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2 days ago


mountain biking
2 days ago

We love biking out here! Great views for little work.

Good trail, had a little bit of everything- slight inclines in open areas to rocky climbs in the trees. Great view from the top!

Great trail! Great views the whole way with a really good cardio workout. A lot of incline trails the whole way up so be prepared !

Hiked this 3/17. Little Challenging but the views are incredible and completely worth it.

Great workout and views on this hike. Not super crowded despite the parking lot overflowing. I would definitely do it again.

Amazing views especially the loop at the top but I would not hike this trail again. We got passed by 50+ bikers some who were nicer than others in sharing the trail. Biker experience took away from the hike. I would definitely not recommend taking a dog on this trail.

7 days ago

Pretty hike and a good workout but WAY too many mountain bikes. No exaggeration, we passed (or got passed by) 75+ bikes today. We hiked about 8.5 miles (Belcher to Mustang to Sawmill and back) and there were bikes throughout the entire way.

Nice high-moderate hike. Good views. Decent number of bikes on the trail.

8 days ago

Went with my dog. Easy beautiful hike. Not a lot of traffic on the trails, we saw maybe 5 people. I highly recommend it!

Little slushy for the first 1.5-2 miles but free and clear after that. Excellent views.

12 days ago

Beautiful, but long hike. Make sure you bring plenty of food and water. Trekking poles were also a life saver and highly recommended. We started at Chief hosa and went to lookout Mtn. Trail where we had a ride waiting for us. It’s 11 miles ONE WAY. The trail was slightly muddy in some spots, but not icy. There are some sketchy spots on the trail that leaves little room for error. It’s not a trail I would take little kids. I’ve done 15-20 mile trails before, but this one seemed more challenging to me for some reason. The views are gorgeous though.

14 days ago

Beautiful trail on a lovely day with my pup. There were lots of hikers and bikes at lower elevations on a Sunday afternoon, but the trail cleared out as you got higher. A really great hike!

18 days ago

Really nice foothill hike with decent views. I went on a Wednesday around 4pm and there were only two spots left in the parking lot. Quite a few mountain bikers, but they were all very courteous. The views on Morrison Slide trail were pretty awesome. The trail was completely dry, with the exception of a couple of small areas, which were not a big deal at all. There is very little tree cover on this trail, so prepare for that. I’m not sure I would want to do this trail in the summer for that reason. Also, I figure this is a prime location for rattle snakes when it does get hot, so I’m glad I got it out of the way when I did. All in all, it was a good hike and would be a great starter hike to bring lowland visitors as they adjust to the altitude.

20 days ago

An amazing views and I enjoyed the hike.. the hard about this hike is only the distance but it is fun to finish whole trail.

21 days ago

This one was a little more challenging than I had expected it to be, but it turned out to be super fun! Lots of icy spots still and there are also lots of areas where you are essentially just scrambling over rocks. The views are amazing though and worth the effort.

22 days ago

This was the best hike I've been on since my last 14er. The ist 4-5 miles is steadily uphill but doable if you're in decent shape. My 21 year old daughter led the way with our dogs, Miller (living the High Life) and Ellie. My 14 1/2 year old wire haired mutt that keeps going and going...... The views are expansive and the trails are either dirt or dirt/rocks. We began on the southern part of Belcher Trail, hiked a few miles and turned left on the Mustang trail. Once the Mustang Trail hit the Sawmill Trail we continued to climb a not too steep pather until we reached the Sawmill Trail campsite near 7500'. This is the high point of the hike. The campsite is amazing! It has excellent tent sites, fire pits, picnic tables, free firewood, clean restroom metal bear bends, No one was camping but my daughter and I decided to backpack and camp their a night or two on our next visit. We did come across a couple of people riding horses, a handful of mountain bikers, runners, and small groups of hikers throughout the trip. But we were alone for a good portion of Mustang and Sawmill Trails. Sawmill eventually intersected with Belcher Trail again and it was downhill from there. There was some snow in the higher elevations but not enough to pull out crampons. The trail was dry for 97% of the hike. We began at 1:30pm and ended around 5:15pm. We hiked a total of 8.8 miles, climbed 130+ floors, and took over 20,000 steps. Overall, it was one of my favorites. We're all going to sleep well tonight. Adios for now

Great hike for dogs

Breathtaking views.

This was a nice moderate hike with good views and steady incline. Trail was easy to follow and well kept. I’m brought my dog and had him off leash for some of the way up but a lot of mountain bikers on the trail so I’d recommend keeping your pup safe at your side and on leash. I’d recommend getting to the trail head early as the parking lot and trail both get full after 10am.

great hike!

Pretty solid hike! We started at the trailhead and broke off to Beaver Brook toward the top... a little slick in some areas, but not bad - micro spikes or yaktrax are optional.

29 days ago

I've done Beaver Brook before but different trails and distance. It is always nice to challenge the rock climbing part of the hike. There were lots of icey spot still left and some spots are really muddy. Please do not wear sandals to this trail. It's not just dangerous but weird.. It was not something I expected to run into.

This is a perfect trail(s) for summer, lots of shades!

Snow and ice almost completely gone, just a few muddy spots remain. Worth the time to add Walker’s Dream to your hike!

Great hike! A little windy today at the top but was beautiful!

Great views of the city

It’s not even a trail. You park on a residential street, walk 3,000 ft up the mountain to a dead end with no trail. Waste of time.

Hiked a few weeks ago. Cool historic site early on, heavy traffic, pretty challenging on the way back up. Great day hike!

1 month ago

Hiked the full distance from Genesee Park to Lookout, then down Chimney Gulch.
A really unique trail for the front range: Great variety, mostly in the trees, amazing views for the second third of the hike looking down over clear creek canyon, and a pretty darn good workout.

Other than some icy patches in places (it's worse on the Lookout Mountain side), the hiking is pretty straightforward. After dropping down the Chavez Trail to the creek, the sign there is misleading: It says that during high water, the trail could be flooded, but I think the signmaker was misinformed and that information was meant for the loop-around to Beaver Brook back up to Genesee (these days, there are foot bridges over almost all water crossings, so the high water really isn't an issue anymore there). In any event, from that sign, the trail very quickly starts climbing straight out of the canyon...a pretty steep climb for a good 1/2 mile or more. Once things level out, that section is spectacular. The last third is deep in the trees with some quick scrambling in a couple of places (as others have mentioned).

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