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Beautiful and not hard. Mostly full sun exposure, we were happy temperatures were 80. Sunscreen a must. Highly recommend!

Pretty cool hike. Can be cold at the top but the view is very nice

24 days ago

Amazing 360 view!

Long drive but no access.

1 month ago

We'll definitely go again because I have a CA State Park Pass. It is a great and somewhat difficult trail. My advice would be to bring cash because there is a $10 parking fee if you don't have a pass.

1 month ago

We had a beautiful, clear morning- stunning views, good workout!

Beautiful hike with rewarding vistas! Fun to explore the boulders at the summit.

Great views. Tough at the top with the optional rock climbing, but worth it.

2 months ago

Finally made it up today! Pretty steep trail at certain spots but the views from the top are breathtaking! Highly recommend it.

Started from Patricia drive. It was a steady uphill climb from the start. I'm 51, overweight, but still managed to get to the very top on the rocks overlooking the entire area. My hikes are mostly on flat land in Austin area so this was a bit challenging. I'd rate Bishop difficulty a 5 to Cerro San Luis 3. The 20 somethings I was with had little difficulty. Once on top, it was a worth it. Surreal views of the area were incredible! Highly recommended. As others mentioned, watch out for Poison Oak and the climb was a bit on the rocky side. I have partially torn tendons in the right foot so just had to pay close attention to each step.

The Bishop Peak Trail from Patricia Drive is an moderate hike and the views are spectacular of the Central Coast. This hike of of the Bishop Peak Trail from Patricia Drive is well worth doing, great all year long, maybe not so much in rainy season. This video was shot in the summer so very little of both ticks and Poison Oak as hazards if you don't get too close to the sides or go off trail. Lots of wildlife if you look for it, mostly squirrels and rabbits, so hawks can always be present.
So the heading is incorrect for these two hikes and I sent in a correction. The map for the hike starts out from PAtricia Drive not Highland. The other Bishop's Peak Trail starts from Highland.
A Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

2 months ago

This trail was very clean and wide at sections. You are deceived at first by a big mountain that is just the small peak before the actual Valencia peak. make sure to bring hiking poles, slippery on the way down.

Such a good hike and great 360 views up top. Go early to avoid crowds and heat.

Did this trail today and it’s only 2 miles up and back to the top where the bell is. Elevation Gail is 1,152. It’s a mile of UP! Coming down is no joke be careful or you will end up on your a$$. But incredible views at the top.

trail running
2 months ago

Part dirt trail, part boardwalk along the beach. Beautiful and scenic! Some homeless folks here and there.

Good hike in winter; pretty hot in summer

Always a pretty hike no matter what the weather or season

Moderate to hard. Good for mountain running. gotta be cautious.

hiked it today got there at 8am,fogged in, but it was amazing. 4 and 1/2miles ..

Loved this trail. It was a good workout with the reward of stunning views. Would definitely recommend!

The views are beautiful. I love the smell of wild rosemary along the the entire trail.

BEST local hike for a quick, butt-kicking workout!

The trail is clean and well maintained. The view was worth the work. Trekking poles are strongly recommended for slick downhill portions.

3 months ago

Beautiful view from the trail. This trail is rated moderate. I hate to see what hard is. Take lots of water and enjoy the scenery. We are beginners so It was hard for us but we were able to conquer it. I would recommend this.

I started at Patricia, did the Felsmon loop, than connected with the Bishop peak summit. By the time an old man bicycles across town and hikes this, it's a good workout, throw in a little bouldering. Humbling, I don't care for inflated egos. Too my credit I go very slow. Went throuh 2L of water, phone needed recharging. I like the Aveenza offline map app. Find topo map, "Share" it to Aveenza, there you go, up to 3 maps free, can use store if desire. Been up this peak several times I consider this training. Also have become interested in climbing again, see how this goes.. You people should consider leaving your pooches at home, it is exposed and hot. Also watch out for poison oak, it is all over, stay on path. $20 bucks, tie me in, belay an old dude.

An amazing trail for my two year old. I was able to run 2.5 miles as she was entertained by the scenery (bunnies, birds). She was able to play at Avila beach playground before heading back on the trail.

on Valencia Peak Trail

4 months ago

just hiked this one earlier today. fog was a view killer, but it was nice and cool. I will be back, for sure.

Hike is fun, pretty. We went in the am and it was overcast making the trail not as bad...however many big rocks throughout the whole trail. Was not a fan of the rocks but the top view is very pretty. Poison oak is not too bad just keep an eye out for little bushes hanging out! Fun hike on a cooler morning

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