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on Chimney Tops Trail

22 hours ago

I went with some friends in the first week of August...we went early in the morning and were thankful the fog lifted by the time we got to the top. Too bad we couldn’t go to the final part of the trail as it was closed off. We also almost ran into a bear (it crossed right around the corner from us in front of two other people)!

Amazing Views after a challenging hike, streams the kids could play in. We loved it!

on Chimney Tops Trail

1 day ago

Views at the end are really nice!

Great hike to awesome views

Really nice hike! we went early morning (around 8am) and only crossed a couple people. Unfortunately it was extremely foggy and our view from the top was non-existent. We are seasoned hikers and felt this to be a pretty tough hike even with the shorter distance. Even without seeing the view from the top , this was an awesome trail!

Wow, loved it!

2 days ago

Hiked all the way to the top of Mount Leconte. Beautiful but hard hike, mile markers are not exact, to get to the true “top” is more like 7-8miles but it is worth it! Go all the way to Myrtle point past the lodge, it gives you a 360 degree view of mountains. Many people hiked up and stayed at the lodge, my father (50) and I made it a day hike, doable but we were sore the last few miles down. The Bullhead trail was closed, we were going to take that down, but some locals at the top said the Rainbow is the prettiest anyway. There are a few shorter trails to the top from the gap if you want a shorter route to the top. Perfect time of year 10/13, get an early start though because the hike to the falls gets crowded with people in the afternoon.

All time favorite trail. Bit of a trek on the way up and the top is closed off because of the wildfire, still worth the view.

Great trail! Lots of stairs with a nice trail that followed a little river. Very rewarding! Pack plenty of water and even a snack for the top!

This trail kicked our butts. it was 3 hours of strenuous uphill climbing, then 2 hours of going back down. However, the falls were gorgeous!! It was actually cold up there and we cooled off quickly. Take LOTS of water if you do this trail.

Nice early morning hike to Andrews Bald. We beat the crowds but missed the views because of fog. Had breakfast at the bald though. Great hike. Will definitely do again.

Beautiful and well maintained trail. Lush forest.

on Chimney Tops Trail

7 days ago

Very challenging trail but the view at the end is well worth the sweat!

10 days ago

RIP Mitzie Sue "Susan" Clements.

Short distance, great hike though.

This was the first hike I’ve ever done and it’s still one of my favorites. It gets the blood pumping, especially on the way back since it’s mostly downhill on the way there. I was honestly speechless by the views. Just beautiful. There were a lot of bees once you got to the bald, but that’s to be expected. Most of the trail is covered, but weather does roll in and out quite quickly. It poured on us for half of the hike and there was a stream coming down at us while we hiked back. This made it fun for us and it cooled us down, but be well prepared with good shoes.

13 days ago

do not let the short distance fool you into thinking this is a short and sweet hike. there are millions of stairs that go on for what feels like forever.
this hike was really tough for me, but the end was well worth it!!

It’s an amazing hike even though it’s somewhat shorter since the fire

Hiking/walking sticks make your life easier for this hike.... slick at the top.

14 days ago

Holy crap this was a tough trail for someone from Michigan!! But it was also very rewarding with the spectacular views!! Very beautiful scenery, but the stairs kicked my ass! They are not even at all, which leaves a very uneven pace. BIT I MADE IT!! If i can do it you can at least try!! Coming from someone thats 6' and 220 lbs, it was a very rewarding achievement! Hopefully next year I will be in better shape and it won't be that bad!

15 days ago

Was challenging for this out-of-shape hiker, but very beautiful and satisfying to reach the falls! Always love the interaction with other hikers along the way.

I loved this trail... challenging on the way up, beautiful falls, and you can hear the water running all the way up and back, which is peaceful. Take water, and watch your footing... slippery in a few places.

on Ramsay Cascades Trail

16 days ago

My best hike ever!

16 days ago

Very challenging as a beginner! Beautiful views, and worth a very hard hike to see the waterfall! Very hard trail with roots and rocks. Mainly up hill the whole hike. Great photography shoots along your way. Very crowded so parking was a challenge. Make sure to bring water, as my family did not listen to me and we had to share 1- 20oz water, by the cap fulls.

22 days ago

Spur-of-the-moment decision to get a hike in before we left for home... We had a great hike, saw a few deer, and just did get caught by a rain shower right before getting back to the parking lot... Very nice trail

22 days ago

One of the most rewarding hikes I’ve ever been on. Went at the end of July.

spectacular waterfall. worth the climb up. pretty strenuous last 2 miles

Great views! Some serious elevation to start out! A great hike for a fall day!

25 days ago

Hardest hike done so far, but well worth it!

Pretty rough especially the first 4 miles! Don’t get the full experience since it was cloudy. The hike was actually 13.3 miles from parking lot out and back .

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