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1 day ago

My fiancé, my dog (cocker spaniel), and I did this hike after seeing some local photos (we live in Roanoke). Great hike, moderate difficulty, with some truly amazing views. The hike took a little over 2 hours round trip with taking a 15-20 minute break at the top to look at the amazing views. The trail was snowy when we went which made it a bit harder, but overall very enjoyable and would recommend to others and hike again sometime.

Kind of a climb but once you’re at the top the view is so spectacular you won’t even remember the climb

Super nice trail hike, beautiful 270 degree view at the top!

I see in the reviews about my being my "new favorite hike". Well I see why now, as this is a moderate hike with great views once you get to the ridge. I love going to triple crown hikes close by but can be way to crowed at times. we hit Hay Rock about 9ish and didn't see a soul until starting back down. hay Rock itself is somewhat intimidating to climb, but after my son went up the steep side i saw that the other side was a easier to climb. oh, did I mention this is my new favorite hike now. [(;-)

Extremely cool ascent.

With some great climbs and great views you cannot go wrong with this 7 mile round trip hike. Approx 2000 feet elevation gain makes it a great workout as well.

12 days ago

The trail links up with the Appalachian Trail then branches off from the AT when you reach the summit. The trail to the AT is moderate to difficult. The trail is a well marked single track that had a moderate elevation gain. Once you reach the AT at Lost Spectacles Point, you are around 0.7 miles from the summit. This is when the trail gets difficult. Be prepared for a lot of rock scrambling. If you are in wet weather, this difficulty is increased. Once you reach the summit, you will come off the AT for a very short hike to the tooth. This is an intriguing rock formation and the area was under the ocean around 400 million years ago (oceanic fossils have been located here). Take a moment to read the signs at the bottom at the trail head to learn the history of the area. Climbing the tooth can be a little tricky but you don’t need to climb it to enjoy the area. There is plenty of room to camp out but please follow the Leave No Trace rules.

One of the best views I’ve seen on a hike

Beautiful me and my girlfriend did it in 4 hours.Spectacular view at the top would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!

Beautiful views and great camping.

15 days ago

Beautiful views of the waterfall! Easy-going, low impact hike!

Hiked on 2/28/18. Lower trail is washed out right before the falls. I suggest taking it to that point for beautiful approaching views of the falls. You can turn around and meet back up with the upper trail in just .3 miles. Also at the first bridge the lower trail is to the right and upper is to the left. The upper trail is beautiful, a very gradual climb and you are by the water for much of the trail. Parking is $3 ( correct change).

Great hike! The distance is not difficult. The last .7 miles includes several areas in which you must climb rocks. If you hike fairly often or have decent knees it is not difficult. It could be slick if wet. The views at the top are beautiful and it’s fairly easy to climb up on the “dragon’s tooth”. Adequate parking and well marked trail.

17 days ago

Love Dragon's Tooth. it's a moderate hike and I have a little depression on top of the tooth that fits like a recliner. usually eat here while soaking up the views.

was a great hike. The last miles is a rough. But the top was beautiful...

Fun and easy hike with what I imagine is an incredible view! Unfortunately it was 100% foggy, preventing you from seeing more than 10 yards ahead, but the fog did add a fun, erie feel to the hike. Terrain was easy and with an hour stop at the top took 4hrs to complete the 8 mi RT hike. Saw people in passing on the trail and a small group at the top but it never felt too crowded and everyone was super friendly! Will definitely be back on a clear and sunny day to take in the knob in all of its beauty!

I did an out and back on the AT section instead of the loop and the hike was still a must do in my books. Definitely worth the trip from PA. It's rated moderate because of the inclines but no scrambling. Lots of people. Lots of friendly pups. All the breathtaking views. And there was even a proposal to watch on the knob.

This is a fairly moderate hike -- for the first 3/4 of the trail, at least. It lives up to its difficult rating in the final stretch, however, with a number of top-notch rock scrambles sure to challenge even the most seasoned hiker. Yes, your thighs will burn, and you may even be gasping a bit by the time you reach the peak. Views are quite good from up there, though not as expansive as Tinker Cliffs or McAfee's Knob. Word to the wise: knock those two classic hikes off your list before taking on The Tooth.

All in all, we -- two late 20-somethings in fairly good shape -- were in-and-out in about two hours and 15 minutes. However, we were slowed considerable by substantial ice and snow on certain stretches of the trail. On a nice day, I'd probably be possible to knock it out in under two hours.

Note: Dogs are allowed, though they may not be able to make it to the top. We brought a young, athletic lab with us, and there's absolutely no way he'd have been able to traverse the final rock scramble.

1 month ago

Went on a day I only saw 2 other hikers but that was because it was a bit icy. Beautiful views,

Gorgeous view, easy hike.

It’s just 3.4 miles if you hike up to the top and back down without going on other trails. Easy and quick hike in Blacksburg, VA.

Out of the triple crown, this was by far my favorite. has the best view and a good challenge. Our group hiked in the rain mud and all and was the best hike ever.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike. I went on 1/27/18. There were signs from the USFS indicating the lower Trail was washed out in one spot, so I took the upper trail. With no leaves on the trees, I could see the creek the whole way up the trail. Part of the falls were still frozen. Added on the extra miles to the Upper Falls and Barney’s Wall for an 8 mile trek. Well worth the extra miles! I was one of two cars in the parking lot at 9 am, and the parking lot was full when I got back down, so an early start makes for a quieter visit.

1 month ago

Loved the frozen falls after weeks of frigid temps. We went on New Year’s Day 2018.

1 month ago

Husband and I wanted to get into hiking and while on vacation in Virginia, we made this our first hike. We had a blast! We’re in moderate shape and we definitely had to rest a time or two seeing as it’s all uphill with lots of steps but we’re hooked. We went at the end of October when the weather was amazing and the colors were unreal. Great time and great memories!

Trail features beautiful both a lower route along a mountain stream which is scenic, and an upper trail which is much more accessible. Amazing payoff at the end. A staple Western Virginia hike.

2 months ago

Probably would have enjoyed this hike more if we went in a warmer spring day. We went on a windy, very cold, January day. Hike to the top is short but all uphill with a good amount of steps. We took our dog with us but I don’t think he enjoyed the steps at all. View from the top is great but the wind was ripping and we didn’t stay up there long. Wanted to check out Buzzards Roost but didn’t have the opportunity today.

Nice hike. Easy trail until you get to the last mile, and then you get some good exercise. The trail stays in the woods until the last second which makes the view at the top just seem to jump out at you. I went on a cool day in fall and the trail was not as busy as I read about. I got to the top and had the view to myself for about a half hour.

Very easy hike. Waterfall is currently frozen and really pretty.

2 months ago

Great hike along a frozen stream to frozen falls. Beautiful!

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