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3 days ago

What a TREASURE!! This place is beautiful and well maintained. There are several options with roughly 10 or more miles of trails to create loops or just wander around.
Lots of picnic areas along the trail system and numerous options in cabins or shelters.
Be sure and drive up to the CCC cabins to park and talk to Sunny, who watches over the place and is a most endearing and gracious character. He knows the mountain inside and out and can help you decide on a route.
Bring some cash and buy a t-shirt from the ranger’s station to support this wonderful endeavor these volunteers have made possible for the public to enjoy.

Lots of blow downs and thick vegetation. Besides that, its a pretty good trail. I went about 4 miles in then turned around.

2 months ago

Beautiful. Make sure to not let your toddler bring a tricycle as they will come out in their golf carts and yell at you. It didn’t even cross my mind that this goes into the “biking” category. Kid goes slower than my slow walking pace

just did this trail. the first 2 miles was really challenging because it was steep and very humid, there was 4 Creek crossings which is fun but wear waterproof hiking boots. once you get past 2 miles it's less humid and more flat. but you need to prepare for tons of bugs, even using deet it wasn't enough. the path is very narrow and overgrown in many areas with many trees you have to climb over so be prepared to walk straight through bushes and branches and where long sleeves and pants. you also need to be very aware of ticks. even with deet I found 2 on me and my boyfriend and my dog had one even though she has medicine for it. overall I like this hike bc it was challenging and adventurous but it certainly can be exhausting with the spider webs, gnats, and ticks.

I’d prob give this one a 3.5 if that was possible. Had to hike off the trail a bit to get the views. Very shaded though and the terrain changed enough to keep it interesting. Definitely bring bug spray. I’d prob do again if someone else wanted to check it out but won’t on my own time...

We hiked just the northern portion of the trail from 186 to the northern trailhead at Little Texas, which was a little over 8 miles out and back. There is plenty of parking on the south side of 186 near the trailhead for the mountain bike trail, as well as at the ranger station. The blazes and markers were not that frequent, as noted by other reviewers, but it was fairly easy to follow the trail. The elevation changes were not too dramatic, and there were few vistas. Road noise is also noticeable for a lot of trail. But we liked seeing the dogwood in bloom, and it was also handy to have LTE cell service (AT&T) on virtually the entire route. This portion of the trail may also be used for mountain biking, but I think it would be extremely challenging because there are quite a few downed trees that cross the path as well as some areas with overhanging branches.

Nice hike. Challenging but very doable incline at start of hike. Decent views. Trail marked well but overgrown in spots. Hiked in 3 miles and turned around since it’s a point to point hike.

Beautiful views. However not buy one campsite on this trail until you get to Adams's gap. At about mile 6 there are tock fields you must go through and it seems they never stop. I would advise not to wear trail runners. Gaiters such as dirty girl is also advisable during to briars about ankle high in many parts. Good water sources up to the rock fields after that I saw no water. I carried my pack (22lbs) anticipating on making it a 2 day hike but due to lack of campsites I hiked all the way through.

7 months ago

Great running trail! Be cautious that the bridge may be slippery. Walking the entire trail takes about an hr.

Getting to this trail was like entering a scene from Deliverance. However tinge started the trail was very pretty as the start winds around a small stream. To me it was not worth hiking past where you stray away from the stream.

8 months ago

Hiked this, from Porter's Gap to Adam's Gap on 2/17/18. The first approximate 5 miles are excellent, mostly ascending gently along a ridgetop, often times with a great view, simultaneously leftwards and right. The trail footing is excellent for about 5 miles and is even runnable. The remainder of the hike is nice, but the footing isn't as fast. The climbing was easier than I anticipated, with only a few extreme, steep sections.

Started at north end and walked the entire length. The first few miles are within earshot of a major road and there is more of this intermittently throughout the trail. The diamond white blazes are not particularly frequent along the trail. It's enough to remind you now and then that you're still on the trail. This isn't a problem for most of the way as the trail is well trod and not difficult to find, except for a swampy portion a few miles from the south end where some trees are down, there is a lot of water, and it looks like some work is being done on the trail or surroundings. Another issue is a higher than average amount of trash at the northern trailhead and a few other spots along the trail. Otherwise most of the trail seems pleasant enough, albeit not terribly exciting. Overall not a bad trail, though could be better with maintenance, and even if in perfect shape it's the sort of trail to check out if you're spending time in the area anyway, not the kind of trail to go out of your way to hike.

Lots of mosquitos but such awesome rock formations and views :)

Great Hike...I also hiked on and crossed Oakey Mtn. Solo 3/2. Both Dugger and Oakey are good tests. Not for everyone. I tent camped. However both Dugger and Oakey shelters are nice and located at a water source. Trail was in good shape. Easy to follow (even in the snow). There were blowdowns but not too many. It snowed hard during my hike so I would expect to see more trees down. This hike is a great example of hidden treasures to be found in the Great State of Alabama. I will definitely do this hike again. Fabulous views. I saw one person in 3 days who, by the way, was hiking all the way to Flagg Mtn.

10 months ago

Offers a good variety of easy to moderate. Some areas are a little steep. Offers a great view at the top, especially at the chapel. Definitely different with snow.

10 months ago

Had a great time with my family! Road going in- CC camp road is a little rough so be careful if you don’t have an SUV. Trail was a good workout and the tower area is beautiful. The tower itself is locked due to bee/wasp infestation. But the view is still gorgeous and worth seeing. ❤️

Hard! Lots of blowdowns! Lots of solitude, seen no-one today.

trail running
10 months ago

Beautiful spot for trail running! Most of it is paved, so it's nicer on the ankles and knees after a few days of hiking/trail running on rockier surfaces. :) Truly enjoyed it!

Trail in horrible shape.. Trail hard to find in places.... But decent challenge

11 months ago

Went with my wife and son had a great time.

Beautiful in the fall. Moderately challenging hills, very good short hike.

What a beautiful place and awesome mountain views!

Monday, October 02, 2017

Parked at Adam's Gap and hiked about 5.5 miles out on the Pinhoti. Trail was fine until we crossed Talladega Scenic Highway. From that crossing to the County Rd 600-2 crossing (south side of Burgess Point) the trail was so poorly marked and overgrown that we got lost 2-3 times. On the way back we skipped that section entirely and walked along the road instead. The only water sources were a couple tiny streams about 2 miles out from Adam's Gap.

Monday, September 04, 2017

awesome spot.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

awesome trail. I went to the top, I stood and looked down..lost a lot of friends there baby

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My son and I had a great time hiking this and another trail. not to much wildlife but it was the middle of the day, however we did see deer tracks. I have to agree that the signage could have been better, also parking, we saw trailhead signs but no pulloffs, we did see where other vehicles had pulled off on the side of the road and we did the same. Overall 4stars.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Quiet, enjoyable hike with the kids! All 3 miles was smooth trails could be easy access for stroller use.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Dirty! There was trash everywhere and it smelled terrible!! The water looked very questionable and no walking trails near the water.

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