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12 hours ago

Short walk, but straight up and then straight down: Wear good shoes


love this place!

Had a blast on this trail. There are definitely spots when you have to take your time to watch your footing, but the experience was worth it!

13 days ago

Just a note I work for the Cullman Parks & Recreation department that owns this land and operates the property and all trails. We have 3.5 miles of officially marked trails so it is longer than the 2 miles listed here. There are also some unofficial older trails that could make your hike closer to 4.5 miles or more. We are in the process of putting new signage all through the trails with new trail maps at the trail head and picnic area of the park, as well as online.

I haven’t been here since 2011 and was surprised that it was unattended and a bit run down. It seems like wherever there’s a human presence there is trash.

Other than that this is a lovely place. All three waterfalls were running and the wild flowers were just beginning to make a presence. Headed back today!

19 days ago

This is a wonderful hike with a beautiful creek on one side and a great rock face to the other side. The "cave" can be a challenge for folks carrying a large pack (it will have to be removed) and anyone who has a little bit to their midsection might have a tough time getting through. It is a fun hike that has the potential of being made into a longer over-night trip by linking up with other trails in the Sipsey area.

Beware: the trails are not well defined and you will need a map in order to stay in the right direction. It is easy to get lost in Sipsey, so be sure to have solid directions.

Beautiful views. However not buy one campsite on this trail until you get to Adams's gap. At about mile 6 there are tock fields you must go through and it seems they never stop. I would advise not to wear trail runners. Gaiters such as dirty girl is also advisable during to briars about ankle high in many parts. Good water sources up to the rock fields after that I saw no water. I carried my pack (22lbs) anticipating on making it a 2 day hike but due to lack of campsites I hiked all the way through.

Love this trail just watch where you are going

This trail was a good workout on the incline. Coming back down was really steep and I think as hard as going up.

rock climbing
20 days ago

A great hike, even better location.
And some nice V0-2 boulder problems off the main trail, if you're into that.

Busy, family fun day hike.

Great little trail.

Nice little park with a scenic walking path. Easy trekking, completely flat, gravel top.

22 days ago

I loved our camping spot, I loved the hike...I am rating it a 2 because the cost of the tour was too expensive for what it was. I would go back for just the hike.

Great trail! marked pretty much all the way through! Waterfall at the end!

It was a great hike for my wife and I. I seen people say it’s only 30 mins but that is not true if you hike the trail that is shown on the map it’s about 3 miles and took us about 3 hours which we stopped a few times looking at what God has created for us.:) the trials are somewhat “hidden” in places and you can easily get off track. The twilight tunnel could be easily missed if you don’t know what and where it is... we suggest taking the lower trial first which takes you straight to the tunnel and eventually brings you out the “high side”. We did it backwards which was pretty confusing for us.

nature trips
29 days ago

The trail was relaxing and runs alongside the river. Not much in the way of wildlife or birds appeared. The directions are terrible! We spoke with a wildlife officer and he told us about the parking lot that has ample parking. If you are coming from RT 278 and turn onto 1651, the next road at end of bridge.

Rainbow loop trail is poorly marked.

Had a blast

1 month ago

Hiked this, from Porter's Gap to Adam's Gap on 2/17/18. The first approximate 5 miles are excellent, mostly ascending gently along a ridgetop, often times with a great view, simultaneously leftwards and right. The trail footing is excellent for about 5 miles and is even runnable. The remainder of the hike is nice, but the footing isn't as fast. The climbing was easier than I anticipated, with only a few extreme, steep sections.

Awesome trail

1 month ago

Great walk, good variety of terrain.

1 month ago

Nice, easy hike.

Length of the entire trail (there and back) is about three miles.

Nice trail that winds through a few different types of forest. Some parts have been heavily hit by pine beetles.

The trail widens out under a grove of hemlock. Very pretty with ample shade. The creek is clear with a sandy bottom. Good for wading.

The path leading down to the falls is hidden. Head to the right along the top of the cliff. It's just below the edge. Very narrow.

Once you're down there, you can walk under the falls themselves. My four girls really got a kick out of this one. :)

Dismals Canyon is not open year around as stated on this ap. It’s closed from December through February

This is a nice little surprise in Cullman. The loop up to the cliffs and small cave is worth taking any time of year

1 month ago

Trail is very well marked as are all trails in Monte Sano Park. The cuts are beautiful, lots of i cycles when we hiked it a couple of weeks ago. Also saw three whitetail deer as an added bonus. Trail has some vertical to it but overall leans towards the easy side. Great hike!

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