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scenic driving
23 hours ago

It’s okay, small waterfalls but peaceful to walk along.

1 day ago

This place was busy but...The kids had a blast on this trail. Awesome views. Check out my full write up with pictures and other things to look out for.

We know this trail but didn’t actually hike it. We came in via the ASCR trailhead so we could hit Esther Mt. on the way out. A high peak “double dip”.Pretty good route. Lots of grade.Beautiful scenery!About 8 miles or so.Good workout!

Wonderful views. Several of our health apps said mileage was 7.5 not 6.2. Was easy to follow and today not to many hikers.

Easy hike if you are en experienced hiker. We saw a lot of people at this heavily hiked mountain who were not experienced, and thought it was hard. So if you are out of shape or not experienced, dont expect this to be a flat, simple walk. It has a couple of steep spots and is rocky, and spectacular views at the top and at several rock outcroppings before the summit.

Glad I didn’t know how hard this loop would be before I naively took on the challenge...Ha! The scenic views are well worth every drop of sweat. I hiked from the Loj to Lake Colden thru Avalanche Pass and spent night in a lean to. Had a bear play soccer with my Bear Keg. Also saw beaver swimming in the lake. Next day I hiked up Boundary Pass and took a left at the top to be the first hiker of the day to enjoy Iroquois. Also a fantastic view of Wallface to the west. Hike up the pass was VERY difficult, but the views of Avalanche Pass & Great Range were amazing. I would not recommend hiking “down” the pass as it’s wet from the numerous waterfalls and quite slippery. After Iroquois I touched Algonquin and Wright on the way back to the Loj...knees screaming all the way. Day was clear and had views of Lake Champlain and mountains in Vermont. A hike I’ll never forget!

Views were amazing but the tower needs some TLC.
No chicken wire on the top few platforms and sadly the tower is locked.
Trail was in great shape overall with minimal wet spots but the bugs were pretty bad so come prepared.
The trail is accessible by any car for sure as long as you take it easy in the last 500 ft. There was a tiny 2 door civic back there !
As stated it’s steep the ENTIRE hike. No switchbacks or flats.

Very very easy hike ! Great views and the tower is in pretty good shape.
Perfect for families and beginners
Lots of rocks and somewhat steep areas but more fun than difficult
Black flies were terrible so come prepared !

We used the herd path off the Jack Rabbit trail and it was such an easy hike. From the trailhead on Whiteface Inn Lane, we reached the summit in under an hour. No steep sections at all, a very friendly hike!

Excellent views but you really have to work for them. The trail is very steep and requires some “Adirondack Ninja Warrior” skills at times. Definitely glad to have hiked it when it was dry, as the trail is eroded and there are plenty of rocks that would be slippery when wet.

My girlfriend and I departed at 9:30am from the Jackrabbit trailhead on Whiteface Lodge Lane. We reached the summit shortly after 11:00 am and were back at the car at 12:20. We hiked a solid pace, spent 5 minutes at the summit and hammered back down. The hike started off very moderately along the wide ski trail and at the four way intersection, we turned right for Mt. McKenzie - there was a sketched in sign directing to Mt Mckenzie. Soon after began a steep grinding ascent, the most challenging terrain of the hike. It mellowed it and we reached a false summit continuing to gain elevation but much more gradually. After another false summit, we could see the Summit, so we descended through a small pass to finish a pretty steep last climb to reach the summit. Beautiful views from the top! Challenging hike but super fair and rewarding.

I did this trail as part of my Saranac 6r ultra yesterday! Good day to do it since it was dry! Taking jackrabbit to MacKenzie and Haystack is a better option than the trailhead on Rte 86. From Whiteface Inn Rd, take the jackrabbit until the four-way intersection, turn right to summit MacKenzie (a difficult, poorly marked trail with lost of herd trails and false summits. It helps that people have put sticks blocking the herd trails in some places to indicate not to go that way if you keep an eye out for them.)Then I returned back down to the jackrabbit intersection and turned right (instead of following the sign to Haystack) to find a herd trail about .4 down the path. There's a small cairn on the left that marks it. It's a well-defined and direct route up Haystack! It's about .4 and an easier summit than the marked trail up Haystack. I then returned down and hiked back out to Whiteface Inn rd. This definitely saved a couple of miles off of both mountains to help me get the ultra done.

steeper than expected ..but so glad I did it .. gorgeous view!

Great trail, very easy walk until you hit the slope. Then it's straight to the top! The dam/stream area is great to cool your feet off in on the way back, I always love switching out a fresh pair of socks after cooling off. Very nice views from the summit. 3 hours hiking, but spent lots of time at the summit after our group decided not to do MacKenzie in the same day. (Easily doable to complete both, time-wise)

Beautiful short hike for the family. We went in the evening and watched the sunset from the firetower. Someone had set up a large telescope on the peak, and invited us to stay and use it. We ended up staying there until midnight looking at stars, mars jupiter saturn and pluto in the perfectly clear sky. Thank you, telescope man. It was awesome!

This is from the prospective of an out of shape (266 pound 5’7”) man. As everyone stated the 3 mile road to the trail is narrow and should not be attempted by low riders. Now for the trail, in my case I found it very challenging, it was just uphill so it took me longer than your average hiker to do. It some parts where muddy and as for wild life nothing really stood out on the trail. For photos well the top of the tower has a great few and some interesting tree roots with the sun lighting look awesome but you more focused on the elevation of the hike. I have to say I did enjoy it. The tower needs lots of work some sections had no wire and the tower was locked when I went up.

Beautiful view.

A good hike, very convenient trailhead. Gets a lot of foot traffic so the trails are obvious. Starts along a river stream for a while before the trail split for Haystack and Mackenzie. I’d recommend doing both of these in one day (haystack being the shorter hike) so that you don’t need to hike back in and do those same couple miles to start again when doing Mackenzie (if you’re going for your SL 6’r patch that is, if not than anything works). Good views up top and not a difficult hike. Worth your time

Beautiful views at the fire tower.

We just moved here from Colorado (and yes, we’re spoiled rotten), so we can only give 4 stars because the views are really really nice, but not the awe inspiring vistas you get out West. The waterfall and the little mini-gorge it sits in area nice reward at the end of a hot 4th of July hike (90+ degrees and humid)...gotta give props to the hikers that can still have fun when they’re just big bags of sweat :)
Good tree coverage throughout killed the breeze but saved us from baking in the mid-day sun.
Don’t miss the beaver pond about a mile in...you can see the lodge about 120 meters from the bridge.
Not many critters other than chippies, but did see a couple of small friendly snakes.
Might be muddier after a rain but we didn’t have any problem keeping our feet clean — thanks to the folks that laid boards or branches.
It was a little buggy, but they were mostly the buzzy kind not the bitey kind.
The drive to the trail head? No challenge at all for a high clearance vehicle, slow down for potholes in a sedan.
Happy Birthday America!

Been there numerous times and the view is amazing. Best to go on a good clear day to really get a great view! Some spots are more difficult with steep climbs, but is kid friendly just keep them near as when you get to the top as steep drop offs are near.

Hiked with a 3 yo and had my 1 yo on my back. Steep in some parts, but a good workout and climb! 3 yo was tired at the end but loved it! Husband was there to help him but encouraged him to try on his own and he did it! You need to be more cautious going down if you have a baby on your back, but it is totally doable. Climb down backwards if you need in the steep parts. Slow and steady wins the race :)

One of my favorite hikes. It's usually holds water at the earlier stages of the trail, but dries up later on. It's a good hike to start the season, with mostly easy hiking and small sections of boulders, but nothing too demanding. Something I've never seen mentioned though, is the waterfall. There's a stream that runs along the left side of the trail on the way in. Some distance past the fork is a small waterfall. It's a nice little detour to ad another experience to an already wonderful hike.

great hike... nice bouldering.. beautiful view

more difficult than expected but worth the hike. this is the first fire tower I've been to. great view.

Did the hike today, lots of mosquitos, Falls was more of a trickle. Not bad, got some good pics ...

Have taken this trail multiple times in the past. Makes for a great quick bit of exercise with a great view at the top with the fire tower. Viewpoints throughout the trail! Great to do with friends/family.

very nice hike. not too difficult but great views for sure

beautiful hike with many false peaks. most seem to stop before reaching the true summit. it gets much more difficult.

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