is strenuous for an adult. Views are spectacular and I really enjoyed the wildflowers. So much I bought an identifying guide book.

Great hike. The first 3/4 is realistically moderate the last 1/4 is hard, but completely worth the view. The trail has a couple routes you can take as well. Great way to see the town of anchorage. Wind can get crazy but it’s fun. Well traveled so you won’t be alone

12 days ago

Nice, easy trail that lets you get a good view of the exit glacier. Expect a lot of people.

Nice easy start then quite the “goat climb” to the top beautiful views all around saw a Dall Sheep that crossed the trail ahead of me. 6 Bald Eagles circling over head and a huge bull Moose off in the distance

My favorite part of this hike was the top of the cliffs section. Great views of the glacier and very lush at the end of July. We decided to end our hike with about 20 minutes left to the end of the trail due to crummy weather.

15 days ago

Great view at the lake. Good hike with moderate incline in the beginning but then it's flat. Coming back was faster. It was pretty windy near the lake. Glad I had a coat. This was not too far away and close to home.

It's easy I would say not moderate. Or maybe an easy moderate. Beautiful.

Amazing views from the top and is challenging getting back down over the rocks. Fantastic hike!

Enjoyable moderate hike. We parked before the fee area, so it’s a little further of a hike in to the actual trailhead. Lots of people on the trail yesterday afternoon/evening. There was a bull moose sighting, but no disturbance by said moose. There were two tents at Rabbit Lake, which looked like a scenic spot to camp for a night.

17 days ago

Apparently there was a bold black bear sighting on July 24th, so for protection I took a wet stick, a pocket knife, and some headphones. Luckily there was no bear sighting today, but there was a pretty aggressive ground squirrel that gave me a look at the top of the tree line, so look out for that guy!
The hike was amazing, but the best part was continuing past The Dome, along the ridge line all the way to Knoya Peak. This adds about 3 miles to the whole hike and the top of the ridge is some rocky terrain with some climbing required, but well worth it. The top of the peak had a nice little grass patch to sit and enjoy the views. Would hike again!!

18 days ago

Absolutely stunning views. Bring big spray and trekking poles. Took about 5 hours round trip. Saw a few mountain goat as well.

It was pretty but a short hike.

19 days ago

Great trail. Tough

trail running
19 days ago

Pretty easy trail and great for trail running because once you get up the little incline at the beginning it flattens out. No bears, No moose, and very dog friendly trail! This is my 4th time doing this one and I would recommend going on a clear day, the lake and suicide and homicide peaks will give you a phenomenal view

well maintained trail! it took my friend and i just under 4 hours to complete with hanging at the top for a little. it’s a constant but not severe incline.

Had 4hrs to complete this trail up and down before the last shuttle back to Seward. I accomplished it at a quick, relentless pace with my 40lb pack to boot. Even took a 15 min rest and chat at the little shelter up top. Beautiful trail and a great workout. Most will want to give themselves 5-6hrs minimum based on fitness and whether it’s a leisure hike.

22 days ago

Because the Glacier recedes annually the trail doesn't get you right up to the Glacier but the viewpoint allow good views

I don't like the long, boring, uphill hike in. On a sunny day like last Sunday it feels like you are baking and there are few shady spots for relief. The dogs and kids were overheating and miserable. Once it opens up it's beautiful but I'd rather do the Williwaw Lakes trail where you get to beautiful scenery faster. A long hike up a road bed and then through alders isn't worth the payoff when compared to other trails.

Amazing. Made it to the shelter and the fog settled in. Beautiful views and well groomed trail. The meadows were amazing with flowers in bloom. Saw Marmots but no bears. Last part of trail we slagging through some snow but trail well marked. Shelter was very cool and we stopped the hike there as fog was too thick to see much beyond. Blue ice glaciers were massive and very picturesque. Saw some people hiking on Exit Glacier which was cool to see. Not too many people. Would recommend anytime.

24 days ago

Great hike!

Quick steep hike very busy as well. The scramble to the top is fun and some great views from the top!

Three main sections for this hike. Begins with rolling hills in the forest and then up to a ridge. Fairly dry the rest of the way with a series of switch backs followed by a climb along the Ridgeline until the peak. Definitely worth the views from the summit. Look for the air craft remains on your right after the switch backs as you make your way to the peak. Bring lots of water.

26 days ago

Nice easy hike but lots of traffic and bikers. View opens up about halfway in. Some areas of running water using main trail but mostly over rock, little mud but avoidable. Some stretches brush-lined, haven't seen bears on multiple outings but always fresh sign. Nice Inlet views on hike out. Parking for beyond iron ranger worthwhile if spots are available. Young to old, fit to not, mellow trail for anyone with gradual climb thru the valley.

it was completely cloudy so you couldn't see anything higher than Marmot meadow, but the views we did have were really nice and the trail was nice as well

horseback riding
29 days ago

My gal and I hiked Flattop early on a warm summer day. When we arrived we were the only ones there and the view was so inspiring that we decided to make love. I can tell you from experience, this is a great place to view Alaska from and even greater for making love.

Great hike very near Anchorage.

29 days ago

Relatively easy hike. A very small incline in the beginning but the rest is flat. About 4.7 miles there and 4.7 back. The first mile or two is pretty narrow (only one person can fit at a time) because of thick bushes and trees. The entire trail is rocky. It looks like it used to be an old river or stream. It’s not terrible to walk on by any means but there are a few creeks in between so it can be muddy in a few spots. If taking your dogs, be aware that they might need hiking boots for this trail. My 100lb Dane shredded all 4 paws and had to be carried the last two miles down the mountain. My 40lb Golden also had a few cut up paws but nothing serious. Just something to think about if bringing your dogs! I saw a few people having to carry their dogs back on the way down too. There is also no shade on the trail or at the lake, so wear sunscreen! The lake itself is absolutely beautiful. And huge. You could definitely camp out with more than enough space between you and the next person. Rainbow trout are also in the lake and our friends actually caught a few. The way back down is super easy since it is flat then slightly downhill. We saw a bull moose on the trail so just keep a heads up for wildlife and keep plenty of space in between if you do have an encounter. Overall great hike! Definitely recommend this one and would do it again.

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