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on Dismals Canyon

3 days ago

Too short, too expensive!! Nothing special!!! $12 / person is for my opinion not worth! I think it deserve maybe only Parking fees or $5 / person. I mean there are a lot of FREE amazing and breath taking places. Sad about !

4 days ago

Beautiful property. Terrible customer service. The weirdest hours I’ve ever seen for a park. I’m rating it a 5 because the property is gorgeous & I enjoyed it very much!

Nice short trail

mountain biking
10 days ago

Professionally constructed trail. Recently cleared and maintained.

great trail for little bigger kids 5+ be prepared for kids to swim in the summer.

I hiked in to the falls on July 29. The first mile or so is a logging road. Then you have a sandy trek through the woods. The last bit down to the water is quite steep. The falls are lovely and there is a nice swimming hole. The parking area is quite small.

Hiked the sugar tree to smoke rise route for the first time this season yesterday. It's always been one of my favorites for a quick get your heart going walk through beautiful woods. So upset to come upon new construction at the intersection of sugar tree and smoke rise yesterday! Happy for the homeowners but so disappointed for those of us who have enjoyed (until now) the escape from suburbia. Still have to give the trail 5 stars. It's really a beautiful hike.

I walk this trail often and love it. On average my hiking app shows it to be 1.7 miles. There is enough elevation that it gives me a decent workout. If you want more distance, hike it twice. It is a rocky trail so I do caution anyone to keep your eyes downward to prevent a fall. The trail has a solid canopy too, so no sunscreen is required.

Love the waterfall! There’s a place to swim and you can go behind the water fall! You can also jump off the top of the waterfall into the water below. There’s plenty of places to sit and relax. Only thing I can say is it’s rough to get down there....especially if you have small children. You have to be extremely careful going down and up. Can’t wait to go back when my kids are a bit older!

There is many different trails here. One of my favorites that's close to home.

on Cutchenmine Trail

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail is not maintained at all.. There were 3 large trees that were across the trail before we even got to the second wooden bridge. This would be a great trail if there weren't so many trees blocking the trail. Also not much parking at all. There's only room for 3 or 4 vehicles at the trail head. We parked about an 1/8 mile down the road and rode to trail head.

Trail was very easy and short. It was very beautiful, the waterfalls were not what I was expecting but still beautiful. The only negative thing I have to say is it cost my daughter and myself $20 to hike for a couple of hours, just seems like too much. Especially on our way out the older lady that was working was yelling at my 6 year old and I that we had 3 minutes to get our while we were walking up the steps. I think I will stick to the free outdoors but worth seeing once.

1 month ago


1 month ago

My family and i have been several time. This place is absolutely beautiful. We usually take our lab also he loves playing in the water!

1 month ago

Went after a good rain and the waterfall was gorgeous.

1 month ago

Any hike is a good hike. The trail received a 3 because it was growing soda cans and trash, which I don't think is suppose to happen or even possible. There were some nice rock formations and small water crossings. Again, any hike is a good hike.

More rugged than I expected. Nice hike.

I’d say this is so far the best marked trail I’ve been on. Even though it’s 1.5 miles id still bring some water (we didn’t) would do it again

1 month ago

Great trail! The trails are clear and very well marked; easy to follow. I went the day after a good thunderstorm, so the waterfall was flowing pretty good! There are benches along the way to rest if you need to and the trail is mostly flat with great options to go off trail as well.
I did this hike with a 6 month old pup and 9 month old pup. We crossed the stream three times, so they got to cool off the whole way. The trail is shaded the whole way and was very nice in the high 80's.
This trail was actually one of my top favorite trails. It's beautiful, easy (with moderate or hard options) and just breathtaking! I recommend for anyone!

6-25-18. Trail closed. Logging operation in progress.

Still closed 6/24/18... haven’t been able to hike it yet

I have yet to hike this trail. Went today (6-21/18) and the trail was closed to the public. I’m not sure if some of it was washed out but that’s what it looked like. Just a heads up! Gonna try again in a few weeks.

nature trips
1 month ago

Large tree in the way .5 Miles in. :-(

The back end of the trail is poorly marked. I know the end of trail is to signify you can’t go in this direction any further and if you turn around you see the V go back the way you can or finish the loop. I use the gps and record my trek with all trails so if I do get confused I can just follow the dotted line - pretty awesome - I suggest a stick for this one if you are not sure footed

Not a summer trail. Overgrown. Went 5 miles out then back. Best late winter early spring.

Been going to Hurricane Creek for years. Beautiful rock and cliff formations, picnic area beside the creek and lots of neat little areas such as Twilight Tunnel & Heavens Staircase. A beautiful place just off the main road.

Lots of rocky hills to walk up. Challenging and gets the heart pumping!

It was kindof over grown and hard to navigate but it was still fun.

2 months ago

It was very pretty. I thought it was a little pricey.

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