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Multiple trail options. I went up to a trail just above where the map track go up that seems to be well used. I came down a trail marked with pink ribbon that is not a very good trail.

23 hours ago

I would rate this trail as very difficult. It’s basically straight up for a mile. Beautiful, but tough. Didn’t see another person.

The view was amazing, the hike was very nice We started at 8:15 and back at 1:, plus we spent time at the lake and ate lunch.

My new favorite trail. In two hours we only came across 6 other people. Small beautiful waterfalls every where you look. Wild hops, pines, and minty plants made it smell as good as it looked.

As billed, busy and lots of cute puppies along the way, but beautiful Fall colors and the weather was perfect. Pretty easy hike/run all in all.

great trail beautiful scenery got some really steep hills though.

6 days ago

Great little hike. Go early, or forget about getting a parking spot!

Awesome hike to a 360 degree view!

This is a pretty fun trail! It's more exposed than other long hikes (for example, Timp), so it's not as beautiful vegetation-wise, but there are some trees and the leaves have started to change, and there are of course some great views. My favorite part was the rock scramble at the top. The overall hike wasn't as hard as I expected. Although it's steeper than Timp, it's a lot shorter, so that makes it a little bit easier. I drank the last of my 2 liters just as I got to the bottom. It took us 3.5 hours up and 3 down, which I'd say is on the slow side for someone in decent hiking shape.

Great hike for those who want superb valley views while getting a definite workout. The trail is steep and mostly sun exposed so it's best to hike earlier in the morning during late spring to early fall. Take plenty of fluids with you and pace yourself. The last mile is the steepest part of the trail. The views on top are really good if you complete the final rock scramble to the top. Be careful as you ascend this section. The views from the saddle below the summit are still really good so don't feel badly if you stop there. I hike Mt. Olympus a lot so I generally go to the saddle only. This is one of the perfect hikes for a great workout with valley views.

Incredible hike this morning. Plenty of parking on a Friday morning at 6:00 AM. Been wanting to conquer this peak for years now but kept getting intimidated by the scrambling at the top and the elevation gain. Being a person who fears heights I never felt like I was in any real danger today. I recommend coming down the steep boulder sections by doing a “Butt scoot/crab walk.” I got down really quick by doing it this way. Sounds crazy but it worked out well and felt safer. Be sure to read the inspiring and also very funny words of wisdom from the mailbox at the top.

Great hike to challenge yourself if you are looking for something a but harder than most of the hikes around the area. Even if you don't decide to make the scramble to the peak, the saddle just below it is well worth the hike, beautiful. The last part is a bit sketchy but the peak is epic (be careful up there lots of loose rock).

rock climbing
10 days ago

One of the hardest climbs I’ve done. The hike is long. The last half mile is a vertical climb up boulders to the summit. Amazing views and a mailbox with journals so you can add your name and an entry, to the collection of others who conquered the mountain.

11 days ago

Definitely a struggle, but the view is worth it. My group started really early, and it took us about 9 hours to finish. 5 hours up, 4 hours down is usually the time. At the top you can see the whole valley, and can't stress enough how nice the view is.

I didn’t make it all the way up, super intense.

12 days ago

This trail is the real deal. A friend and I hiked it Saturday and it was intense.

I was so looking forward to this trail, but we were unlucky 25 minutes into it a couple (Soldiers - a man and a woman) came back and told us that they just had to escape from two mountain lions who were running down the hill, frightened by something. She had to shoot in the air to make the mountain lions change direction. The woman was shaking so of course we all turned back. I am glad it was not us in front of them

Great views. Easy short trail

17 days ago

Great views but not one of my favorite hikes.

18 days ago

I couldn't walk for 2 weeks but the view was great!

I am a beginner hiker in okay shape and this was a toughie! For me this was on the harder side of moderate. It basically inclines steadily for 2 miles, then gradually for a mile, then sharply for .4 miles. First mile-ish is in the shade, then it's pretty much no shade until the top! Sunscreen is a must and I regret starting this trail at 10:30am. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the top, and much of this trail ended up being in over 80 degree weather and lots of sun. Bring plenty of water. A neat 360 degree view at the top. I won't do this again until I'm in better shape!

Good, simple hike. I followed the All Trails map and did the first turn off to go see Bridal Veils fall (be carefull, steep and loose rock) which was awesome to see. Then the pup and I got back on the trail towards Upper falls. The trail is all cement until you reach the trail head for both waterfalls. The Upper Falls trailhead will have a cement structure with graffiti on it, like other pictures have shown. The trail alone was nice. Slightly steep (by no means bad at all) and some loose rock, but worth the short hike straight up to the falls. Made for a great and simple morning hike. Like in my other reviews for other hikes, I got there early t avoid people (I was there around 7:45am or so) and by the time I got back to my truck the lot was packed and people everywhere.

Follows the Red Pine trail until about a mile from the end. Red Pine is a busy trail, traffic reduced substantially once we crossed the unmarked wooden bridge. Closer to 8 miles total. Overall a good hike.

19 days ago

we went for the first time this summer with our Pub for her first swim water is really cold most of us all got in.... what happened to the rope swing ?

19 days ago

My wife and I did this a couple days ago. It took us about 4 hours round trip, but we kept a pretty decent pace the entire way. It is straight up just about the entire way - bring lots of water! It is beautiful hiking with mixtures of pine and aspen trees, wildflower meadows and steep canyons. The view of SLC in the pictures is from the very beginning, not the top (we found that out on our way down after no view of the city at the top). At the top you can continue right or left on further trails that will take you up to the peaks. That was about 3.5+ miles in, so we turned around. Overall hike ended up more around 8.0 miles round trip. As others said, keep right at the first few Y-intersections.

Grandeur Peak has spectacular 360 degree views. One side you have the Salt Lake Valley and the other you have nearly untouched wilderness of the Wasatch Mountains. There are some points up the trail that are a bit steep and rough on the knees, but nothing technical at all or anything too hard. The payoff in the end is absolutely worth it.
A lot of dogs on the trail. Nearly as many as humans. We did see a sign that stated dogs were allowed on odd-numbered days only, so if you aren't one to want to share the trail with pups, then try an even-numbered day. Also, few children on this hike unless they were being carried by their parents. I think a child 8 and over could do this hike.

21 days ago

Great hike! Comes in at 7.2 miles. Spotted a few animals. Take enough water!!

Great trail, but if you have bad knees don’t do it. Check it off the list once is enough.

if I could be in a steady relationship with a mountain...I would.

Yes this is a hard hike take at least 2lt water. You will be on the trail for around 5 hours

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