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The loons!! Oh my gosh, this was my first overnight by myself in the Adirondacks (I am primarily a Green Mountain girl) The pond has loons that sing to you all night and if you are lucky like I was, you will wake up to a red sky and pink fog on the pond and the loons will be singing from somewhere in the fog...
The trail is moderate, there was a bridge out the day I went, so you just need to rock hop across the little brook to get to the leanto a little further up the trail.

Nice hike with a great view. Yellow trail is easier for those looking for an easier ascent, but those looking for a bit more of a challenge should ascent using blue trail as it has some steeper rocks. I wouldn't suggest going down blue trail but its doable.

Beautiful hike! We took the yellow trail up but starting from the Uncas Rd trailhead. That is not mapped here but is shown on the trail brochure that you can get from the Inlet information center. The summit has amazing views especially north to the high peaks region. We followed the loop and took the blue trail down until we merged back to the yellow trail and finished the loop back to Uncas Rd. We didn’t record it but I believe this adds some distance to the hike. The lower loop back to Uncas is peaceful with hardly any other hiking traffic. Bring lots of water and wear good shoes. This was our favorite hike of our trip!

4 days ago

Really nice trail
Scenery along the trail was just lovely
GPS sent us out of the way but we eventually found it
I would do it again if asked
So nice there

Great payoff at the top with a fire tower.

First 2/3 of hike is quite easy going. Last 1/3 was a steep incline to the fire tower. Very manageable for us. We had our 11 year old son and Boston terrier with us. Would definitely do it again! Beautiful view!

Very short but pretty. Was thinking it was .6 miles each way, oops just .3 each way for a total walk of .6. Waterfall is pretty.

Great hike!

A quick and easy walk that got me closer to finishing the fire tower challenge. I paired this hike with Hurricane and did both in 1 day.

Second time up Blue in July. Did this on a Monday morning. Trail was quite busy with families and summer camp groups. Trail etiquette was not very good with lots of candy/gum wrappers, groups with music playing on speakers, failure to yield trail to descending hikers. But I guess that comes with the territory, with a short hike to a fire tower so close to vacationland.

I dashed up the trail and made the summit in 57 minutes, and descended in just about 30 minutes.

19 days ago

This was our sons first mountain hike and he loved it. We did the blue trail up which worked out well for him as he LOVED the rocks and the climbing. From the summit we took the yellow trail down which lead to a much more secluded and peaceful hike down. We only passed a few couples hiking up. My husband and I enjoyed the ease of the climb and our son did well with the trails. Make sure you bring water and wear the appropriate footwear!

19 days ago

Very quick hike. Only took me 10 minutes to the Tower. Views were beautiful!

20 days ago

Nice views but more of a short walk than a hike.

One of our favorite hikes near Old Forge. Once you hit the peak, with the view of the Lake on your right, keep walking forward through the trees. The view on the northern side of the peak is unreal.

Boy did this trail kick our butt. We hiked this trail the morning after hiking two high peaks. I thought it would be a nice easy hike before we headed back home, but the second mile and it gets really steep. Your legs really get a work out. It was such a great feeling reaching the summit. We were the only ones at the top and we spent about 30 mins just enjoying the breeze and the views from the fire tower. It was pretty foggy when we first reached the top, but cleared up a bit by the time we hiked back down.

greatlittle hike not too strenuous it was long but easy

Took the blue trail up and yellow down. Beautiful family time

Agree with everyone else pretty much, hiked in the rain so glad we went yellow up. Never did find the survey marker :(

24 days ago

Nice lil hike but the falls were very dry at a minimal trickle. Will have to try again when there is more potential for water.

The trail starts easy, though becomes quite strenuous and rocky further on, and is slippery when raining. Views from the peak are some of the best in the Adirondacks, and even when the trail is heavily populated, it never feels crowded. Personally, this is the one trail I'll keep coming back to again and again.

The first 1.5 miles are an easy walk through a nice mixed timber forest. There are a few blow downs to hop over or walk around, but nothing troubling. As the elevation slowly increases the trail enters a seasonal stream bed with loose rocks, small and large, but there is a path on the side of most of this portion that is easier. As the trail levels off it would seem that you have reached the top, but this is what is called the “false summit.” Shortly you will begin to descend, which is a psychological bummer, before you start to gain elevation to the actual summit. Just past the remains of the observers cabin the trail gets steeper. It’s a short steep section up to the summit and tower. The tower views are beautiful. Some of the steps on the tower are a bit sketchy, but intact. Overall a great hike, with a couple of challenging sections. Highly recommend. With a generous time at the summit, which I had to myself, I spent a total of 02:53:00 on this trail.

The loop has two well marked trials. The yellow trail is mostly flat until you arrive at the base of the mountain, and then it’s a short but steep climb to the summit. The first open area has some nice views, but the summit is further up he trail. The views are wonderful, and there is plenty of space to sit and relax. We took the blue trail down, which would be the more challenging trail to hike up. The way down is fun, but challenging in a few places. Overall a great hike.

The first mile is easy, with some small elevation gains. The remainder of the hike is much more challenging. You have to pay attention to your footing as the rocks and roots will be with you most of the way up, and then back down! The views are amazing from the tower. The view from the summit is limited, but still great where the openings are. Making your way down is also challenging. The hike overall is a good time, as well as a good work out. My son and I took some time to take in the views at the summit, and have a snack, but we were in and out in about 4.5 hrs.

27 days ago

A Snowshoe trip into Terrill Pond is a must for anyone looking for a Winter adventure. Snowshoeing on the Pond can offer a even more chance of taking in the vista views of the surroundings. Note: be safe if you plan to adventure out onto the ice .

27 days ago

We have hiked into Tirrell Pond a number of times and it never gets old looking at the Ledges on Tirrell Mountain, listening to the calls of the Loons, or warming in the Sun on the pond's large open beach. This is a lso a great snowshoe if you are seeking out a winter activity.

Great mountain climb, although rocky and steep the views and vistas are well worth the hike upwards. Nice 360 degree view in the tower looking outwards.

Very easy hike to get in if you want a short one.

Hiked to this summit in the spring as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower challenge. This particular hike is a challenging one as Fire Tower hikes go. The last mile is very demanding and depending on the time of year can be a scramble of sorts. The only downside to this hike is that the tower has all kinds of communications equipment on it and new roads and building supporting them. The views of Blue Mountain though....are undeniably breathtaking!!!! While I was in the tower, a helicopter flew up to the summit and dropped a man off to work on the communications equipment. It really shook the tower while I was in it!

Walked this today (Yellow Trail). It was good

1 month ago

Working on the Adirondack Waterfall challenge, we decided to visit Death Falls, aka Hidden Falls which isn't too far from our home. A little park-n-hike to a beautiful waterfall , at just about 3/10th of a mile, it didn't take anymore than a 10 minute walk to get there. Hidden in the trees on a small brook, this little GEM is a must for all ADK waterfall seekers.

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