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There are caves in the area, but they are not easy to find. Gotta know the history. A very large recess behind the waterfall. Most days of the year the falls are breathtaking. The trail is a bit rugged and slick here and there,but all together pleasant. As usual around water sources, watch for snakes. Caught a few cute little yellow ring necks near the falls. Seen a few guys ride their kayaks off the top of the falls once. VERY ILLEGAL!! Nobody was hurt. At least a good 100ft drop. It was awesome!!

Kind of a weird trail that follows a gravel road for half the distance and then turns on to a path that you would normally associate with a hiking trail. The falls are nice, especially after a lot of rain like we've gotten recently. Overall an easy hike with a pretty waterfall at the end.

One of those trails that you just have to see in person. It’s a long hike so do take some protein and water but well worth it! Low traffic so we enjoyed the trail to ourselves mostly.

Loved it!

Great hike beautiful waterfall! As others have mentioned, it’s steep going down, take your time...we had lunch on the rocks as well.

Was a wonderful easy hike. A little treacherous going down to the bottom of falls. Beautiful area.

Did this trail twice. First time was a mistake. I entered the horse trail, not the hiking trail. The horse trail is more than twice as long as the hiking trail. I had to turn around at one point just to make sure I got out of there before dark, because I didn't bring a lot of gear. When I finally went back and did the hiking trail, it was the hike of a lifetime. Its amazing. There are a few little campsites along the way and a very old small cemetery. One gravestone is in good condition and they apparently died in 1860. 10/10 would recommend.

13 days ago

I went after tons of rain, and I’m so glad I did! It was super muddy from the cemetery to the falls, so I would definitely recommend at least one trekking pole.

Once you get to the creek and see the falls and think you can’t go any further, put on some water shoes, cross the river, and keep going up.

Took my 26 pound dog and he loved it.

What a nice surprise!

My GPS clocked 8.25 miles and I went all the way to the top of the falls.

The green trail is the most difficult trail at Oak Mountain State Park due to the steep terrain. Beautiful rock formations and views.

Amazing scenery, waterfalls, and people! if you love to climb there are a lot of opportunities!

Fun day trip! Great scenery. Listened to other reviews and climbed the ledge at the pool and found the beginning of the falls. Well worth the climb.

We love this trail. Very muddy and slippery on the last mile to the falls tough climb back out. But overall an awesome hike we plan to return when dry
My GPS. Recorded 8 miles round trip and took 6 hrs spent about an hour at the falls.

it was really short and nothing really to look at other than bamboo lol

Great hike. 1 mile in. Climb down. Two awesome waterfalls then 1’mile out. It’s clean. No trash. Great hike.

The falls are very beautiful after its been raining. Drive to parking at top of mountain. Hike is steep once you get to falls area. Take the time to hike down away from falls for some beautiful creek views down the gulley. Good rocks to sit on and have a snack. We did this exact loop today. The white to green (ridge) trail connector is steep going up but well marked and worth it bc the green trail is on a ridge looking off both sides. In winter you have great views.

17 days ago

God out did himself with this little treasure of land and water!!!!

SO COOL. The key is to keep going once you get to the little waterfall bit and rocky pool at the end, which is like the head of the little river you follow for the middle third. With a FUN rock scramble, you can climb up to see the crashing waterfall!! Must do that!!

Otherwise, decent hike. Only “hard” because it’s muddy and rocky for that middle third, and the ascent (return hike) is pretty long. Pretty area. We went in winter and are pretty active folks.

Great hike!
You can do it!!
Take your time! Beautiful!!

great water

23 days ago

Just over a 2 mile walk, this was a great trail for beginners. My daughters aged 14, 11, 9 and 3 hiked the red trail (Narrows Ridge) with me with no issues.

Beautiful views, but very hard to stay on the loop as trail marks are confusing. Got off on side trail few times. Thanks to blue gps dot on the AllTrails app that I could find my way back. Otherwise five star trail. Will do it again.

29 days ago

Pretty good trail. Muddy in some spots, and slightly difficult to see due to fallen leaves in others (I went in December). The E. O. Wilson boardwalk, which is part of this trail along the Blakeley River, is a highlight, as is the stretch where you’re on Champion Tree trail, which has the largest sweetbay and bigleaf magnolias in the state. The boardwalk at Squirrel’s Nest was a little sketchy (broken) in parts, but I still went to the end which is a nice spot to sit and grab a snack or whatever. Overall Blakeley is a nice state park and this trail is worth checking out.

Really great trail in the winter after the rain. During the summer the creek dries up. I would suggest taking the Tennesee trailhead as it is easier and offers better scenery. It can still be tough but well worth the trek!

I hiked this following a mixture of the app recording and the map given to me by the owners before I started out. The map, at first glance, looks difficult but relax it’s very good, plus you’re in a canyon so unless you start rock climbing you really can’t get lost. I hiked to Johnson Falls in Devils Hollow and ate lunch then went along “Bluffline” I think. Unfortunately, the recording on the app I followed bypassed a lot of neat features of this area, so I’ll be back when I have more time. Honestly, I’d recommend not fooling with the app for this trail, and simply take the map from sign in and go down and explore. Also, the owners were extremely nice and gracious people.

Nice hike. Plenty of camping spots. Springs coming right out of the hills. Not sure why it’s rated as hard? Maybe people get hurt.
Be careful! It’s slippery in spots.

started on the Tennessee side today. the trek down is marked really well until you reach Alabama. be aware that the trail markers change.

Beautiful day for this hike. 50 degrees and sunny! Good hike. Nice challenge back up from the falls to parking lot

Great day for a hike. Marked well!!

Great day hiking trail. If you do the loop, it’s a moderate hike. Definitely recommend, especially on a beautiful day!

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