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Absolute murder - take your time on descent as some parts are loose. Very rewarding little peak.

Hiked the summit in Sept when leaves were at there best. Started from Granite Flats going up Deer Creek Trail, great hike except for last mile it is straight up, no switch backs. Came down bushwhacking through cliffs to the north of the peak, fun trail finding adventure. Caught an unmarked trail that loops around a no name peak east of Box Elder summit and went south connecting to and down Box Elder Trail. Took us 6.5 hours.

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1 month ago

An awesome wasatch run. Great views of box elder peak almost the entire way up. Great for viewing the yellow aspen leaves during fall time. I saw elk, mountain goats and mule deer on this late afternoon run. Brought 1.5 liters of water and ran out 15 mins from the bottom.


We decided to try this trail on a whim on our vacation and didn’t make it past the first bit of the dirt access road. I just thought I would make it very obvious here since that is one of the more important pieces of information I look for in comments, and it was easy to skim past or underestimate in other comments.

Great hike with a great reward at the end. The cave lets you cool down before descending.

1 month ago

Incredible! Somewhat deceptively long going up trail#043 as you have great views of the summit essentially the whole hike. trail is well maintained and easy to follow with plenty of switch backs and decent grade (until summit push). Next time I will bring my Australian Shepard.
I did a variation of the loop and well worth it! I came off the south side of Box Elder and used a game trail to summit the no name peak just to the south.... & was awesome! Particularly because I spooked a family of ~15 Mountain Goats (no joke.... 15!) I then dropped off the no name peak to the trail #044 you could actually see below (from summit of the no name peak) but be warned this way is very STEEP route finding with some sketchy parts but once on #044 was “smooth” sailing and is a cruiser of a trail

We loved the hike and the tour! We took our 3 year old and 1 year old and they loved it.

One of my favorite hikes the way up is amazing and the caves are even cooler!

Hiked to the summit with the dog last week. Ran into one other hiker. Love the solitude on this trail. A couple miles up the trail you will have several views of the ponds off to your left - this time I saw a moose down by the water..really cool..The red leaves are gorgeous right now...Wanted to try this White Pine trail #188 I believe on the way down, but it was dark and didn't want to risk it...will try the loop next time..My garmin showed about 11.5 miles roundtrip...

2 months ago

An amazing hike. It is brutal and not for the faint of heart. It's about 4.8 miles to the top from Silver Lake Flat road. The maple type trees were at their peak of redness, aspens just starting to turn. It was about 60 degrees up on top. The trail to community flats (#043) is easy to follow but can feel misleading because you spend a lot of time heading north away from Box Elder but does eventually swing you around to the meadow at community flats. At the trail sign in the meadow you follow the trail that goes south (#188). You have to watch carefully for the cut off to the summit off #188. You'll see #188 head down and off to the left, to summit you want to head up the steep incline to the right toward 2 aspens and next to a scraggly lone pine. The trail from there to the top is mostly easy to see but sometimes a little sketch. You do spend a lot of time in the trees which was a pleasant surprise. The trail above the trees is STEEP and rocky and it's a ridge trail so at times it's pretty scary (drop offs on both sides). There's a huge rock abutment that seems impassable with the trail teetering around the east side. Turns out at that point you're only 50 yards from the top and you can skip the trail and just climb straight up the middle of the abutment and you're there!!! The views are stunning 360 degrees of jaw dropping beauty. Quiet and peaceful. We saw one hiker and one hunter at community flats. We had the mountain to ourselves.

2 months ago

Has become one of my favorites! A less traveled trail if you take the full loop. Crosses over various terrain from pine forests, meadows, aspen groves, to scrambling and granite and rocky. Multiple view point ledges. Multiple valleys and ridges (ups and downs). Saw some wildlife...fox, elk, deer, eagles, and more. Challenging hike but very worth it!

Great Lake hike with great views ! Steep incline but worth it. Dogs are allowed !

2 months ago

Although lacking in technical difficulty (no scrambling, bouldering or trail-finding) this hike proves to be challenging due to its length and steepness (especially towards the summit).

Excellent views of Alpine, North and South across the Wasatch range and out West looking out to the Uintahs.

Made the full loop by starting out at the Granite Flats Campground Trailhead and made my way back via White Canyon trail (highly recommended).

As you descend, White Pine Canyon trail will jut off to the right cutting down and across the forest.

For some reason the peak remains pretty secluded but I absolutely loved it!

:-) <3 _/|\_

We loved this hike! We went at 9 am when the trail was cool and shaded. It is a bit steep but paved and there are benches and places to catch your breath along the way. We’ve taken small children on this hike and have alternatively let them walk and carried them.

2 months ago

We started from the trailhead just outside the Granite Flats campground around 4:00-4:30 pm, and made it to the meadow by 7:00 to camp overnight before going to the summit the next morning. The constant switchbacks you follow making it to that point weren’t great, and were steep, but pretty typical of what you see anywhere else in the Wasatch.

Climbing to the summit to the meadow can basically be summed up in one word: steep! Not a lot of bouldering like other peaks around it, and actually pretty decent shade as you summit from the meadow. The views at the top are great, especially of Timp on the south and Pfeifferhorn on the north. There’s also plenty of room at the top, unlike a lot of other peaks in the area.

We made this trip in late July and still had some snow, but nothing on the trail itself. Overnighting was fun, but you can definitely do this as a one day trip too.

great hike took my 2, 5, and 8 year old boys they all loved it and was a lot of fun was a long hike but the cave was well worth it and the view was beautiful

2 months ago

4 stars because of the killer views at the top but 3 stars for the hike itself. Follows a dry creek all the way up, so very few switchbacks as you climb. Watch the trail after the Dry Creek / Box Elder intersection. Not too far up from that intersection the trail is blocked by a fallen tree and you have to go around. You can pick the trail up but make sure you hang to the right when you come upon a slight Y in the trail. The trail to the right is over grown with tall grass but once you get through that then you’ll be golden. If you’re making your way through lots of overgrown bushes then you may want to check your map (speaking from experience here). Several streams for dogs to cool their paws because of yesterday’s rain.

2 months ago

Amazing and glad I had trekking poles!

Don't wear sandals like I did! Wear good athletic clothes because this hike is a great workout. There were points where I'll be honest, I wasn't sure hiking uphill all that way was worth the cave up top, but boy was I wrong! Happy to report it is definitely worth the climb. There are beautiful mountain and valley views, and the cave (thank goodness) was an amazing place to cool off on a hot summer day. Oh, and there's bacon inside (take a ranger tour, you'll see what I mean). My favorite cave in the national park service.

amazing all the way around. Loved it.

2 months ago

This trail was very challenging because of how steep it was. There are lots of rocks and boulders, and you go over a couple of streams, walking on logs. Lots of shade, which was nice. Very good exercise, but I felt that the moderate rating should be more like moderate+, though I saw a lot of children on the trail.

Horses and dogs are allowed on the trail, so there is quite a bit of horse manure and the occasion dog pile you must avoid. We ended up not doing the entire trail, but instead turned off about half way up to go see the falls. That made the difficult hike worth it. Very beautiful and refreshing.

WARNING: When we reached the waterfall, we saw a young man lying at the base of it, badly hurt. He had fallen from the top of the waterfall (about 60+ feet). He had to be life-flighted out. I tried to get where he was, to help the others who were helping him, as I am trained in first aid/cpr, but the rocks were very, very slippery, even when dry. Please be careful if you venture to the actual falls.

All in all, a nice hike, especially if you want a good work out. The round trip from the falls is about 2.5-3 hours.

This app is great

It's steep, but the cave is beautiful. Great hike

3 months ago

I've done this peak a few times now. Definitely do the loop after the peak. There was never anyone on the trail when I hiked it, usually mid week. I saw some bull elk just off the trail. Recommended for sure.

It’s 1.5 miles straight up hill. No gradual rises but totally doable. Went with my sons 5th grade Fieldtrip and had a great time!

3 months ago

- Awesome views of the surrounding peaks including Box Elder the whole way
- Opportunities to see wildlife
- Wild flowers
- Hardly anyone on the trail, even on a Saturday in prime hiking season

- Really steep (my GPS tracker told me 5177 ft elevation gain when dips and gains are factored in both ways)
- Exposed (hot the whole way)
- No water outside of roughly the first mile.

I would say this hike was harder than Timp or Nebo. I would recommend starting early (5 or 6 in the morning) to avoid the heat in the summer. I would also recommend bringing more liquid than you think you need, then bring some more. I started at 8, and despite having a large camelbak and 40 oz of Gatorade, I ran out of liquid with about 4 miles left in the hike. That is my fault for not rationing water very well at the beginning of the hike.

All things considered, this is still a really incredible hike that I would recommend to very experienced hikers in good shape. Definitely a cool peak to bag.

The view is amazing. Anyone that says differently is taking it for granted. Bring lots of water because it gets hot and it’s uphill the whole way up. Make reservations ahead of time and bring a jacket for the caves because it can get fairly cold inside the caves. Loved it!!

decent quick hike. hiked in, had lunch and enjoyed the falls. easy trail with a little elevation. saw toddlers having no issue.

3 months ago

I had great company so that made this hike better. Along the way the views are pretty but the first few miles are on private dirt road which is a waste of hiking time. I like actually hiking in the mountains on trails. Getting back into the mountains on the single track was better. It is steep like one of the reviewers mentions below. When you get to the valley up top, the trail is less obvious and people have built cairns everywhere. You can get to the lake of mosquitoes aka Hardy pretty much by bouldering the massive boulders because there are cairns on that or climbing down by the stream and climbing back up. Your choice the cairns EVERYWHERE will lead you there. Pull out your map if you’re lost and it’ll guide you. Wear big repellent, go early to avoid the heat and have enjoyable fast hiking companions otherwise don’t waste your time since it’s a watershed lake and you can’t swim in it.
Okay okay, it is pretty just endure the millions of mosquitoes trying to eat you. You’ve been warned. I hiked this at the end of June.

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