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Parking was the only issue, so get there early. The trail was nice & easy with amazing views. The trail by itself took about an hour.

A classic and iconic trail. Simple as that.

Great hike!!

Many sick photo ops

Whenever my husband and I vacation in Encinitas, we go to Torrey Pines, not so much for a “workout” because the trail is really easy, but for the views! Gorgeous!

Great work out. Watch out for some areas of lose gravel. So many trails out here I love it.

Really beautiful beach

One of my favorite hikes in San Diego!

easy and beautiful overlooking the ocean. some climbing good shoes suggested

Good trail run for being in the city.

We went up the hill first and walked through many of the offshoot trails before going back down along the beach. Great trail. Loved it.

14 days ago

Favorite hike of all trails in Mission trails, short not too busy and will kick your butt with the steep area.

it was a great hike

Very easy trail with many different branching paths. I feel like there’s always something new to explore!

Beautiful and easy trail.

Very dangerous trail. This has eroded 100x worse than what it was in years past...and it is unfortunate. It is not a maintained trail and should be for the skilled hiker with proper shoes. Unstable bluffs and slippery slopes with little to hold on to make this risky AF. That said, it is a locals only surf trail with amazing views and really cool adventure trekking. Be prepared! I wouldn't be surprised if access to this location is removed from public use.

Views on the peak were nice but nothing too special. First couple of miles we could still see and hear the highway. Last third of the hike was very steep and strenuous. Good exercise.

More a long stroll than a hike but nonetheless beautiful and worth it. Great views. Nice trails. Many options. Great return over the beach. Free parking street side (don’t spend $15 for the parking lot)

Super easy! But bring lots of water because there’s little to no shade on the trail! You can park at hw basin and walk up the hill to the trails and then walk the beach back to your car or you can drive up to the trail head and hike down and back up. I prefer the beach loop!

Full loop is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Go down the stairs and up the cliffs.

26 days ago

Great trail!! Def not for kids and dogs, they will for sure slip. I loved this trail and it’s so much fun! Def brings out your rock climbing side. Only difficult part I found on this trail was towards the end when u literally need to hang on for Dear life (there’s really no where to hang on to bedsides rocks) and shuffle your way to the other side of the rock without slipping over the edge. Not sure what type of shoes to wear but I wore Nike’s and I was slipping and sliding. Some ppl say barefoot is better but I wouldn’t be bare footed the entire time. Maybe just towards the end. So pretty though, if your adventurous then this is the hike for you!

Great trail. Lots of other trail options while you’re out there. Can easily stretch this hike into 4-miles. Plenty of places to take pictures. Finishing on the beach back to the parking lot is awesome!

Breathtaking views.

love this place, pretty good with a weight vest too.

trail running
29 days ago

One of the most peaceful and scenic trails in all of San Diego. Anyone can do it, and everyone will break a sweat (so long as you take the stairs from Blacks up to the Gliderport!)

If you’re visiting and are looking for a scenic hike with ocean views — this is it. Just don’t forget to check out the huge luxurious “1%ers” mansions while you’re there!!

29 days ago

Don’t let the short distance fool you. This is a real hike

Trust your GPS to find the trail head. The entry is basically unmarked - a 6’ gap wedged in between 2 fences bordering amazing homes in this upscale neighborhood. TIP - When you see cars parked on the road you have found it.

The trail is very dusty. Makes it slippery and you will be a filthy mess. Don’t plan on heading to church until you shower

It’s all downhill as you descend into the canyon toward the ocean. The top section is simple.

The middle section is highlighted by 12 foot long plank across a small stream. Don’t panic. It’s 12” wide. You can make it. Just focus. Then you’ll find yourself squeezing into a deep and narrow crevasse cut into the sandstone. Good Kodak moment.

The bottom section has the most tricky footing as you are frequently perched precariously on the Edge of the ravine - although it’s only 10 feet of drop off. You will come upon a high waterfall with a trickle of water. Just enough to make footing treacherous. A 30’ long rope helps you balance as you navigate the final segment and hit the beach.

The climb back up is significantly easier from a footing perspective. Depending how fast you go you will feel the cardio.

And just when you feel winded and take a short break some bare footed young surfer dude will come running past you with board in hand and cruising up the hill like an antelope.

Good hike. And don’t forget to enjoy the views of the amazing homes as you climb out.

Simple to hike. If you go clockwise you will ascend up to the top of the hill in the first 2/3 mike. It’s a good climb on firm trail along side the roadway. From the top you have multiple options that take you to various vistas. All have amazing views. The beach trail will dump you out on the beach for a surprisingly short walk back to the parking lot

Or..... Take the beach first and head counterclockwise for a change. Your toughest area this direction will be the middle 1/3 as you climb steadily. Then you have the big descent down the road to end.

Check out other reviews in the app for the various side trails at Torrey Pines

1 month ago

A couple of spots are clearly very eroded and hard for shoes to grip. I was wearing chacos and was completely fine, but my 3 other girlfriends who were wearing their running shoes (brooks, ASICS, new balance) were slipping on the steep areas. Overall, great views and very pretty scenery. On the last part of the hike where you exit down a rope, go backwards like you’re belaying down a rock wall. It was much easier.

1 month ago

Short and steep hike. Going up hill is way safer than downhill. Start from La Jolla Farm Rd and follow the paved road down to the beach and walk about half a mile to find the beginning of the trail and just walk it up. Don’t take children! That was my mistake.

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