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It was great hiking on snowy trails and very beautiful view along the trail and on the top from which you can see high peak regions and snow lakes.

Hiked this today in the snow and it was a good hike. It gets steep at some spots but not too bad, definitely need micro spikes. Due to the snow, there was no visibility at the top but beautiful snow and ice crystals on the trees and fire tower. Definitely recommend.

Trail is in pretty great condition but spikes are a must ! With the warm temperatures there were some very slippery spots !

1 month ago

Easy walk, as prior reviewers said. If you are doing the fire tower challenge, it is the easiest trip. Nice view of the High Peaks to the west and a bit of Lake Champlain to the east

Not a very long or difficult trail by itself but hiking after a brief warm spell mid-January proved problematic. Snow was very wet and although the snow shoes did help, it didn't prevent me from post-holing. I had hiked this as a loop ascending the steeper part-descending the longer but more gradual trail. The steep ascent was quite hard to read at times in these conditions-forcing me off trail and bushwhacking at times. The mixed terrain of ice, exposed wet rock, and wet snow packing in my micro spikes rendering them basically useless proved more difficult than expected. I'm sure a summer ascent would grant some fun climbing. There was quite a bit of debris/trash I picked up from the summit. If you hike this mountain please remember to bring your chap sticks and power bar wrappers back down with you.

Easy walk, it wasn’t too icy today. Beautiful view from the tower.

A very busy trail, but worth the crowds!! A steep climb here and there which makes it a fun challenge. Climb the fire tower and enjoy the wild flowers at the summit.

Locals were very friendly. Well marked trail. Beautiful with snow. Great adventure crossing all the frozen creeks and the two lean to’s were durable and helped keep out the wind. Outhouses were there too!

We had a nice hike where we had to break the trail out right from the road to the summit. The summit was socked in but it was a nice snowshoe hike.

3 months ago

Great little walk or short run along a dirt road. However Very rewarding views from the Fire Tower Cab for the short distance. Stopped here after Poke-O-Moonshine and was not disappointed.

Limited views from the fire tower. You can actually drive to the tower if you’re lazy, or like me, dumb enough to keep driving on the dirt roads because you’re lost lmao. I will be returning to complete the actual trail lol.

Great Hike. Micro spikes were needed as it is icy. This is a well kept trail and very easy to follow. As a beginner to winter hiking this was a decent moderate rating and will be back to enjoy it again.

4 months ago

Parking lot is further back from where it sends you keep driving until you see a parking lot on your left. Trail starts from the dirt road at beginning of parking lot. Follow decals labeled 10 and you will have no trouble. Nice easy walk until you find the Sign that says “Latham Trail enjoy your hike....” this is where you begin. Easy hike for beginners and families. Have Fun and Leave no trace.

4 months ago

It's not a hike. We did this after Cheney Mountain to grab some extra easy views and check it off the fire tower challenge. I didn't mind that it was an access road or that there were antenna buildings... But, I was let down by the amount of trash and graffiti... I get that it's a party spot and don't have a problem with that... But, at least please pick up your garbage.

So super easy but yet cool. If you have kids or don’t hike much this is the one. Great views easy hike fire tower have a little lunch and relax.
Another fire tower down

Don't go after a major rain. Too muddy to enjoy. Nice views.

Great trail my kids 4 and 8 yrs old loved it

adk firetower challenge
Fulton chain trifecta

Great trail would give 5* prolly if I went up the fire tower. Not so much of a view in the large hangout area. Beautiful view on the backside of the fire tower. We brought our dog tiggy and was quite a highly trafficked trail. Even many kids. Trail is semi a gradual incline with boulders along the beaten path. Wasn't too wet altho the leaves and few wet areas made things slippery. I prolly need new hiking boots with a better tread.

Lots of fun! Beautiful views at the top.

Everybody’s review is quite helpful. Just want to add that from photographing point of view that views will be partially blocked by the pine tree around fire tower. Also for the same reason, i would personally prefer go to Goodnow Mt. In the area.

I found this to be a challenging hike for me, as I'm a beginner. But the views at the top made everything worth it. The entire experience took us 4.5 hours with about 45 minutes or so spent at the summit. I loved it

This was not a hike for beginners. I’d say it’s a tough moderate. It is extremely rocky and slick in some areas. It is also pretty straight up with tons of rocks, so make sure you wear the proper boots. The view from the fire tower was breathtaking and that made it worth the cardiovascular workout to get there. Great fall hike as there were no bugs and the color was beautiful. We brought our

A very difficult moderate hike, but well worth the view at the top. Going up in mid summer was exhausting, taking brakes were stressful because of all the bugs that would swarm when you stopped moving. The view that the fire tower offers though is spectacular, and the peak has a nice a grassy opening place to sit and rest. Very rewarding, take as many breaks as you need to!

Really nice hike starts with a pleasant walk they the woods
Not terribly difficult a few rocks to maneuver but all in all a pleasant day trip
Took 2 hours to go up and 1.5 to come down

A little more than moderate but still manageable. We went on the same day that it rained and surprisingly it wasn’t very muddy or as slippery as we expected. My biggest set back was that when you get to the top, the views aren’t as good unless you climb the fire tower. It seems a little dilapidated, especially on a windy day, to climb the tower. Over all though, worth the trip up.

5 months ago

Great hike for the firetower challenge. 30 minutes up and back

5 months ago

The first mile is a pretty mellow hike... then there's 1.5 miles of incline to the old observer's cabin. From here it's all up! Requires a couple spots you need to do a bit of rock climbing, but it's worth it. Beautiful views on top.

First 2 miles is very flat with a few grades near the beginning of the trail but nothing too bad. Around 2.1 miles you hit the mountain and it does get steep in places but push through it! There's a small reprieve at the site of the old caretaker's cabin before the final stretch. Fire tower is worn but worth it and the views from the summit are well worth the effort

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