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Great place to hike I’ve been hiking there for 16 years

Great trail, waterfalls and flowing river were awesome

Really nice spot. Took 11, 9, and 3 yr olds and they all had a good time. Difficulty is what you make it. Somewhat steep track down a hill to the falls, the rocks on the stream can be tricky if you decide to play around on them, but nothing has to be too crazy if you don’t want it to be and you can still enjoy a great view and environment.


It’s fine.!

tricky for me but the waterfall is worth it

Real fun trail with a fun mixture of paths.

1 month ago

Nice views
Great paths
Marked well
Would do it again

Great place, the only thing was with all this wilderness a group of idiots had to camp right by us & make noises & scream all night. Besides that it was very nice.

"Back in my day, sonny (in the Golden 90s), this was definitely the teenage party spot!"

2 months ago

This is a gorgeous spot . Just watch your step if you walk down to the falls . Some of the wet rocks are REALLY SLICK . Beautiful place and an easy walk .

2 months ago

Pretty nice area. The views from on top of the canyon around the stop-offs are incredible.

2 months ago

Manageable for all skill levels and ages. You can extend this hike by taking the trail South along the river to "Little Falls". Hike down and back up is a little steep, then you can either walk back along the river or on the side of the road back to the main parking lot.

I wish I had recorded it and made another trail!

2 months ago

a very awesome trail I have son the loop. Going back to do the how trail from DSP to 35falls can't wait.

2 months ago

Fun for all levels. Go during late fall or spring when water volume is higher.

fun trail

it was as great. took the entire family ages 6,9,12,36,32. we all are different levels of fit and was able to do this with ease. even the dog loved it. great places to get in to cool off too

3 months ago

Beautiful setting! I’m not much of a runner but the dirt part of the trail was pretty flat and I was able to do some jogging. Quick little trail but worth the visit. I also visited many of the other trails and sight seeing areas while there.

3 months ago

Gorgeous hidden gem! there are various trails, one along the outer rim of the gorge is easy. Along the way to the lookout point is a more sketchy looking overgrown trail that is strainuous. It follows a rocky creekbed at a steep angle down to the middle falls. So worth the hike! I have read of other falls on down, and wanted to go down further, but I ran out of daylight. Must revisit this magical place!

This state park is beautifully kept and has a wonderful waterfall feature on the trail. The only downside is the trail is not marked very well and there a lot of side trails and bike trails that crisscross

very simple and short trail. has an overlook and a trail for river access. was very easy for my seven month old dog. nice views, pretty water, would recommend.

Pretty views of the waterfall and canyon are easy to get to! Great hike to do with kids!

Love love love this little state park! Great hiking, really great trails!

4 months ago

As my phone had no service and I used the trail map provided by the park, my experience was not what I was expecting. This hike was not difficult, and it was similar to the hiking in Oklahoma around Stillwater, the change in incline was less than I experience in Kansas walking to the river from my house.

Had a blast there this past weekend

Very pretty hike with great views along the way! Drove all the way from Florida and back in the same day for this trail and it was worth it!

Great trail! My 7 year old hiked all the way to the waterfall and back. We found lots of cool mushrooms, dragonflies, animal holes, rocks, and leaves. A dragonfly took a ride on my finger, and my daughter found a dead little bumblebee she created a Viking funeral for with a leaf in the creek. We swam and relaxed before hiking back. This trail is a hidden gem.

Beautiful place to go to! Walk further down another trail and you can get to Martha’s falls and jump off cliffs!! Great adventure

The trail itself was beautiful especially by the river but there are A LOT of ticks. I highly recommend you and your dogs are treated for ticks before tackling this hike. The trail head actually begins in the state park just beyond the lodge and cabins.

If you want to get to the summit of the mountain, none of these maps are correct. Here are the directions to do that: 1) park at the lake trail ($5 fee) and hike up to the state park. 2) walk down the road past a small waterfall on the left and just before you get to the pool at the lodge 3) take a left into the campground loop and look for the trailhead markers with the blue yeti! This "Leave No Trace" trail will take you right to the top observation tower and picnic area! Views are better from other overlooks, which you can access in the park.

The lake trail was VERY well marked (to the point I figured they'd hired some vandal to do penance and just "mark every tree, rock and dirt patch with blue".) The trail is like other reviewers said: steep and rocky but beautiful!

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