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An interesting hike with great scenery. Good view of Marcy. A long hall and difficult to follow the trail in knee deep snow. Ended up off-trail twice and had to backtrack to find the proper route. Completed Cliff too, a 14-hour day. My headlamp batteries were dim by the time I arrived at the car.

Brutal winter hike if you go take alltrail's suggestion and do Nippletop first, but i imagine its a matter of preference if you want to get most of the climbing done asap. Trail from Elk Pass up to Nippletop is mostly ice. You will need decent spikes for this. Regular microspikes wont cut it as the couple a few dozen feet behind me found out (they had to quit halfway up because they couldnt make it up a particularly icy spot and i didnt have rope to help them). Also make sure to wear snowshoes since whatever isnt ice is 3-4 feet of fluffy snow, and if you stray 3 inches off the narrow packed down trail you will immediately posthole up to your waist. Once you get to Nippletop Summit the views are amazing and definitely worth the strenuous climb. The trail to Dial and over Bear Den is pretty easy from here (but keep your snowshoes on), with a little more climbing up to Noonmarks shoulder. There are also plenty of spots steep enough on the descent that you can literally sit down and butt slide 20-100 feet at a time to save energy (just use an ice axe or trekking poles to steer and stop) and have some fun. The only downside to this hike is the long approach up the access road you have to walk, but otherwise the views and the trail are 10/10

I see this trail was recently changed from moderate to hard. Shout out to who ever changed it as this trail was far from moderate. I would consider myself an experienced hiker and would not classify this as moderate. I would recommend taking a GPS or researching this trail before hand as at times it can be hard to follow (not maintained trail). Keep your eyes out for the few cairns as they will help you stay the course.

Also whoever said there are no views from either of these mountains is absolutely wrong. Yes, technically the actual peak is filled with trees but take a quick look around and you will find beautiful views of the surrounding mountains/area.

Hiked Street & Nye Mountains on 12/26/2017. Set out from Adirondack Loj at 7:30am. Arrived at the Old Nye Ski trail shortly after and began the trail break. The trail appeared to be unused for at least a few days. Trail was defined but had probably eight to twelve inches of powdery fresh snow. We arrived at the first water crossing to find no defined way across and lots of fresh white snow. Long story short, we went very slow but not too slow and made it across without incident. It is frozen but was still mid level sketchy. I weigh around 225 and heard no cracking. Still sketchy though. Would hate to fall in there. Probably wouldn't be hurt but your hike would almost certainly be over. We continued up a relatively defined path and crossed a few more simple water hops. As we gained in elevation you could definetly see the difference in snow volume. Lots of snow, very narrow, very untouched. It was actually quite an experience for us. This was by far our snowiest outing to date. Had to crawl under a few trees over the course of the day but the blowdown was more than manageable. We broke good trail for approximately seventy five percent of the trip and felt great about it. Then out of nowhere the trail literally dissappeared. No sign at all of any possible trail. I walked maybe fifty feet and felt odd of it so turned around to regroup quickly. Literally as soon as we turned around another very friendly couple came walking up behind us and looked as lost as we were. I took a compass reading while they checked their phones. Turns out we were all walking the right way after all. We now had four snowshoes. Yay! It couldn't have come at a better time because we were now leaving "trail breaking" territory. This now looked like a straight bushwack to me. Snow was at least two feet deep. Probably five minutes later another came up from behind and joined in the fun. Six snowshoes! Even better! Again, it couldn't have come at a better time. Everything really felt like it happened for a reason to all of us for the rest of the day. Shortly after we reached the junction. Everyone waited while everyone else regrouped and drank and organized. Everyone was incredibly friendly. More friendly than I've seen. We all seemed to be in this together now. It was nice. Me and my partner hung our packs at the junction and headed to Street. More and more narrow snow hallways all the way to the summit. We hung, took a few pictures, took pictures for others and left. We were actually cold today and not ready to linger up top at all, haha. Made short work of the descent and then headed to Nye. Made even shorter work of that, did our photo stuff and left even quicker than we had at Street. We arrived back at junction and we all kinda said our "nice to meet ya's" and headed down at our own paces. We were last out at about 4:30pm. I know thats not a stellar time compared to some but we were happy. We walked basically a mile an hour which is where I'm usually at regardless of weather. All in all today was a totally different experience than we've ever had. All snow, no visible ice, cold as hell! It was awesome. We were definetly feeling it when we got down but it was a good burn. No slips, no falls, no submerged feet. That's a good day in my book. Street & Nye is good to go again. :)

This is a four star winter hike, because the Herbert Brook and Upper Works region are just so magical in the snow. The trail itself is icy and difficult to follow in parts, and of course there is NO view on Marshall’s summit. There are some nice views of Coleen on the trail, however.

This is a fantastic winter hike. Through the flowed lands and up the Calamity Brook is fast and easy atop the packed snow. The scenery is really unique from the rest of the high peaks. Climbing up Redfield is definitely a challenge, but worth it — there are some nice views just beyond the summit. It took us about 10.5 hours to just do Redfield; with Cliff it would have been over 12. So a long day!

Definitely don't regret my decision to spend my Black Friday in the mountains rather than in a shopping mall. Cloud cover broke way to blue skies late morning. Trails were covered with snow and the tracks of previous hikers which made it a little easier to find my way on this unmaintained trail. Stream crossing was fun. Just make sure you're surefooted. Peak views weren't the best but if you pass by the summit for street there is a nice little lookout. And the views on the descent were glorious. Great day hike with the dog. Watch for ice

The only views we got at the top of all of the peaks were gray fog, we got rained on a bit and almost knocked over by the wind but the feeling of accomplishment was well worth it. We went at the perfect time of the year in which the fall foliage was breathtaking and I had to stop multiple times to just appreciate it. It looked as the forest was on fire.

Not much of a view at the top, but that's not the point of this hike, in my opinion. The terrain is difficult, especially since the trail is not marked or maintained once you get past Hart Lake. It would be very challenging to stay on the trail without a GPS. Towards the end of the trail, it gets steep, muddy and narrow, but the terrain is so beautiful and unique, that it's worth it. The best part of the hike is definitely at the bottom where the creek crossing, beautiful birch trees and Hart Lake are. Wouldn't recommend if you're looking to go on a nice day hike, but if you're looking to become a 46r, it's not all that bad. Just make sure you come prepared with extra clothing (jacket, socks, etc.) and a GPS so you don't get lost!

Great Hike. Hiked Lake Rd to Gil Brook Trail. Lots of little waterfalls along the way. Took the short trip to Indian Head before returning to Elk Pass trail. You walk by a few nice ponds before heading up Nippletop. Fairly steep but not to bad. Great views. Very windy when I was there. Trail over to Dial is easy. Small rock ledge to see some views. Then it Was Bear Den Mt, the shoulder of Noonmark, and some small Mt that didn’t show up on my map. Great views though. After that it was a hike back to Lake Rd and out. The hike was 14 1/2 miles. Including breaks it took about 9 1/2 hours.

Beware that no dogs are allowed and this restriction is strictly enforced. The parking is across the highway from the Roaring Brook access to Giant Mt. and is at the southerly of the two junctions of Rt. 73 and Ausable Rd. (not "Ausable Club Rd.") On a busy weekend, you will likely have to park on the highway. From the parking area, walk 1/2-mile up the road past a golf course. Just before reaching he large clubhouse, turn left and down between two tennis courts to the gate house and trail register.

This hike has a little bit of everything in it...

Starting out from the Ausable golf club and trekking down Lake road is a nice (but fairly long 4 mile) start to warm you up if you don’t like getting out of the car and immediately inclining.

We looped counter clockwise to get the long road trek out of the way first and took a detour, adding less than a mile, to the loop by checking out Indian Head and Fish Hawk cliffs. It’s 100% worth the effort when you’re so close and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

From there until you get to Elk Pass it’s not too bad but I’ll admit it was a pretty tough stretch to scale Nippletop as you gain over 1,000 feet in a mile or so. However once there it’s totally worth the view. Has to be one of the top in the peaks. We spent a good 40 minutes at the summit and then descended to Dial which was another 3 miles.

The road to Dial was pretty gradual and like Nippletop had a great view. From there we continued our descent and passed over Noonmark shoulder and had a pretty cool time walking through the newer stretch of trees grown after the fire years back. The shoulder also had some nice views and it’s really the only time you’ll have to ascend again.

From there the last 4 miles are pretty steep downhill until you’re back on Lake road with only a mile left to the club.

I personally like to get all the heavy lifting done in a short span and the real challenge here is the 1,500 feet you’ll gain in one area going up Nippletop. The rest of the hike can pretty much be dedicated to great views and enjoyment.

I’d recommend reserving 8-12 hours for this hike. We spent about 1.5 hours on summits and taking pictures and we moved at a somewhat slower pace than we had planned and it took us about 10 hours total.

Treacherous, but fulfilling to get my first 4 46ers. Seymour was slippery, but well-trafficked. Doing Seward Range the next day, only saw one other hiker. The Ward Brook herd path is IN a stream for a good bit of the ascent, along slippery, moss covered rocks. Felt more like bouldering than hiking at some parts! I've got quite a few nicks and bruises-- Good trekking poles are a must! I went down Caulkins Brook herd path to spend another night at the Hemlock Hill lean-to, and as others have stated, found Caulkins Brook herd path a much more pleasant hike.

Great hike! 15 and 16 for me :) We went up clockwise via Bear Den then Dial and Nippletop. I like getting elevation out of the way first and this was a good route for me. The decent from Nippletop was steep (wet from snow melting) but doable it eventually levels out. The elk to gill brook was pretty flat and I enjoyed a cool but long flatter decent. If going counter clockwise seems you'd walk flat a long way before ascending Nippletop. The hike from Dial to Nippletop was fairly flat, easier ascents and had some snow. Views at Nippletop were spectacular. If I had to do this again I'd go clockwise.

This was a nice loop hike that we did minus Wright peak. The Algonquin trail was steep going up but enjoyable. This was my second round for these peaks. There was a little snow still hanging around on the trail.

Glad I didn't listen to all the people who say there are no views. No views from the actual summits, true. When you reach Street's summit continue walking the herd path to the right to reach a lookout with some awesome views. There's also a lookout to the left just before reaching the summit of Nye with some views - not as good as the ones from the lookout on Street in my opinion, but still nice. Despite the fact that I did not enjoy the actual "trails," the views from the Street lookout made it worth it.

This trail was my first high peaks adventure, and reminded me that I am no longer a young pup.

It was a blast! We took the "clockwise" loop. From what we experienced, and what the other hikers that went the "counter clockwise" direction looked like climbing the final ascent to Nippletop, I'd say we took the easier route. Our route was a climb right from the get go and got the engine pumping hard, but after the descent from Nippletop to Elks Pass it was a decent hike out with a nice flat road to finish up.

Bring lots of water (I went through 4Liters). The only suitable water source for filtering was Gill Brook on our descent. Elks Pass was kind of stagnant and questionable in terms of use in a filter.

If you have ailing leg joints, be sure to bring your braces. The descent did a number on my knees as well as my partner's knee and ankle.

All in all, it was physically painful on the body, but was well worth the views and exercise.

This trail was my first high peaks adventure, and reminded me that I am no longer a young pup.

It was a blast! We took the "clockwise" loop. From what we experienced, and what the other hikers that went the "counter clockwise" direction looked like climbing the final ascent to Nippletop, I'd say we took the easier route. Our route was a climb right from the get go and got the engine pumping hard, but after the descent from Nippletop to Elks Pass it was a decent hike out with a nice flat road to finish up.

Bring lots of water (I went through 4Liters). The only suitable water source for filtering was Gill Brook on our descent. Elks Pass was kind of stagnant and questionable in terms of use in a filter.

If you have ailing leg joints, be sure to bring your braces. The descent did a number on my knees as well as my partner's knee and ankle.

All in all, it was physically painful on the body, but was well worth the views and exercise.

Limited views on Street. No views on Nye. Necessary for those going for the 46, but if you're just heading out for an enjoyable hike, I'd suggest picking something else.

the hike up was nice, peaceful, and secluded. however once to the top we were pretty disappointed that all our hard work climbing the mountain was a let down with the view. so overall a good hike for both street and nye mountains but HORRIBLE views!!!

This was my first high peak and it was tough but so worth it! You do have to park and walk down a paved road through a golf course for a
Few miles which was interesting. Trails were pretty clear and dry. I don't have much to compare it to but the view was breath taking. It took us about 4 hours to get to the top of dial. We were pretty slow getting up there So I'm sure a more experienced hiker can get up quicker. Can't wait for my next one !

Did this in the pouring rain. Climbing Alogonquin first was one of the hardest hikes I've ever done, holding on roots to not slip down the rock face. The rest of the hike was not bad at all. Going by Avalanche Lake was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so fun with the ladders. Enjoyed the day and took me a total of 10 hours. Dog was able to do it!

Really cool hike. Ascent begins immediately on way up Noonmark shoulder to Bear Den to Dial, gradual fairly easy meander to Nippletop, fairly steep descend down Nippletop to Elk Pass and beautiful views of Gills Brook on the way back to the road. Summit was in the clouds on both peaks but great day hiking otherwise! From parking lot to parking lot took our group of three 9 hours and 40 minutes with multiple rest stops along the way.

great hike, beautiful views. We did the counterclockwise loop, taking the third left from the road in ausable club and going up through fish hawk cliffs. We stopped off at Indian head 1st, a tiny but very worth it detour. then up the steepest section to nippletop first, and finally down to dial and bear. this way is great because if you get an early start you don't run into many people and there is less road time at the end. super enjoyable!

I gave this 4 stars even though I do not want to hike again because the hike to Marshall is beautiful. I have no desire to summit again as there is no view. We hiked this as part of a Labor Day backpacking trip. Hiked in 6 miles Friday night to the Allen Marcy junction then hiked Saturday to Allen and Sunday to Marshall. Marshall hike passed Hanging Spears Falls which was incredibly beautiful. Flowed Lands amazing. Difficult climb for us as it was rainy and cold thanks to the Hurricane Harvey aftermath. Overall not a difficult climb comparably. This was 42/46 Peaks hiked for me and definitely not near the toughest just long. I would definitely return to the first part to Hanging Spears Falls and Flowed Lands. If you are not seeking 46er status I would skip the summit and just hike to these two spots.

Very muddy, and slick, but a nice "walk through the woods." No views from the top, but two more off the 46 list! Nye is mismarked on the app, as it is only 0.2 miles from the junction, and Street is 0.6 miles. Indian brook wasn't super high and crossing was pretty easy. The first two miles were mostly flat and a breeze. The junction seemed to take forever to get too with a lot of elevation gain, meaning breathing breaks every 2 minutes , but once there, summiting was apiece of cake.

Great views, a little scrambling, and very muddy on parts of old Marcy trail. You can loop using Avalanche Pass, but it's a 2k descent and not for bad knees.

I found the trail to be in excellent shape not much mud the view great, had lunch went over on Iroquois almost missed the trail right behind the sign walking through the bog was really cool Meet a young Englishman on the way to Summit we climb together met a German on top it was International Day on Iroquois. they left and went on their journey I had the top to my self for 25 minutes

Muddy but spectacular views.

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