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Due to development the trailhead has moved to inside the neighborhood. This trial had quite a bit of incline for such a short distance. I'm not a bird watcher but I did get to see two bald eagles flying around which was all inspiring. I would recommend at least one trekking Pole

great trail for all ages and dogs. Be careful not to let little ones climb on the rocks unattended. Some of them hide a substantial drop off that could be fatal!

The good parts: challenging trail; good views; fun to hike. The bad part: poor to non-existant blazes, especially on the switchbacks. Good training, however. I highly recommend it and will be back! Bring plenty of water and electrolytes during periods of hot weather. There are no water sources on the trail other than the Lake.

Caney Creek is a great hike. Easy and always refreshing. Please always practice LNT Leave No Trace. Have fun hiking.

Great trail... lots to see!

Took my son and dog for an afternoon trip. Easy trail and safe. Beautiful views.

The hike in wasn't bad at all. The last mile has a lot of rocks in the trail so beware of that. Now the hike out was a challenge. The elevation change is mainly in that last mile. The walls themselves are beautiful, definitely worth the hike in and out. For those wanting to hike it soon, there is water at the end right now.

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6 days ago

My only complaint is the trail to cross over solid level ground rather than over the rock circle/retaining pond is not obviously marked. FYI, go left at the chainlink fence or you will disturb the efforts of some very annoyed fishermen... like I did. Also, when you reach the picnic area, the path picks back up on the other side of the pavilion in the tree line closest to the river.

I actually ran Rockpile and the paved Jogging Trail and back out Rockpile. Ended up being almost 6.5 miles. My puppers had a great time! Another side note, some other people did not have their dogs on leashes and would run up to me and my dog.

A good hike for sure! the hikers included me 42yo, 13yr, 10 yr and 2 8yolds. Yes, it's the south in the summertime - be prepared for the sweltering humidity with plenty of water and snacks. The kids got a little discouraged on the way down, but said the swimming hole was definitely worth it. The canopy of trees provides plenty of shade but also locks in the humidity if it has rained recently. Don't rate the trail poorly just bc it's hot and humid! the rock formations at the end are amazing, so suck it up and carry on! Just remember, what goes down must come back up - be prepared for the 100% uphill on the way back out.

This our trial run to get our packs adjusted before starting on the Application trail. we have been going here for many years, and love it

It’s a beautiful trail, I’m a beginner hiker so I found it challenging in some areas, it was very well marked and has a gorgeous view of the water. Hopefully this trail will become easier for me the more I do it! Warning though, there are so many spider webs!! Gotta constantly stay on the look out

4th time out here this year. The canyon walls are gorge-ous.

Not a difficult walk down to the bottom of the canyon, from there on it’s pretty flat and a lot of fun to explore!

Definitely a difficult hike but if you prepare mentally and bring plenty of water it's beyond rewarding!!

Really great trails. Really nice scenery. The owners of the property really take good care of the place and work hard to give a great experience to everyone who comes. They don’t charge a dime and just want people to enjoy the outdoors.

Great views of Lake Martin in some spots. There are a few difficult twists and short climbs but they're a blast! Trail could use a few more markers because I got turned around twice, but it wasn't difficult to get back on course.

Beautiful hike. Well marked and fun trails. The owners were very nice and informative. There are a lot of different trail options so you can make it as long or as short as you want. I had our little guy with us so 1.5miles is all we did today. But that got us to the waterfall (just a small stream right now but really cool) and a great lookout point. We will definitely be back to cover more of the trail.

15 days ago

I am a novice and thought it could have been marked better at a few places, but with help got back on the trail I wanted. Really enjoyed it.

where it's the water? took family of 5 and several family with kids. we camped at bottom and hiked to walls. the falls were dry never seen it like this usually at least some water in falls. good time down and the kids with backpacks did great on way back 22 min miles uphill. needed lots of water kids drank over 1.5 litres each and started getting into ours at end. make sure to plan ahead to purify water because wont have enough to go down and back without refills.

Love this trail! Beautiful views of Lake Martin, some challenges (eye of the needle), a few switchbacks that can get you (well me anyway) turned around, but not too long. I come here regularly. Can get up early to spend 2 hours or so on this trail, then have the rest of the day in front of me. Of course it helps that it’s close by my house.

if you're familiar with the maps and trails that's great but a lot of places truly need blazing. very easy to switch to a different trail

however I absolutely love love love this preserve

Really Great hike! Make sure you park at the hiking trail head and not the horseback riding trail head! We definitely parked at the wrong one and initially had a really hard time finding the correct trail.

**WARNING** just took this hike on Labor Day and there were yellow jacket nests everywhere! luckily it was just me who got stung and not my wife, kid, or dogs. the hike itself is not bad but if you are there just to see the water then you would be better hiking to Cheah falls from the top then go back to your car and drive to lake Chinnabe and hiking to devel's den from there.

A nice hike, not as difficult as some reviews had indicated. the falls send rock formations are worth the hike. The decent from the Alabama trail head is basically switchbacks and it isn't unpleasant, but is unremarkable. If you can't walk down hill on uneven terrain this may not be a good hike for you. but if you take your time, it isn't daunting. the last mile or so takes you across and beside a creek (or dry creek bed, depending on the weather) and there are campsites, wildflowers and even a small cemetery. The trail does get more difficult here, footing isn't always secure and the rocks give your ankles a work out.the walls/ amphitheatre area are really cool. We went in a dry season do we could see the rock basin that the water has carved over time and had a nice picnic by the deepest pool of water that we could find. the hike out was more strenuous, the elevation map is not really ambiguous, slow down, take some breaks, enjoy the scenery and you'll be at the top before you know it. 4 star rating because the hike was nice, the walls are unique, the trails mostly maintained (some branches and obstruction here and there) and the blazes were quite faded in some parts. All told, I recommend the hike, stay hydrated and enjoy the walls!

Good workout and pleasant view at the end.

GREAT place to go camping!! Lots of cleared places near the water with a very short hike from parking to campsites. Plenty of privacy and trails to hike. One of our favorite places to take the kids and dogs and spend the night. Directions are a bit difficult. We seem to get lost at least twice every time we go.

Very nice hike enjoyed the view. Very good workout when you are on vacation. Trails marked clearly.

My dog and I had a great time on this trail. The swimming holes about a half mile from the Chinabee Lake trailhead make for a nice place to cool off after the hike.

Not overly impressed. We turned around about halfway down. Might try again in the fall when the temperature is more pleasant.

22 days ago

easy/fun hike the waterfall has a pool that was about 3ft when we went but I've heard from some people that it gets up to 10ft when heavy rainfall happens. Cant wait to go back!

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