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2 days ago

Always like it!

very fun and beautiful trail. the falls are beautiful to see at any time of year. trail has multiple access points to enter to play in/Wade in the river. most times we have visited we were able to watch great blue harons fishing.

5 days ago

Fantastic hike today. The trail was slippery in a few places and there were opportunities to hop across streams. Very well marked trail. Beautiful wildflower meadow area at the back of the loop, so glad I opted for the longer hike even though it was sprinkling a bit.

6 days ago

It was a perfect hike. I loved the ever-changing scenery. It was awesome for a weeknight hike!

7 days ago

Most enjoyable. The “Top of the world” is a wonderful spot for meditation or a little yoga. From there to the trail head can be a little noisy, being so close to Bath Rd.
Be careful in the rain.

nature trips
7 days ago

Great trail for all levels of experience. The trail markings are a little confusing. We figured out that the Stanford trail splits off into the Brandywine trail and were fine from there. Has a decent incline for a quick trail. The falls really were gorgeous. You take a nice boardwalk/stairs down to two different observation decks. There are signs not to climb down to the water but several people were down there so we climbed down too. It was slippery and I fell down once but my goodness you can’t beat the view.
Everything was very well maintained. The bathrooms were clean and eco-friendly. There were trail maps and state park brochures for taking. We were very impressed.

Good 4 mile trail. Some hills, 1 or 2 river crossings

Great hills to climb for a nice workout for a beginner.

16 days ago

Wonderful trail, a mix of forested and open high field grasses. Does include some significant ups and downs which is nice but to be aware of. Wonderful couple hour hike.

I would say this trail is on the tougher end of moderate. It has very steep hills and many stairs, but it’s worth all of it. Very pretty area, takes you through wooded areas, past a beautiful barn and a nice creek. Honestly, it has everything I’m looking for in a hike.

Take the Stanford/ Brandywine trail. A fun walk down through the woods down the gorge to the river bed then back up around to the falls.

22 days ago

This was an awesome hike. Very hilly terrain. Great scenery and good trail. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because there were a few moments where the trail markers were unclear. Also, you do have to cross a few streets, but it is mostly deep woods.

24 days ago

The trail path and surroundings are nice. We went left at the big tree. If you have dogs be very careful taking them here. There was quite a bit of broken glass in the beginning and scattered throughout that could have easily cut their paws. It's a shame people felt the need to break glass on the trail.

Variable in elevation and sweat a little! Great trail!

The whole trail is almost 5 miles, lots of hills! Great workout, and once you get past the nature center and construction it becomes peaceful and not too many people. You cross a few roads on the trail and walk along the path nearing the road for a few minutes, but mostly hiking in the woods. Lots of markers to keep you on track, and not end up lost or onto another path, like I do sometimes, lol. Some steep cliffs so be careful. Oh and I saw a coyote!

Great trail and enjoyed even on a hot day ! Lots of shade on this trail.

1 month ago

we our at Adams run one of my favorite places on 83 degree today with the dogs


Definitely a moderate hike; lots of ups and downs and multiple small river crossings. I saw quite a few people on horses and there was bit of poop, but it never bothered me.

There were two large fallen trees on the trail while I was there. Not a problem for hikers, but could be for horses.

1 month ago

Great place to hike and the falls were spectacular.

1 month ago

One of the neater trails I've found in the area in terms of terrain and scenery, and not much noise pollution from traffic until the last 1/4.

A Moderate to Hard trail for the area considering the distance and the number of elevation changes. We loved the hike and look forward to doing it again in the future. I brought my binoculars in hopes that I might see a bird or two along the path. I think the 90 degree heat of the day kept the birds so inactive that i different raise my glasses once.

I hiked this trail because of its proximity to the ledges trail (which I highly recommend) and didnt do as much research as I normally would. Although the trail was beautiful and well maintained, I couldn't get over the crowds of people at the falls. Pushing my way through sweaty groups to get a photo of the falls left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I was hoping the falls would be more of a reward for those willing to hike the 2 miles through the woods instead of a tourist attraction with a parking lot a few yards away.

Gorgeous falls! We went to the left at the fork in the path where the stairs are to your right and I’m glad we did! We loved getting to close out the loop with the gorgeous falls!! Stopped by the pond and it was not worth the detour. Liked that you had the option of skipping the hike and seeing the falls if you physically weren’t up for a hike but be prepared for lots of stairs :)! More than worth it though!!

Beautiful hike. Camped near Stanford house and spent the day exploring the different routes the Stanford trail took. Brandywine Falls was in full effect.

Great peaceful hike through a wooded area leading to one of the area waterfalls. Great nature trail

2 months ago

Great trail, saw a snake.

Very cool waterfall; like a mini Niagara Falls. Has a pleasant trail through the forest next to the river. Great for beginners!

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