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Very easy trail, highly trafficked “trail”. The view of the city is wonderful, however, make sure to take your anti anxiety meds before making the short walk due to people not watching their children close enough. Also, be sure to wear appropriate footwear as the rocks are rather slick due to the frequent use.

Not too strenuous, well marked and easy to run.

Love this trail after work! Nice little night hike! Not too difficult and is a good little cardio session!

Roughly an hour loop including times I made a wrong turn and/or stopped for pictures. Got way too excited seeing a jackrabbit along the trail.

short nice hike heavily traffic good for beginers.

short very heavily traffic nice views of Phoenix. good for beginers

little challenging towards the top, wasn't really sure where to go and no one around , so didn't continue. Did the circumference trail to add more length.

what goes up, must come down. Pretty slippery and rocky, very slow steps on the way down which took away from enjoying the hike. Would love to try again once the paved road is back open. friendly and encouraging hikers on the trail.

Love it! About 25 minutes to the top, can go the switchback route that has more flat spots, or turn right at the fork for a longer more steady incline. Overall, shorter hike with nice views of the lakes below.

6 days ago

Nice little urban walk starting at Arizona Falls. The middle section is pretty dull, but the Scottsdale waterfront is great for people watching.

Touristy. And not qualified as a hike to me. The rest of Papago Park is much more interesting I think...Find a different hike to take. Hole in the Rock is underwhelming, especially if you’ve ever been to Arches Nat’l Park in Utah.

Description is accurate; I would add lots of loose rocks to navigate while walking.

Did this one at night and it was pretty cool!

Best hike for kids

Great easy trail. It was marked as moderate but I would classify as easy. Good for running and very little change in elevation

Excellent workout! I saw many people go up and do a couple times for a workout. And it IS a workout! If you need something short but intense, this is your mountain. You do have to beware of the descent. You have to come back down the same way you went up because the other side of the trail is closed for now.

Just average if you don’t age a spur to the Summit

Fairly easy, good workout, did it end of February around 10am in short-sleeve shirt and leggings-perfect. Nice views.

Should be rated: hard – easy – hard. The climbs up on both sides are narrow, Rocky, rugged and steep - another words, wonderful if you like that kind of thing as I do. The loop at the bottom though is mostly flat and boring unless the neighbors happened to be standing there buns by the pool or invite you in for a refreshing dip along the way. Even so, nice work out; a beautiful hike

trail not marked clearly with 5 near red rocks and part closed due to golf course expansion . How sad

It an easy trail with the very uneven footing more like moderate. Lots of step up. Really recommend it. Great views and worth the hike to the top!

Great riding on the lower trails for Mountain Bikes. Not bad for beginners and moderate alike. Up the mountain would take some serious pumping.

love the views and nice and easy!

mediocre hiking but lools great for biking and alot of bikers

Super beautiful —you have a clear shot of Camelback if you’re wanting to take photos of this notorious mountain. It’s a lot of deep lunging kind of hiking but it’s totally doable! We saw all kinds out there: kids, grandparents, runners, short, plump, skinny, overweight, tall, old, young...literally every kind of person so there’s no excuse! It’s a gorgeous hike, with lots of places to stop and take it all in.

Bring your camera and don’t forget to go YOUR own pace. It makes it that much more fun and enjoyable. :) Will definitely be going back with my art supplies to paint the view.

We really enjoyed his trail & it was easy to follow the whole way! It ended up being 1.54 miles for us. There are bathrooms right at the trailhead, it’s dog friendly (on a leash) & beautiful views!

19 days ago

too much horse poop 4 me.
best as a loop with Overton, but not on a weekend with bikers & horses

Very easy trail to a nice view and our kids liked it so that’s always a plus. Somewhat crowded today. I think because there was no parking at the Zoo people chose this as an alternative like we did. Very short 5 min walk with steps and an even easier walk down. Fun but not really a hike.

22 days ago

Trail isn’t marked, kind of made my own way to the top. Very rocky. Good for quick easy hike.

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