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2 days ago

We showed up early and trekked through muddy trails, rock-hopping and both passing hikers and pulling over to allow others to pass us by.

The rock scramble towards the end of the hike is sketchy. Both the false summit and the actual summit are beautiful views. The wind was whipping at the summit but the sun made our summit beer manageable.

On the way down we passed probably 100 hikers. I'm glad we went up somewhat early.

2 days ago

A beautiful easy hike, but waaay too many buses with way too many "visitors". Glad we went, but might not recommend. My husband tried to use the mens room but was shut out as the "bus people" were using the mens room for their women.

2 days ago

Beginner hiker. Was a challenging but doable climb. We walked from Hotel Saranac to the trailhead, ascended the unmarked trail (left) and descended on the marked (right), and back to the hotel topping out around 4 miles. Including about 30 mins at the summit finished the mountain itself it about 2.5 hours. Nice views from the top but a little blocked by trees at summit - still a rewarding view. Encouraged me to try for Saranac 6ers!

2 days ago

First hike for wife and I. Great views. Was a little slippery because it rained a little throughout the trip. Good boots, good stick helped a lot. Was about 45 degrees but very comfortable until the top. Got some great photos. We left at 10am and we’re first ones up for the day but saw about 20 people while at top and on the way down.

I made the mistake of hiking this one on indigenous peoples day when all the kids were out of school! The hike was really nice though :)

This is a straightforward up and back - straight up Prospect Mountain. Novices would call it Hard and Experts would call it Easy. Parts have a fairly steep incline. I did it with my 25lb one year old strapped to my back - took about 3 hours round trip. Views at the top are excellent for the Southern ADKs.

3 days ago

Great hike shorter hike.

Thomas to Cat for great views and a nice return

10/13/18 Trail was covered in the changing leafs but pretty easy to follow. The top of the tower was so beautiful. Saw a rainbow on the top! Must go for sure!

Awesome hike. We took our husky puppy and she loved it!

6 days ago

This was the 1st Fire Tower of the Fire Tower Challenge for my boy and I. He had just turned 5 when we did it, and he had no trouble.

Fairly short and has a fantastic view. I think i was lucky that this was the first mountain that we did, because he loved it, and it made him want to come back for more.


This was the 4th fire tower challenge for my 5 year old an I (brought the wife along on this one).

Day was wet, so that along with the leafs covered rocks and ankle breaker roots made for slow going. Took us 2h up and 1.5h down.

There is one section near the top where you enter an evergreen grove that is covered with hanging moss. The day we did it the mountain top was fogged in. When we entered this section my boy stopped us and said "it looks like we are on another planet". He was right.

The fire tower is super tall, unfortunately for us, we did it on peak color change, but had no view.

We will probably do this one again on our way to completing the fire tower challenge, just so we get to see the view.

This was my first mountain and it was awesome. We aren't physically fit folks so this was a good challenge for us. It took about 3hrs for us to reach the fire tower. Going up was an unrelenting climb. Glad I had a walking stick and good boots. No bugs which was great. We definitely needed to bring more water as we only brought sports bottles. We had an amazing view without going up in the fire tower (he went up, I stayed firmly planted on the rock). Going down was slightly easier. We ended up taking about 2hrs to get back down to the parking lot. You get a workout climbing over the rocks and such but totally worth the effort!!

7 days ago

Beautiful hike that is a short but decent workout. Took us as about 1 1/2 hours but we stayed at the top and watched the sun set which was incredible and I highly recommend! Of course we needed head lamps by the time we got near the bottom of the trail. Highly recommend in fall!

Easy walk and extremely beautiful, but too commercialized.

8 days ago

I agree with earlier assessments of the trail being easy. It definitely is suitable for most everyone. The only exception is a 20-30 yard section of bare rock that I found challenging. Not that it was physically challenging so much as it was emotionally challenging. We hiked Baker this past Saturday and reached that area of rock just as it was beginning to lightly rain. There was some scrambling needed and I will admit I was afraid of sliding from the pine needles and wet dirt clinging to the rocks and slide myself right over the edge lol. There is a modest risk of serious injury if you’re not careful.

If you’re thinking I’m being too generous about the trail being easy, let me also add that we saw at least 100 people on trail. I’m thinking closer to 150. Kids, seniors, dogs. All at varying levels of fitness. We took our time so I could take photos and managed the loop in 1h45m total time.

For those who think the trail isn’t a loop it’s because you didn’t go left soon enough. It’s near the start. We missed the turn too, but it didn’t matter as the trail was very easy. Also, going down the other side of the loop from the summit is not easy to figure out either because it isn’t marked. I think we started off right but turned back because we weren’t sure.

Great hike with great views from many ledges.

This definitely earns its difficult rating. Steep and rocky. Hiking boots are recommended, cannot imagine doing this in sneakers. Make sure you have both hands free because you'll need them to climb! Did the loop, ladders first. Cloudy day so the summit was anticlimactic but we caught some views on the way down. We are in fair shape and this was my first hike in a year since having a baby. Super challenging. We loved it.

The hike was great, I would say the rank of “moderate” is more on the high end of the scale. It is an incline the entire time on terrain including large loose rocks and slabs of slate. Beautiful landscape through out including birch trees, streams and moss. The foliage was almost peak when we went ( Columbus Day weekend). Appropriate hiking footwear is recommended due to the trail being muddy and unstable in spots- the balance and grip of hiking footwear works in your favor! It was foggy and misty when we got to the top, it was like we were up the clouds. In total it took us roughly 3 hours with frequent stops along the way up. Going down is much easier than going up! Tip: bring water and snacks for when you get to the top, you will thank yourself later!

10 days ago

Short, easy hike to a fire tower. Goes uphill the entire way but it's not that far anyway so shouldn't be too much trouble for most people/animals (no scrambling).

We went on a Saturday around dusk hoping to catch the sunset, and expected it to be very crowded since it's only a short distance from Tupper Lake. Instead we had the place completely to ourselves, and got a stunning view of the sunset from the tower. I don't know if we just got lucky or if earlier rain had scared people off, but it was lovely. At the summit you won't get much of a view if you're not in the fire tower; there's one other small opening with a view close by, but otherwise the summit is surrounded by trees. So if it's super crowded in the parking lot, it might be rough going at the summit.

There was a cabin at the top that was locked, I don't know if that is open to public during the day.

Overall good effort-to-view hike assuming you're close by and it's not crowded.

loved it

This will forever be my favorite mountain to hike. The beauty and physicality of Crane is endlessly surprising.

Constant incline but not too steep, we were going at a casual pace so didn't get too winded. A little muddy in some places but view is gorgeous. Not quite peak fall colors yet but we got a tease of it at the summit. In maybe two weeks I imagine it'll be spectacular up here.

16 days ago

Colors were starting to come out (9/28/18) clouds obscured the view initially but cleared a few minutes here and there providing a beautiful view of the lake. Fun uphill well marked trail. Began the hike at 10 am and finished around 2:30/3

A little overgrown, but very passable. Nice views at the top...fall color change underway. The change from deciduous to conifer on the way up is so sudden it's amazing.

Solid incline to the summit. We are in reasonable shape and took our 3 yo pup. It was pretty wet for some mud conditions but it was still worth it. Fantastic view!

Awesome hike! It was really fun to climb up the rocks and the ladders. It was a bit muddy at parts. The lake was beautiful. I did this hike with my 6 year old son and it took us just under 4 hours because of the pace. Would do it again!

This hike was more like 7.5 miles out and back. Definitely a challenge and the scrambles at the end were my first. Views were spectacular at the 2nd vista - which was easy after the first.

18 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. View at the top is so beautiful, trail is very nice the whole way up, not a very difficult hike but you really get up there feeling the Adirondack vibes.

It was amazing!!

20 days ago

What views loved it

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