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Great hike from 8th Lake Campground via Bug Lake to Uncas Trail. beautiful along the lake. 8 miles. Easy to moderate hike depending on skill level. Took us 4.5 hours total with 30 minute break at the top. Walked average pace of 2.5 mph.

awesome vie s great trail for all, blue is a little more advanced.

Great views-big crowds-go early. Trail could be better marked to avoid trail widening and herd paths which are both prevalent.

Great hike with a little rock at the top to enjoy your view!

Too long, not well indicated but amazing view at the top

I did this trail on August 29th 2018, you can check my recordings, it's 8 miles up, not 6.25 as it says on the trail stats. The trail is easy up to mile 6, then physically strenuous until mile 7, and then it's nothing but a relentless scramble until the top. You don't break tree-line until about the last half mile, but the view was incredible once I did, and looking down on Lake Placid to where I started was very rewarding. A major setback for me was that I got caught in a thunderstorm within minutes of breaking the tree-line and I was by myself, making it extra scary and crazy difficult. Having all the right gear and especially the right shoes might have saved my life, as it was pretty slippery up and down the last stretch of rocky scrambles. My advice, heed the weather warnings and don't get too cocky. This was a hard hike already but getting caught in the storm had me fearing for my life.

12 days ago

This is a short, easy walk to a waterfall. This time of year it's a trickle but I'm sure in the Spring it's worth seeing.
The app gives the wrong location. It's near Racquatte Lake. This needs to be corrected! This is a good place to give the dogs or kids a break from the car.

Beautiful summit ! Last mile is very cardio worth it...

13 days ago

Terrific hike for someone looking to grind out a 3-4hr hike with a great peak. AT underestimates this hike, we clocked it at about 7.2 miles. Either way, moderate until about the last mile, and then it was game on. Challenging, but not entirely unmanageable. Taking some breaks, we definitely got it done with a reasonably aggressive level of exertion. Sweat through for sure, but a beautiful summit. We do tend to hustle up a bit, so maybe a slower pace would have been easier on the legs. Lots of different kinds of mushrooms to be seen too. Beautiful Colors.

9am start. Not terribly crowded. Trail well maintained.

Bugs were at a minimum (wore spray).

It was mine and my wife’s first ADK summit! We took her parents and two of their friends (one which had double knee surgery three months ago) It was a challenging but still easy enough! Rocks can be slippery and the roots too. Watch your footing! There were multiple stops along the way which showed great views! The summit was really great over looking first, second and third lake! Fire tower was a nice addition to views! Watch your head going up onto the platform! I would recommend this for all ages and fur friends!

Flat for 2/3’s of the hike. The last 1/3 to the top is a grind of a climb. Great view from the top makes it totally worth the effort. Like others have posted, it’s a 7.2 mile round trip (more than what AllTrails has it mapped out to be)

Great hike with just a couple trees over the trail, some mud but not bad.It was pretty foggy so the views weren’t much. The trail was quiet which was ok. Looks like they are getting ready to start some work up top either at the cabin or the tower.It was a nice and cool hike to the top in the clouds. Definitely recommend this hike.
No sign of Sasquatch either.

Great hike. People saying this is dangerous are probably not your typical hikers. Don’t let the reviews deter you.

17 days ago

Nice waterfall, but it is nowhere near Piseco as Alltrails shows here. It is near Raquette Lake.

This hike was better than I expected. I've avoided this for some time due to its popularity, but it wasn't as crowded as I expected. The view from the summit was nice, but we didn't climb the tower. It was great seeing all of the young children on perhaps their first ADK hike.

20 days ago

very fun hike and awesome views

Nice trail although heavily used. North side of the loop had some fairly steep section near the top. took some rock scrambling to climb these sections.

My wife and I hike a fair amount in the Western US and didn’t really understand how difficult this hike was before embarking. It is clear from the distance of the loop, the vertical involved, and the steepness that a “hard” rating is well deserved. What we didn’t know was how slow we’d have to hike to negotiate the boulders and natural, ungroom condition of the “trail.” It was a challenge! The time on the trail with late August heat and humidity revealed our poor planning in water consumption. Our bad. The reason for a lower rating is colored by our experience and lack of planning but is more about the relatively few vistas for the effort. Others might rate this loop higher for the technical challenge.

21 days ago

Hiked this trail as the first stage of a 6 day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks. The trail itself wasn't particularly interesting but the view at the top is great as long as you climb the fire tower. It was raining when we did the hike so it was slow moving due to the slippery rocks and roots. My inReach clocked it in at 2.2 miles each way, so a bit further than the trail maps and signs state. Other hikers had similar distances logged. As others have mentioned, the access road is an adventure in itself so you may need to hike extra to get to the trailhead if your vehicle struggles with the rough road.

This was one of the most difficult climbs I have done! This was much harder than many of the 46ers I have completed. My daughter and I were actually scared at times both going up and going down the mountain. With stops this hike took us about 7 hours! We had our dog with us who manoeuvred very well all considered. I would not recommend taking a dog unless they have a lot of experience hiking and are very agile. Glad we did it but much harder than expected. We accessed this route from the Haystack Mountain path from route 86 which I believes makes this hike somewhat longer.

Ran this morning. Took about 1hr 45 mins. Its a gentle fire road for the first 1.9 miles and the trail forks to the right. after this it gets more rugged with larger boulders, ruts and roots and the incline starts to rise. Just over 2 miles it gets too steep to run and it's a power hike scramble for next mile or so to the top. It was raining so no view at the top
but was still a very enjoyable route. Met a few hikers out there... one family with kids.

Difficult hike and dangerous to do especially alone. very muddy with wet rock. at times nothing to grab onto up the scrambles.

was fun trip with family even carried an 18 month old in a pack without a problem

We walked this trail with our dog and two kids ages 3 and 7. It took us about about an hour and a half total. The kids loved climbing the tower and views along the way. It was a great time and the perfect hike to start them out on.

Great trail for dogs. About 20 minutes from trail head to fire tower. Not that challenging.

I found the hike more of a climb with little vista reward. Most of the climb was a scramble through rocks and tree roots. Most of the rock scramble was climbing over rocks that at times were at a 60 degree angle. My 13 year old daughter, who is in good shape, was scared for her safety as we climbed up and later down these rocks.

29 days ago

Wet and muddy. Steep climb

Great short hike. Water running fast because of recent rains. Beautiful camping park

Go in the morning to avoid late walkers. Hiking poles will benefit but not essential. Great views.

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